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BOB AND BRAD C2 vs T2 – Best Massage Guns…

    BOB AND BRAD C2 Massage Gun






    BOB AND BRAD T2 Massage Gun

    BOB AND BRAD C2 vs T2

    Bob and Brad C2 vs T2: The Bob and Brad C2 and Bob and Brad T2 are also good alternatives for a massage gun. But which of the two is the best? In our Bob and Brad C2 vs. Bob and Brad 2 comparison review, we’ll compare the two goods to find which one is the better buy.

    Bob and Brad C2 vs T2– Quick Comparison Summary

    • Bob and Brad C2 features quiet for every setting technology, while Bob and Brad T2 has superior sound insulation technology.

    • Bob and Brad’s C2 battery is a premium 2500 mAh battery, while Bob and Brad’s T2 battery is a premium 4000 mAh battery.

    • The BOB AND BRAD C2 and BOB AND BRAD T2 share several amazing features, including TYPE-C CHARGING and 10 MINUTES AUTO-OFF PROTECTION, 5 SPEED LEVELS & 5 MASSAGE HEADS, Deep tissue therapy & strong, and much more.

    • The Bob and Brad C2 only has an amplitude of 8 millimeters, while the Bob and Brad T2 has an amplitude of 10 millimeters.

    • The weight of Bob and Brad C2 is 1.5 pounds, whereas the weight of Bob and Brad T2 is 1.98 pounds.

    • The dimensions of the Bob and Brad C2 are 6.8 x 2.4 x 5.1 inches, while the dimensions of the Bob and Brad T2 are 5.35 x 2.4 x 7.6 inches.

    • In comparison to the Bob and Brad T2, the Bob and Brad C2 is a far more popular massage gun on the market.

    • Bob and Brad C2 are less costly than Bob and Brad T2.

    BOB AND BRAD C2 Massage Gun

    BOB AND BRAD T2 Massage Gun








    8 mm

    10 mm


      Premium 2500mAh Battery

      Premium 4000mAh Battery

    Massage Gun Experts

      Daily Pain Relief, Simplified

      Quality Relief For The Best

    Ultra Quite Technology

      Quite For Any Setting

      Superior Sound Insulation


      USB-C FAST Charging

      USB-C FAST Charging

    Treatment Type

      Deep Tissue Treatment & Gentle

      Deep Tissue Treatment & Gentle


      Oval Shape Ergonomic Handle

      Oval Shape Ergonomic Handle

    Stall Force




      5 Attachments Developed By PTs

      5 Attachments Developed By PTs

    TSA Approved

    Approved by TSA For Carry-On

     Approved by TSA For Carry-On

    Use for

    Whole Body

    Whole Body

    Power Source

    Battery Powered

    Battery Powered



    ABS Plastic, Silicone

    Item Weight

    1.5 Pounds

    1.98 Pounds


    6.8 x 2.4 x 5.1 Inches

    5.35 x 2.4 x 7.6 Inches

    FAQS :

    Is there a brushless motor in this?

    Yes, it has a brushless motor, which significantly reduces noise. It's also powered by a Samsung battery, which may last up to 3 hours on a single charge, depending on usage.

    What is the warranty period? Thanks

    Every Bob and Brad product comes with a one-year guarantee and an award-winning customer service staff. Under the warranty, if you are dissatisfied with a product you bought, we will swap it, replace it, or refund your money. Simply email us about the issue, and we'll take care of it.

    Could someone please explain how to utilize the little rubber gasket that came in a small bag?

    It is a replacement part for the massage heads. Each massage head includes a ring like this to keep it securely linked to the massage gun. Please save it in case you need a replacement.

    Is this the greatest brand of electric massagers? How good is the quality?

    Answer: I can't claim it's "absolutely" the "best". But, in our opinion, it is unquestionably one of the best available. We are very picky about our items and do our best to make things fair and balanced so that we can present you with the best products available.

    How long should I keep my T2 massage gun in use?

    Answer: Depending on the desired outcome, we recommend utilizing your massage gun for 15 seconds to 2 minutes per muscle area. A full-body workout should not last more than 15 minutes. Treat yourself at least twice a day.

    What areas of the body can the massager massage?

