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Bluetti EB150 vs Jackery 1000 – Best Comparison And FAQS…

    Bluetti EB150






    Jackery 1000

    Bluetti EB150 vs Jackery 1000

    Bluetti EB150 vs Jackery 1000: There are two excellent choices for Portable Power Stations: Bluetti EB150 and Jackery 1000. But which one is the better option for your needs? We’re comparing the Bluetti EB150 with the Jackery 1000 to see which one is the better product.

    Bluetti EB150 vs Jackery 1000 – Quick Comparison Summary

    • The Bluetti EB150 is less expensive.

    • The weight of the Bluetti EB150 is 37.9 pounds, whereas the weight of the Jackery 1000 is 22 pounds.

    • The Bluetti EB150 has a total of 1000w and two power outlets, but the Jackery 1000 has a total of three power outlets, each of which is 1000w.

    • In comparison, the Bluetti EB150 has two USB ports, each of which can handle 18W, while the Jackery 1000 has only one USB port, which can handle 45W.

    • People love the Jackery 1000 Portable Power Station Explorer on Amazon more than the Bluetti EB150.

    • The battery capacity of the Jackery 1000 is 1002 WH, but the battery capacity of the Bluetti EB150 is 1500 WH.

    • The EB150 and Jackery 1000 both have a digital display, a DC on/off switch, an AC on/off switch, an overload protection circuit, and a power of 1000 watts each.

    • In addition, the Bluetti EB150 Battery Cell is a top-brand lithium polymer battery cell with a 2500+ cycle life, and the Jackery 1000 Battery will last around 5 years at 2000 cycles.

    Bluetti EB150

    Jackery 1000




    Cable Internet Plan Speed Compatibility

    14.6 x 6.5 x 14.4 inches

    13.1 x 9.2 x 11.1 inches

    Item Weight

     37.9 pounds

    22 pounds


     1000 watts

     1000 watts

    AC Wall Outlet

     ~10 Hours for a full charge

    ~7 Hours for a full charge

    Battery Capacity



    USB Ports

    4 Ports 3A Max

    2 Ports (1 Quick Charge 3.0)

    USB C Ports

    1 Port 45W

    2 Ports PD18W (5V 3A / 9V 2A / 12V 1.5A)




    AC Power Outlets (110V)

    2 Ports 1000W each

    3 Ports 1000W each

    FAQS :

    Is it possible to connect two Maxoak power stations in parallel for a bigger circuit, such as an 1800 watt cooktop?

    Answer: I would not advise you to do so. Instead, try designing your own system with 2400 or more watt hours of batteries certified to discharge at 2C and a 3500 watts output all-in-one inverter/charge controller. They are simple to construct. For inspiration, go to Will Prowse's YouTube account.

    What happens if the device runs out of power? Is it capable of self-protection in low-voltage situations?

    Yes is the answer.

    Is it possible to use during solar charging?

    Yes, it is correct. enable simultaneous charging and discharging

    How many AH batteries are there in this?

    Answer: A 200AH battery is 2400Wh / 12 Volts.

    How many Amp Hours does it have?

    Answer: The deep cycle battery descriptions refer to 1500 watt-hours as around 125 amp-hours. Remember that because this is lithium, you may use the whole rated power, whereas agm or gel can only be used to half the rated capacity.

    Is it necessary to ground solar panels in order to charge them?

    Answer: I recently purchased the equipment, as well as a 170 W solar panel. I merely linked up the panel with the two leads to the jack into the power station, which was not connected to ground, and was able to receive an input of 150 W at an optimal angle to the sun on the one sunny day we've had recently, so I don't think the unit has to be grounded to be charged.

    What gauge should I obtain if I need an extension wire for a solar panel (10 or 14)?

    Answer: If you want to be safe, go with 10 gauge solar wire. Yes, 400 watts at 12 volts is excessive, but there are no dips up to 75 feet away.

    Is this a comprehensive package, and will I receive everything I require when I place my order? Including solar panels as a source of power?

    Answer: The solar panels are not included. It does, however, come with wires that may be used to charge the battery at home or in your car. Because the battery comes with a splitter and you may use two panels at once, I got two 100w solar panels. It's a nice combination, but it's not inexpensive by any means.

    Is it possible to charge gadgets while they are charging? (charging through pass-through)

    No, that's not true. A user (tv, computer, etc.) will consume power from whatever source is available when solar is charging the battery. If the solar panel produces 100 watts and the user consumes 75 watts, the battery will be charged at a rate of 25 watts. If the load is 250 watts, the solar will produce 100 watts and the batteries will offer 150 watts. The battery is either fully charged or fully depleted. Period. The battery is expected to survive 2000 cycles, or around 5 years. The battery capacity then increases to 80% and may be utilised for another 5 years. What wreaks havoc on the battery. 1. Depletion to less than 10 volts. Jackery isn't going to let it happen. 2. Charging the battery when the temperature outside is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit 3. Overcharging will not be tolerated by Jackery. The jackery mechanism is foolproof.

