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Bio Bidet USPA 6800 vs 6800U – Comparison and Faqs…

    BioBidet USPA 6800 Adjustable Bidet Toilet Seat






    BioBidet USPA 6800U Adjustable Bidet Toilet Seat

    Bio Bidet USPA 6800 vs 6800U

    Bio Bidet USPA 6800 vs 6800U: What is the best option for an adjustable bidet toilet seat between the Bio Bidet USPA 6800 and the Bio Bidet USPA 6800U? We are trying to decide which product is best when contrasting the Bio Bidet USPA 6800 and the Bio Bidet USPA 6800U.

    Bio Bidet USPA 6800 vs 6800U– Quick Comparison Summary

    • The weight of the Bio Bidet USPA 6800 is 14.67 pounds, whereas the weight of the Bio Bidet USPA 6800U is 15.67 pounds.

    • Bio Bidet USPA 6800 dimensions are 20.47 x 15.43 x 5.62 inches, whereas Bio Bidet USPA 6800U dimensions are 22.7 x 17.5 x 8.7 inches.

    • The Adjustable Bidet Toilet Seat for the Bio Bidet USPA 6800U has well over 240 reviews on Amazon, with 75% of them giving it a rating of 5 out of 5. That is amazing. There aren’t as many favorable reviews for the BioBidet USPA 6800, but there are some. The Bio Bidet USPA 6800U stands out slightly more among the two.

    • The main difference between the Bio Bidet USPA 6800 and the Bio Bidet USPA 6800U is the year they were launched: 2004 and 2019, respectively.

    • In comparison to the more expensive Bio Bidet USPA 6800, the Bio Bidet USPA 6800U is less expensive.

    • Both the Bio Bidet USPA 6800 and the Bio Bidet 6800U have some amazing features in common, including a three-year limited warranty, warm water, heated seats, warm air dryers, dual nozzles, adjustable water pressure, adjustable nozzle positions, night lights, two-sided wireless remotes, automatic operation mode, and more.

    BioBidet USPA 6800 Adjustable Bidet Toilet Seat

    BioBidet USPA 6800U Adjustable Bidet Toilet Seat

    Bio Bidet USPA 6800

    Bio Bidet USPA 6800U



     ‎Bio Bidet

     ‎Bio Bidet

    Date First Available

     September 1, 2004

     July 19, 2019

    Warm Water

    Warm Water

    Heated Seat

    Warm Air Dryer

    Dual Nozzle

    Adjustable Water Pressure

    Adjustable Nozzle Position

    Night Light

    Two-sided wireless remote

    Operation Mode



    Item Weight

    14.67 Ounces

    15.67 Ounces


    20.47 x 15.43 x 5.62 Inches

    ‎22.7 x 17.5 x 8.7 Inches

    FAQS :

    Is it required to have electricity at the electrical socket when using the bidet? (When I switch on my bathroom light, the electricity in my plug goes off.)

    Answer: Electricity is required to move the pieces, such as the bidet arms, which move the water and heat a portion of it. Hence, if at all feasible, have the outlet operate when the lights are turned on.

    Are the nozzles made of plastic?

    The answer is that the USPA bidet seat has dual self-cleaning spray nozzles made of toughened anti-bacterial ABS plastic.

    Can somebody inform me or show me an image of where the power wire comes out of this seat on the left, right, or back so I can install the electric before?

    Answer: It originates from the bidet's middle back. So the wire comes from the center of this base, where the bidet sits on the toilet. We have a photo, but we can't submit it as an attachment. Please email us at help at biobidet dot ca, and we will send you the image.

    How much time does it take to reheat the water in between uses?

    Answer: The hot water runs for 45 seconds to a minute, then you must press the button again to get another 45 seconds to a minute.

    I know this is a strange question, but does the nozzle retrack while doing business and then come into position for the washing part?

    Yeah, it remains "hidden" until you select either wash type. When you hit the air dry button, the nozzle disappears.

    Is this a tankless system?

    Answer: This is a toilet seat replacement. It does not have a "tank" in the classic sense of a toilet tank, and it does not replace one. Yet, the seat features a small tank hidden within the device that heats water for bidet washing.

    Why is the red light on the turtle's side blinking?

    The answer is the power light. There are several possibilities. That could be an indication that the water is being heated.

    What is that beeping sound you hear whenever you sit in or get out of the BioBidet seat? Is there any significance to the beeping sound?

    It's informing you that the seat is turning on or off. Because it has a pressure sensor, it can only be utilized while you are on it. You can disable the beeps and sounds by clicking the speaker-like button on the remote's screen side (bottom, right corner; above the battery compartment). Description: Bio Bidet USPA 6800 vs 6800U

    About this item – BioBidet USPA 6800 Adjustable Bidet Toilet Seat with Wireless Remote, Dual Nozzle, Side Panel Function and Dryer, White, Elongated

    • The DUAL NOZZLE gives him a posterior wash and gives her a feminine wash. It also helps keep things cleaner.
    • The USPA Bidet Toilet Seat is now available in stores across the United States.
    • The USPA Bidet Seat, the company’s flagship product, will soon be available for purchase in the United States.
    • Most people agree that USPA is one of the most reliable and well-known bidet seat brands in the world.
    • SMART SEAT, SMART DECISION  Streamlined design, comfort, a heated seat and water that can be adjusted, and a lid that slowly closes
    • Eco-Friendly Energy Saving Mode It is better for the environment if you use less electricity and toilet paper.
    • Wide clean oscillating message technology with bubble infusion FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: FEEL THE DIFFERENCE We’ve got you covered with a coverage period of three years.
    • Coverage includes both parts and labor for a full 36 months.

    About this item – BioBidet USPA 6800U Adjustable Bidet Toilet Seat with Wireless Remote, Dual Nozzle, User Presets and Dryer, White, Elongated

    • In addition to many other features, the USPA-U contains a warm air dryer, a deodorizer, auto wash and kids functions, a heated seat, a nightlight, and an IIP (intensive impulse pulsation) enema function for alleviating constipation.
    • The USPA-U bidet seat features dual self-cleaning spray nozzles and personalized User Presets for two users on a single remote! Dual-user presets are just a touch away, making it simple to adjust practically anything, including the spray’s softness, the nozzles’ positions, and the nightlight’s operation.
    • The USPA toilet seat bidet is certain to impress with its elegant piano black design stripe and its traditional beveled edges.
    • The USPA-U was redesigned so that it fits your needs and lets you clean in comfort and style.With the touch of a button, its new dual-sided remote with an LCD window makes it simple to use all of its opulent cleansing and drying capabilities.
    • The USPA-U is a top-of-the-line electronic bidet seat, both in terms of quality of manufacture and appearance.and retractable dual bidet sprayers that incorporate bubble technology for a soothing clean are available.
    • Wireless two-way remote For the entire family, the well-liked USPA 6800 bidet smart toilet seat is ideal. It provides a child wash, a feminine wash, an efficient turbo wash, and a posterior wash.