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ASTRO A50 vs Arctis 9X – Best Wireless Gaming Headset…

    ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Headset + Base Station Gen 4






    SteelSeries Arctis 9X Wireless Gaming Headset

    ASTRO A50 vs Arctis 9X

    ASTRO A50 vs Arctis 9X: What are the key differences between the ASTRO A50 and the Arctis 9X when it comes to wireless gaming headsets? The goal of this comparison of the ASTRO A50 and the Arctis 9X is to find out which of these two food storage systems is better.

    ASTRO A50 vs Arctis 9X – Quick Comparison Summary

    • The Arctis 9X has a lower price.
    • The ASTRO A50 has a battery life of more than 15 hours, while the Arctis 9X has a battery life of more than 20 hours.
    • While the Arctis 9X is one of the internet’s best-selling wireless gaming headsets, the Astro A50 is about average.
    • The dimensions of the ASTRO A50 are 7.28 inches by 3.48 inches by 7.17 inches, whereas the dimensions of the Arctis 9X are 8.07 inches by 8.26 inches by 3.62 inches.
    • ASTRO A50 works with the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and Mac.It also works with Arctis 9X for Xbox One and Series X, PC, and Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones.
    • While the Arctis 9X just has a button to mute, the A50 features a flip that can do it.
    • In comparison, the weight of an ASTRO A50 is 1.49 pounds, while the Arctis 9X weighs only 1.2 pounds.

    ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Headset + Base Station Gen 4

    SteelSeries Arctis 9X Wireless Gaming Headset

    ASTRO A50

    Arctis 9X




    Item Weight

    1.49 pounds

    1.2 pounds

    Item Dimensions LxWxH

    7.28 x 3.48 x 7.17 inches

    8.07 x 8.26 x 3.62 inches

    Battery Life

    15+ Hours

    20 Plus Hour battery


    Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, Mac

    Xbox One- Xbox Wireless; PC; Mobile- Bluetooth

    Special Feature






    On-Ear ChatMix Control




    1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

    2 AAA batteries required. (included)




    FAQS :

    Is the sound 7.1 surround?

    Yes, there is a Dolby button on the headset that allows you to switch to Dolby 7.1 surround sound. Remember that this headset supports 3D Surround Sound, such as Windows Sonic (free) and Dolby ATMOS (license required), which I personally suggest for movies and music, not simply games.

    I've had the headset for about a month and the mic has started to fall out; how can I fix this?

    Answer: Wrap a rubber band around the mic near the base for a quick fix. The next step is to contact Astro directly and explain the situation. I had the same issue with mine, and they sent me a completely new or refurbished (it appeared to be brand new) replacement that works flawlessly. I didn't even have to send in my old one, so I now have spare parts in case I need them again. However, the replacement took over two months to arrive, so it wasn't the quickest transaction. Although the epidemic contributed to the delay. Last but not least, Astro will only replace it if it is returned within one year of purchase.

    Is it possible to use it while it's charging? Is it something like a plug-and-play, practically limitless battery?

    Yes, you can. I'm not sure if they include a play and charge cable, but if they don't, it's just a micro usb. I'm using a 10-foot cord from an old mouse, but the battery life is excellent. I haven't had to play and charge yet, but as I get older, I'm sure I will. Of course, battery life degrades with age.

    More comfortable than the previous generation?

    No, there isn't. They aren't as wide as the previous one. It is not as comfortable as prior generation if your head is larger than the average.

    Anyone else having trouble connecting? Mine keeps disconnecting. It's quite irritating. Is there anything I can do or tweak to fix this?

    Answer: I'm not sure for sure, but I believe the signal losses are caused by WiFi routers cycling through channels in their bands to locate the clearest one. With my old Turtle Beach X41s, I used to experience the same issue. They were connected by 2-4GHz wireless and would cycle through static, crackling, and popping noises every few minutes before stopping. Turn off automatic channel selection (5GHz in this case) on your router and then set it to a channel that doesn't interact with the headset. Problem fixed, no more drops.

    Is this headset compatible with PC?

    No, there isn't a seamless link. This is not a computer game. The only way to use Bluetooth is to turn on the headset first, which turns on your Xbox as well. If you have an Xbox, it will automatically switch on whenever you try to use the Bluetooth feature on this headset. It had enormous potential but a poor execution.

    Is it possible to link this to two devices at once (my phone and the Xbox)?

    Answer: Yes, but the Xbox connection is unstable. The headset will disconnect at any time. The headset also produces significant auditory interference noise feedback. It connects to both, but it is not a secure connection. Another thing to remember is that if you wish to utilize Bluetooth, you must first turn on the headset, which also turns on your Xbox. If you have an Xbox, it will automatically switch on whenever you try to use the Bluetooth feature on this headset. It had enormous potential but a poor execution.

    Are these two iOS versions compatible? Specifically, a Macbook? I'd like to use these for traveling and making zoom calls on my Mac.

    Answer: Just to add my two cents, it works perfectly on my MacBook Pro, and I also tested it on a friend's MacBook Air. I'm not sure what the deal is with the guy who gave the long-winded response about it not functioning on his MacBook Air. Unless Mac/Apple has developed a new version of Bluetooth that I'm not aware of, it will work with all Bluetooth-enabled products. It also works on all of my Samsung devices, which I use for everything else, including my tablet and phone. Description: ASTRO A50 vs Arctis 9X

    About this item – ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Headset + Base Station Gen 4 – Compatible with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, Mac – Black/Gold

    • The optional A50 mod kit allows users to add synthetic leather headband ear cushions for increased noise isolation for even more customisation. Only the A50 wireless headset, Gen 4 is compatible.
    • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a life expectancy of 15+ hours
      The USB sound card feature allows game voice balance, game and voice streaming while utilizing a PC. There are no optical cables required.
    • Voice balancing in games allows the user complete control over the game and chat mix.
    • Audio Astro Audio V2 is an immersive audio and sound experience that makes dialogue, music, and in-game sounds easy to hear and understand.
    • Dolby Audio: Dolby Audio creates a cinematic, high-resolution audio experience for gamers.
    • Dolby Atmos (only available on Xbox): Dolby Atmos uses Object Audio to create a more realistic and immersive sound experience.
      All current ASTRO Gaming Xbox One products will be backwards compatible with Xbox: Series X.
    • The free gastro command center program allows players complete control over their audio experience, including voice communication and game audio settings. Windows 10, Xbox One, and Mac OS X are all supported.

    About this item – SteelSeries Arctis 9X Wireless Gaming Headset – Integrated Xbox Wireless + Bluetooth – 20+ Hour Battery Life – for Xbox One and Series X

    • A completely new Xbox Chipset with enhanced audio quality and dual-wireless compatibility that is tailored for ultra-low power consumption.
    • Bluetooth: Connects to Bluetooth and Xbox simultaneously to play music and take calls while gaming, or to use wirelessly with your mobile device.
    • PC; Bluetooth-enabled mobile device; Xbox One-Xbox Wireless Outstanding sound: Arctis’ award-winning soundscape emphasizes tiny but important noises to give you an auditory edge.
    • There is no need for a cable or dongle to connect to your Xbox Series XS or Xbox One like a wireless controller and start gaming in seconds.
    • The Arctis mic features a bidirectional design for greater noise cancellation, similar to that used by aircraft carrier deck crews, so your speech sounds clean and natural.