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Bose 301 vs 201 – Best Home Theater – Comparison…

    Bose 301-V Stereo Loudspeakers






    Bose 201 Direct/Reflecting speaker system

    Bose 301 vs 201

    Bose 301 vs 201: What is the greatest Bose speaker system? Bose 301 vs. Bose 201: When it comes to speaker systems, the Bose 301 and 201 are both fantastic alternatives, but which one is the best? This Bose 301 vs 201 comparison study is intended to help you choose which product is the better choice for you.

    Bose 301 vs 201 – Quick Comparison Summary

    • In comparison to the Bose 201, the Bose 301 is more popular on

    • The Bose 201 is less expensive.

    • A receiver or an amplifier is required to power the Bose 201V and 301-V speakers, which are sold separately.

    • The speakers cannot be driven by televisions because the TVs do not have sufficient power. 201V speakers are capable of handling 10–120 W per channel at 8 ohms, which means that any receiver with output in that range will be compatible.

    • When it comes to lengthy excursions, the Bose 301 Woofer has an 8 whereas the Bose 201 Woofer has a 6.5.

    • These speakers are compatible with amplifiers that produce 10–120 W per channel and have an impedance of 4–8 ohms. Both the 301 and the 201 are recommended for home theatre use and have the same impedance of 4-8 ohms.

    • The weight of the Bose 301 is 22 pounds, whereas the weight of the Bose 201 is 22.4 pounds.

    Bose 301-V Stereo Loudspeakers

    Bose 201 Direct/Reflecting speaker system

    Bose 301

    Bose 201




    Product Dimensions

    23.8 x 13.3 x 18 inches

    8.62 x 13.75 x 8 inches

    Item Weight

    22 pounds

    22.4 pounds

    Customer Reviews

    4.7 out of 5 stars

    4.7 out of 5 stars

    Date First Available

    November 22, 2004

    November 22, 2004




    Speaker Type




    Long-excursion (8″)

    High-excursion (6.5″)

    Recommended Power

    10-150 watts

    10-120 watts

    Connectivity Technology



    FAQS :

    Is this a product created in the United States?

    The 301 series V is manufactured in Mexico.

    I'm not sure what I'll need to connect these speakers to. Will a receiver suffice, and can I connect my computer to it?

    Answer: A receiver with at least 50 watts per channel will enough, and you may connect your computer to the receiver's aux input. To get the most out of your speakers, make sure you connect them using 12 gauge wire. It's critical to allow adequate space between the speakers and the back and side walls for the bass port and rear tweeter to bounce sound back to the listener. If you're planning to utilise them in a book shelf, grab the 201 and a polkaudio subwoofer.

    What is the frequency response's range?

    Because Bose does not disclose frequency response charts, you have a legitimate question (probably because the results are not as smooth or wide ranging as they would like). I was hoping to find some independent testing for the 301s, but I couldn't find any. I did locate a French review of Bose's Companion 2s, which are the company's cheapest and smallest stereo speakers. 40-20,000 dB +-6dB was the range. I'd anticipate the 301s to be in the similar ballpark, with a somewhat lower base +- 3db, but I have no means of knowing for sure. As you may be aware, the DB variance is an important aspect in evaluating a correct frequency response, and any value without it may be deceptive.

    Is there a stand included?

    You'll have to purchase their stands separately. However, I believe they come with wall mounts. Sorry, I don't recall for sure. But thus far, it's been worth every dime for music fans. Excellent speakers.

    Is it possible to connect this straight to my television?

    Answer: A receiver or amplifier is required to power the Bose 201V speakers. The speakers can't be driven by TVs since they don't have enough power. Any receiver with an output in that range will work with the 201V speakers, which can handle 10-120 W per channel at 8 ohms.

    Are they compatible with the acoustimass 10 5.1 system? The 201s provide amazing surrounds, therefore I'd want to make it a 7.1.

    Keep a careful eye on the wiring schematic. The surrounds, unlike the others, will be linked directly to your receiver rather than to the bass module.

    Is this a speaker with an 8-ohm impedance?