    In the event of a power outage, can I leave them plugged in to run my aquarium dc pumps (30+30 watts)?

    Answer: A UPS is what you're looking for. This isn't the right tool for the job. If you wanted to do the same thing for less money, connect your pumps to a heavy-duty power inverter similar to what you'd find in a car, connect that to an auto battery or two (make sure to connect in parallel rather than series so the capacity increases rather than the volts), and put that on a float charger with enough amps to keep the system charged. Alternatively, go out and purchase a large UPS. Description: Bluetti EB150 vs Jackery 1000

    About this item – MAXOAK Portable Power Station EB150 1500Wh AC110V/1000W Camping Solar Generator Lithium Emergency Battery Backup with 2 AC outlet Pure Sinewave,DC12V,USB-C for Outdoor Road Trip Travel Fishing

    • Most household appliances under 1000W, such as blenders, TVs, dryers, and laptops, require two 110V AC outlets.
    • 1*45W USB-C power supply for USB-C devices such as MacBook/MacBook Pro laptops and PD Type-C phones
    • With a wide solar recharge range of 16-60V (OCV), you may connect several solar panels in series or parallel to supply up to 500W of solar energy, and the MAXOAK EB150’s pre-installed MPPT controller allows the power station to be recharged 40% quicker. To recharge the power station, we propose using an SP120 (120W) or SP200 (200W) solar panel. Various power needs with multiple outputs
      1* DC12V regulated for car gadgets such as a mini-fridge, car vacuum cleaner, and so on.
    • Solar/AC/Generator Recharge1) With the addition of a solar panel, this power generator can be recharged by the sun (open circuit voltage must be 16V68V (Max), maximum power 500W, solar panel not included).When hooked into a wall socket, this power station may be completely charged in 7.5-8 hours.
    • The time it takes for a solar panel to charge varies depending on the solar panel, for example. 2* SP200 200W Solar Panels in series: approximately 5–5.5 Hrs.To recharge your car, you’ll need to purchase a power inverter (300W).
    • What You Should Expect 1 EB150 portable power station, 1 200W AC wall charger, 1 PV Solar Charging Cable (DC7909 to MC*4, 1.7m), 1 User Manual
    • Indoor and outdoor equipment that you use a lot should be running in case there is a power outage or you aren’t near a wall outlet at the time.
    • The MAXOAK EB150 Huge Capacity Power Station is packed with 1500Wh of lithium power storage and a huge AC inverter of 1000W, making it ideal for high-power devices such as blenders, drills, and hair dryers (Max.1000W). It may be used for a variety of purposes, including household usage, outdoor activities, RV travel, and so on.
    • 4*5V3A (Max) USB for phones, tablets, cameras, fans, lights, and other electronic devices.
    • “High-Efficient Solar Generator” is a term used to describe a solar generator that is extremely efficient.

    About this item – Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 1000, 1002Wh Solar Generator (Solar Panel Optional) with 3x110V/1000W AC Outlets, Solar Mobile Lithium Battery Pack for Outdoor RV/Van Camping, Emergency

    • The Explorer 1000 comes with three standard PURE SINE WAVE AC ports, allowing you to power additional AC gadgets and appliances. An extra plus for the design: unlike most other portable generators, this one allows for pass-through charging while protecting the battery life. Bluetti EB150 vs Jackery 1000

    • Upgrade to Endless Solar Power: The Explorer 1000 may be upgraded to a Solar Generator 1000 system by adding two Jackery Solarsaga 100W solar panels. The improved MPPT technology increases conversion charging efficiency by 23%.

    • With such a large capacity, this Explorer will make little to no noise, giving you both quiet and power.It has a well-designed interior and exterior to assure the product’s safety when charging your electronics and appliances.

    • 1 Jackery Explorer 1000 (1002Wh Portable Power Station), 1 AC Adapter, 1 Car Charger Cable, 1 SolarSaga Parallel Adapter Cable, 1 User Manual

    • This Explorer contains 3 PURE SINE WAVE AC outlets, 2 USB-C connectors, and 1 Quick Charge 3.0 connector, and has a 1000W power and a 1002Wh capacity. For your outdoor and domestic requirements, it will power your full-size refrigerator, TV, heater, electric grill, blanket, and more.