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Bernzomatic TS4000 vs TS8000 – Trigger Start Torches…

    Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger Start Torch 361524






    Trigger Start Torch – TS8000

    Bernzomatic TS4000 vs TS8000

    Bernzomatic TS4000 vs TS8000: The Bernzomatic TS4000 and Bernzomatic TS8000 are both great options for trigger start torches, but which one is the best? Learn more from our comparison. In this comparative research, we’ll compare and contrast the Bernzomatic TS4000 and Bernzomatic TS8000 products to see which one is the best.

    Bernzomatic TS4000 vs TS8000– Quick Comparison Summary

    • While Bernzomatic TS8000 has a maximum performance torch, Bernzomatic TS4000 has an advanced performance torch.

    • The Bernzomatic TS4000 is equipped with a Swirl Flame, whilst the Bernzomatic TS8000 comes equipped with an Adjustable Ultra-Swirl Flame.

    • Bernzomatic TS4000 dimensions are 5.5 x 1.75 x 13 inches, whereas Bernzomatic TS8000 dimensions are 1.91 x 5.25 x 12.25 inches.

    • In comparison to the Bernzomatic TS4000, the Bernzomatic TS8000 Trigger Start Torch is extremely popular on Amazon.

    • The weight of the Bernzomatic TS4000 is 1.23 pounds, but the weight of the TS8000 is 1.2 pounds.

    • Both the Bernzomatic TS4000 and TS8000 have some amazing features in common, like Instant On/Off Ignition, Continuous Flame Lock, Pressure Regulation for Consistent Performance when Inverted, Durable Cast Body Construction, Compatibility with 14.1 oz MAP-Pro® and 14.1 oz and 16 oz Propane Fuel Cylinders, Limited Lifetime Warranty, and many more.

    • Bernzomatic TS4000 is cheaper than TS8000.

    Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger Start Torch 361524

    Trigger Start Torch – TS8000

    Bernzomatic TS4000

    Bernzomatic TS8000






    Advanced Performance

    Max Performance


    Swirl Flame

    Adjustable, Ultra-Swirl Flame

     Instant On/Off Ignition

     Continuous Flame Lock

    Pressure Regulated for Consistent Performance when Inverted

    Durable, Cast Body Construction

    Cast Aluminum Construction Provides Added Durability

    Compatible with 14.1 oz MAP-Pro® and 14.1 oz and 16 oz Propane Fuel Cylinders


    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Date First Available

     ‎ March 27, 2003

    August 17, 2005





    5.5 x 1.75 x 13 Inches

    1.91 x 5.25 x 12.25 Inches

    Item Weight

    1.23 Pounds

    1.2 Pounds

    FAQS :

    Can the TS4000 be used with Coleman propane bottles?

    Answer: I keep one of these in my camping gear and wouldn't go camping without it. You can use it on the Coleman canisters to start wood campfires without having to hunt down small pieces of starter wood, as well as to start several charcoal bricks for cooking. This allows me to buy cheaper charcoal without having to purchase starter fluid, which I dislike carrying in my camping gear.

    What is the distinction between the TS4000 and the TS8000?

    When you pull the button on the TS4000, it goes full blast; the TS8000 has a valve that allows you to adjust the flame size up or down as needed. I think I accidentally adjusted the valve on the TS8000, which is in an awkward place, while I was working.

    Has anyone used this torch to solder gold or sterling silver jewelry? Is the temperature high enough to cause melting?

    Yes, I exclusively use it for soldering Argentium, Sterling, and 14K gold. It's hot enough to melt things, and fine soldering requires caution. However, with practise, you can solder almost anything. I work with everything from 28-gauge wire to 14-gauge sheet metal with ease. You simply use the flame's edges for the finer details and control the heat with distance from the flame and heatsinks.

    The torch does not light when the trigger is pressed. There is gas in the bottle and a (small?) spark. A soft flame is produced when a match is used to light the gas. It's not hot enough. What is the solution if the entire unit cannot be replaced?

