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Anet A8 Plus VS Ender 3 – Comparision And Review | 2021

    Anet A8 Plus VS Ender 3

    Anet A8 Plus VS Ender 3 : This Two amazing 3D Printer With Lots of Features , But the question is which one is the best?

    Which is the best 3D Printer? In this Anet A8 Plus VS Ender 3 comparison Review, we want to find out Which One is Best.

    Anet A8 Plus VS Ender 3 Quick Comparison Summary

    Anet A8 Plus IS Expensive And Has a Lots of Futures Too, Compare To Ender 3 3d Printer is Cheap.
    Both 3d Printer Machines Are Made With Metal Frames.
    Difference between Creality Ender 3 And Anet A8 Plus is PRINT VOLUMES. A8 Plus Prints 300*300*350mm While Ender 3 Printing Volumes is 220x220x250mm.
    Anet A8 Plus 3D Printer Max Travel Speed is 120MM/S While Creality Ender 3 3d Printer Maximum Speed is 180mm/s.
    Nozzle Diameter Are Same on Both Macines 0.4 MM And Layer Thickness also same 0.1-0.4mm.

    Anet A8 Plus VS Ender 3 - DIFFERENCES AND specifications


    Anet A8 Plus

    Ender 3

    IMAGES Lowest New Price:

    Connectivity Technology

    USB/TF Card/Online


    Item Weight

    12.20163 Kilograms

    8 Kilograms

    Item Dimensions

    11 x 8 x 17 inches

    17 x 8 x 11 inches







    Print Size



    Filament Sensor

    Added automatically loading and unloading filament function, which is very easy to add or exchange filament.


    Max Travel Speed



    Nozzle diameter



    Printing Size



    Anet A8 Plus 3D Printer REVIEW

    Anet A8 PlusAnet A8 Plus 3D Printer : Sturdy aluminum body with Z-axis double-threaded rods design leads to more balance and high printing precision.

    The detachable glass panel makes your printing clean with out sharp side and extra smooth to eliminate the models.
    The mainboard is secure designed with over-modern-day safety, short-circuit safety, and smaller modern-day configuration.

    The magnetic movable LCD manage panel makes your operation extra green and extra flexible.

    The Anet A8 PLUS is big, reasonably-priced and might not seize fire. three-D Printer Review “I can certainly advocate this gadget for the ones of you who need a reasonably-priced sufficient however pretty succesful large-quantity three-D printers package that could advantage highly from some simple mods and upgrades.”

    Upgraded hotbed: large printing length three hundred*three hundred*350mm. Aluminum substrate heatbed comes with a pitcher panel, in order that the printing is clean with out sharp side and the version is straightforward to eliminate.

    Upgraded mainboard: Added designs of over-modern-day safety and short-circuit safety, with smaller modern-day configuration, and it’s far secure and reliable.

    Upgraded shape: The Y axis designed with double polished rods, and the Z axis with double threaded rods shape.To gain a beakthrough and improve of the shape and motion balance.

    Upgraded filament loading: Added automaticlly loading and unloading filament function, handy for filament change, aid tender filaments; Upgraded extruder shape: Using the patented extruder shape, the filament extruding is clean with out clogging. Direct filament loading improves printing impact to TPU filament.

    Upgraded filament loading Added mechanically loading and unloading filament function, which may be very smooth to feature or change filament. Upgraded heatbed Aluminium substrate heatbed comes with a pitcher panel, in order that rge printing is clean with out sharp side and the version is straightforward to eliminate.

    The invisible fiing clip is handy and beautiful. Large printing length: three hundred x 300mm. The Anet A8 Plus boasts an aluminum body, a welcome improve from the unique A8’s acrylic one that additionally stabilizes the gadget extra.

    The new body layout additionally offers a sleeker look, however, like its predecessor, the A8 Plus nevertheless has Z-axis double-threaded rods walking up in the front of the body.

    earlier than you even begin to construct your printer, make certain you order a few Drylin-kind polymer bearings/bushings and update the linear ball bearings that include the printer. The unique bearings that include the package SUCK. They commenced gouging the manual rods and getting stuck and fixed messing up the print handiest after handiest approximately 6 hours at the printer.

    This additionally befell on my coworker’s unit that turned into additionally bought right here on Amazon. Once we changed our bearings on all of the axis with the Drylin ones (to be had on Amazon), the whole lot turned into as clean as butter.

    Creality Ender 3 3D Printer REVIEW

    Ender 3This package style 3-D printer comes with all gear included and is an outstanding task for middle school and excessive college-elderly students.

    The best present to spark a lifelong love for technology and engineering, and offer a deeper information of equipment and robotics!up to date USB Port makes it extra convenient  We aren’t simplest the vendor however additionally a expert producer with five years R&D and manufacturing enjoy of 3-D printer.

    All our merchandise have been strictly take a look at and check earlier than despatched out, 24 months provider is our promise. With our 3-D Printer, you could experience varieties of layout, print and DIY fun.Any problem, we’ve got extra than 20 engineers offer expert help and Original accessories

    Safety Paired With Performance : The Ender three’s energy deliver is a excessive high-satisfactory and protection orientated issue that changed into hand decided on for its reliability. This energy deliver has protection fuses constructed into the unit.

    These inner and outside fuses serve to guard all the treasured electronics and additives from any ability catastrophic energy surge or electric discharge even as the gadget is plugged into the outlet.

    The Ender three energy deliver can warmth the hotbed to over 90* C in only five mins or less, with a complete working variety of as much as 115* C which opens the door to many forms of experimental or special filaments which could require better temperatures for printing.

    The Ender three is the primary completely open supply printer to pop out of China. Creality 3-D is operating with its extraordinary network of customers and participants to enhance this open sourced Ender three each day. The end result is a layout culminating from a number of the first-class and brightest minds withinside the 3-D printing world.

    All documents and applicable supply code are to be had on our Creality 3-D GitHub page.  When trying a few large prints, even a three-2d energy outage ought to spell catastrophe for a version already 10 hours or extra into an extended print. The Ender three comes with a kingdom of the artwork manage board which, with-inside the occasion of an surprising energy outage or surge, will keep in mind the closing recorded role of the extruder.

    Once energy is restored, the manage board will robotic-ally restart wherein the print left off earlier than the lack of energy. You can sleep smooth even as your Ender three works hard.