    The massage head comes in five various forms to help you massage different sections of your body. Bullet Head: Ideal for use on joints, deep tissue, and trigger points Meridians, palms, and feet Flat Head: Suitable for All Body Parts Air Cushion Head: Ideal for Relaxing Sensitive Muscles Ball Head: Ideal for Working Out Large Muscle Groups Fork Head: Ideal for the Neck, Spine, and Achilles Tendon

    Is the amplitude of 10 mm significant?

    Answer: Unlike the common 8 mm amplitude massage guns on the market, our deep tissue massage gun has a 10 mm amplitude, allowing the percussion to penetrate deep into the deep tissue, increasing blood flow, relieving muscle stiffness and soreness, and improving the overall health of the body's soft tissue.

    What is the massager head made of?

    Answer: The massage head is constructed of ABS plastic and silicone material, which is skin-friendly and nontoxic to the human body. Description: BOB AND BRAD C2 vs T2

    About this item – BOB AND BRAD Massage Gun, Deep Tissue Percussion Massager Gun, Muscle Massager with 5 Speeds and 5 Heads, Electric Back Massagers for Professional Athletes Home Gym Workout Recovery Pain Relief

    • Type-C fast-charging ports may be used to charge a 5V/2A converter or power bank, increasing mobility.
    • The massage cannon can be charged with any common phone adapter without any issues.
    • Powerful Performance: A twin shaft drive system, a brushless motor, and superblocking torque energy output without interruption provide reliable operation.
    • The massage gun’s operating noise is reduced using the newest technology; even at its maximum speed of 3200 RPM, the sounds are less than 60 dB.
    • The maximum speed of 3200 rpm can promote blood flow, increase range of motion and flexibility, speed up muscle recovery, and lessen soreness, tiredness, and lactic acid buildup in the muscles, among other benefits.
    • This massager is more suited for professional athletes because of its greater pounding.
    • 5 MASSAGE HEADS AND SPEEDS: 5 massage heads and 5 speeds can accommodate a variety of demands and are appropriate for various body sections.
    • Different-shaped massage heads may be utilized on various muscle regions and offer focused therapy for quick recovery.
    • Bob and Brad’s massager is only 1.5 pounds, making it lightweight and portable. It’s also simple to put into any gym bag for use in the home gym office.
    • To make the massager more portable, bring your own case. With its ergonomic silicone handle design, it is simple to grasp. Use the massager whenever you want by taking it with you.
    • Smart Chip and 10-Minute Timer Auto-Off Protection: An intelligent chip that is included in the device automatically shuts off after 10 minutes to protect the human body from damage caused by excessive use. very silent muscle massager.

    About this item – BOB AND BRAD T2 Massage Gun, Percussion Muscle Massage Gun Deep Tissue with 10MM Amplitude, Upgraded 4000 m-a-h Battery Handheld Electric Massager for Athletes Pain Relief Therapy and Relaxation

    • You no longer need to be concerned about charging when you travel thanks to type-C charging and 10-MINUTE AUTO-OFF PROTECTION. With a type-C USB connection and any standard phone adapter, a 5V/2A converter on a wall outlet, or a power bank, you can charge this cordless muscle massager.
    • It is built with a 10-minute auto-off setting to stop overheating and increase the motor’s lifespan.
    • 5 SPEED LEVELS AND 5 MASSAGE HEADS: This device has five specialized massage heads that may be used on various muscle parts to better satisfy your diverse demands for muscular relaxation.
    • The massage gun will renew and calm your body after prolonged periods of inactivity or severe exercise, acting as a form of soothing physical treatment.
    • The premium rechargeable battery has been improved to a 4000 mAh capacity, giving this massage pistol a 2.5-times longer battery life than the original.
    • It has a working range of two to five hours and charges completely in about two to three hours.
    • The duration of usage depends on the frequency of vibration and the intensity of the massage.
    • Silent and portable massage gun: with an operating noise level of only 45 dB, our portable massage gun gives you a massage that is silent.
    • With its ergonomic silicone handle design, it is simple to grasp. It is simple to transport and use at work, the gym, and everywhere else you travel thanks to its small size and case.
    • Deep Muscle Relaxation: The 25W high-torque brushless motor that powers the Bob and Brad deep percussion massage cannon spins at a maximum speed of 3200 RPM.
    • With its 10mm amplitude, it penetrates deeper into the muscular tissue and gives you a vigorous massage.

    • The massage pistol is simple to use, reduces muscular aches and pains, increases blood flow, and aids in recuperation after strenuous exercise.

    • Ideal for athletes, exercisers, or those who have injuries.