    Answer: It sounds like the gas bottle is either empty or the torch's inlet is clogged. Looking down at the bottom, where the tank feeds the Bernzomatic, you'll notice a small brass male end with a hole in the center. These can become clogged at times. You can unscrew it and blow through it, or use a fine piece of wire to clean it out. I hope it works.

    What makes the TS 4000 unique?

    The flame on the 8000 is adjustable. The 4000 has a fixed flame for HIGH.I mostly use the 8000 on high, but it's nice to be able to dial it down to a small, gentle flame on occasion. Unless the extra $20 is important, I'd go with the 8000.

    Do you have any idea how long a single tank would last?

    Answer: It depends on what you're burning; I melt gold on a quarter tank for about ten minutes, so you really need to know your metal and how to work with it. Other metals take less time because intense heat is not required because gold melts at 1100 to 1200 degrees Celsius.

    Is there a two-stage switch on this circuit? Can you press down partially to let the gas flow and then completely to get the spark?

    Answer: Yes, it does. It's referred to as a "momentary switch."

    Is it possible to connect this to a large propane tank, and if so, how?

    Answer: As long as the thread on the tank matches the thread on the small ones (or the Coleman ones), you should be fine. To convert the larger thread on the BB tank to the type used on the camping and torch tanks, you'll need an adapter. Description: Bernzomatic TS4000 vs TS8000

    About this item – Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger Start Torch 361524

    • Trigger Start Torch Bernzomatic TS4000Work more quickly and effectively with the adaptable High Heat Torch for Fast Work Times, which was developed for a broad variety of tasks, such as brazing, heat treating, and soldering big diameter copper pipes, among other applications.
    • The swirl flame has been designed to burn hotly and effectively, resulting in optimum heat production and reduced soldering times. With the push of a button, the auto-start/stop ignition will light up and put out the flame, and another button, referred to as the run-lock button, will keep the torch lighted for continuous use.
    • The product is a map-pro torch with a trigger start, an instant on/off trigger that increases fuel savings and convenience, a lock button that keeps the torch lit for finger-free use, a replaceable brass tip, a burn tip that produces swirl flame for maximum heat output, pressure regulation that allows it to burn in all directions, cast aluminium construction that adds durability, and an easy and simple use kit. The product’s origin can be traced back to the United States.

    About this item – Trigger Start Torch – TS8000

    • Automatic ignition start/stop readily starts and puts out a flame.

    • For large-diameter soldering, brazing, heat treatment, and light welding, ultra-swirl flames produce the most heat.

    • Use MAP-Pro gasoline, such as the Bernzomatic 14.1 oz., for optimal performance. Cylinder for a MAP-Pro hand torch body made of cast aluminium for durability.

    • pressure-controlled for reliable operation whether tilted or briefly inverted.

    • A flame control knob that is adjustable makes switching between applications simple.Use an adjustable flame control knob to easily size a flame for various applications.

    • instant on/off trigger igniter that is easy to use with one hand.

    • body made of cast aluminium for longevity.The toggle lock button keeps the flame lit for finger-free use.

    • High-Intensity Trigger-Start Torch, Bernzomatic TS8000 Utilize the Max Heat Torch for Faster Work Times to complete tasks more quickly and effectively. The torch is perfect for job site tasks like brazing, heat treatment, and light welding, as well as soldering big diameter copper pipes. The largest, most efficient swirl flame generates the most heat.

    • An adjustable flame control knob makes it simple to size the flame for various uses, and the auto start/stop ignition starts and puts out the flame with the push of a button. The torch is kept lit for continuous usage by the run-lock button.

    • The hottest burning torch in the Bernzomatic range is the TS8000BT High Intensity Torch Head. The instant-on/instant-off trigger ignition makes lighting simpler and reduces fuel consumption.

    • The large, optimised swirl flame produces heat 30% more quickly by burning hotter for optimum output. For diverse applications, the adjustable flame control enables a more exact flame, and the run lock button keeps the torch lighted for finger-free use.

    • The performance of the TS8000 is pressure-regulated to burn in any direction. The body of the torch is composed of cast aluminium for increased durability.