    Answer: Amplifiers rated at 10-120 W per channel, 8 ohms, are compatible with these speakers.

    Can I use them outside on a covered patio? I reside in the Phoenix, Arizona region, so humidity isn't an issue...

    I'm certain you could. In your position, I'd give it a go. In Louisiana, you wouldn't be able to do that. For their intended use, the outdoor Bose speakers sound superior. These, on the other hand, I adore.

    Can I connect these to a new AV receiver and watch TV with the sound coming from these speakers?

    Yes, they may be connected to a receiver for TV audio. The 201-V speakers can handle 10-120 W per channel at 8 ohms, allowing them to be connected to any receiver with that range of output. Description: Bose 301 vs 201

    About this item – Bose 301-V Stereo Loudspeakers (Pair, Black)

    • The Bose 301 Series V provides crisp, expansive sound for your music and movies.
    • They perform admirably as front left and right speakers in a home theatre (best paired with BOSE VCS 10 Center Channel and BOSE 161 Surround Speakers).
    • Your music and movies will sound clean and expansive thanks to the Bose 301 Series V Direct/Reflecting bookshelf stereo speakers. These adaptable bookshelf speakers are tiny enough to fit on a shelf or in an entertainment center while delivering much of the power of a live performance thanks to innovative Bose technology.
    • Music enters your ears and emotions via a mix of direct and reflected sound in a live performance.
    • Direct/reflecting speaker technology is used to make this combination sound like it does in a music hall or theater.
    • Drivers are protected from being overdriven by automatic protection circuitry, which increases dependability while reducing disturbance to the listening experience.
    • The Bose 301 stereo speakers feature “Stereo Everywhere” speaker performance, unlike traditional speakers that center stereo effects in a noticeable sweet spot. Bose’s best bookshelf speakers have unique technologies that let you and your friends and family enjoy balanced stereo sound from almost anywhere in the room.
    • It works with 10 to 150-watt sources and receivers ranging from 4 to 8 ohms. The grill is detachable. The 8-inch long-excursion woofer makes clear, powerful bass sounds that are evenly spread across the room.
    • The horizontal form makes it easy to store on bookshelves. A speaker lens with spatial dispersion produces a smoother high-frequency spatial response and a broader sound spread.
    • high-impact bass-reflex design. Each speaker is 9.75 x 14.25 x 9.75 inches in height, width, and depth.

    About this item – Bose 201 Direct/Reflecting speaker system – Black

    • 6.5-inch high-excursion woofer”) creates a space with clear, rich bass frequencies and a well-balanced sound.
    • When you pair this product with a center channel speaker and any direct-reflecting speaker system, you’ll get a cinema-like quality and a seamless home theater design.
      Direct/Reflecting speakers use both reflected and direct sound to make a live event sound like it’s bigger than it is.
    • A speaker lens with spatial dispersion produces a smoother high-frequency spatial response and a broader sound spread.
    • With a BOSE VCS-10 center channel and BOSE 161 surrounds, they’re ideal as front or rear home theater speakers. 201s, or a second set of 201s
    • A long excursion 6-1/2 woofer and a very sensitive 2 stereo targeting tweeter are included in each 201 speaker, which has been computer tested to provide one of the finest levels of quality and durability in the audio industry.
    • Stereo Targeting Tweeters employ 2.5-inch, precisely oriented tweeters with “unique drivers to offer balanced stereo sound across the listening area, giving you a sense of genuine spaciousness.
    • Proprietary Stereo Everywhere technology blends direct and reflected sound to make the sound sound rich and immersive.
    • For clear bass, a unique port shape is used.
    • Because of its small size and horizontal orientation, it is ideal for a variety of applications.
    • Stereo Everywhere speakers provide balanced stereo sound over a large area. These speakers, which use patented Bose technology, make sure that the sound is evenly spread across the listening area. This is different from traditional speakers, which only send sound in one direction.
    • Special Delivery Instructions: It is not possible to return this item to Please see our Product Specific Returns Policy Page for more details on this policy.
    • Head covers are made of premium materials with a flannel inside and plush, all-weather grips.