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Braun 9370CC vs 9390CC – 9370CC is Best ?

    Braun Electric Razor for Men With Precision Beard Trimmer,  – 9370CC






    Braun Electric Razor for Men, Waterproof Foil Shaver, Series 9 9390cc

    Braun 9370CC vs 9390CC

    Braun 9370CC vs 9390CC: When it comes to beard trimmers, what’s the distinction between the Braun 9370CC and the Braun 9390CC? Seeking to identify the top Beard Trimmer, Rechargeable, Wet & Dry Foil Shaver, we compared the Braun 9370CC and the Braun 9390CC.

    Braun 9370CC vs 9390CC– Quick Comparison Summary

    • On Amazon, the Braun 9370CC Beard Trimmer has many more five-star reviews than the Braun 99390CC.

    • When compared to the more expensive Braun 9390CC, the 9370CC is a better value.

    • The Braun 9370CC has a fabric carrying case, whereas the 9390CC has a leather one.

    • The Braun 9370CC and 9390CC are similar in many ways: they both have five shaving elements, two specialized trimmers, a 5 in 1 clean and charge center, can be used wet or dry, have a battery that fully charges in only an hour for 60 minutes of shaving time, last for up to seven years, have autosense technology that adjusts to your beard density, 40 thousand cutting actions per minute, shield skin from nicks and cuts, and much more.

    • The weight of the Braun 9370CC is 2.08 pounds, whereas the weight of the Braun 9390CC is 2.14 pounds.

    • The Braun 9370CC measures 6.18 by 6.18 by 9.92 inches, while the Braun 9390CC measures the same..

    Braun Electric Razor for Men With Precision Beard Trimmer,  – 9370CC

    Braun Electric Razor for Men, Waterproof Foil Shaver, Series 9 9390cc

    Braun 9370CC

    Braun 9390CC





    Travel Case



    5 Shaving Elements

    2 Specialized Trimmers

    Cuts Upto

    3 Days Beards

    3 Days Beards


    5 in 1

    5 in 1

    Wet & Dry

    Battery  Fully Charges

    1 hour for 60 minutes

    1 hour for 60 minutes

    Shaving Time

    upto 7 year

    upto 7 year

    Autosense Technogy Adapts To Your Beard Density

     40 k cutting action/minute

    Protects Skin From Nick And Cuts

    Item Weight

    2.08 pounds

    2.14 Pound


     6.18 x 6.18 x 9.92 inches

    6.18 x 6.18 x 9.92 inches

    FAQS :

    How can the cleaning program be changed from quick, affordable cleaning to thorough cleaning? A toggle button is not present.

    The clean and charge station makes that determination for you automatically. I'm not aware of any way to manually alter the intensity. After shaving, I take off the cartridge head's top, thoroughly rinse it with water, shake off the extra water, reattach the top, and place the device in the clean and charge station. After doing this, the razor often simply needs a low intensity light cleaning cycle.

    How effective is this on the head?

    I shave my head every week with a very close shave, and it works great.

    Do you need to first brush the stubble out before using the clean and renew station?

    Answer: I offer a brief clean before I give the "have to." To further explain, I tap the head to remove hair and brush the razor's body portion. Even though I do this every day, I just use the renew station once a week to clean it. My decision - I'm not sure why cleaning should be done every day.

    What distinguishes models 9290 and 9293?

    Same shaver, as stated. The 93 does not have a cleaning station, but the 9290 does. The cleaning station isn't often used by me. I like to wash it under the faucet with soap and then lubricate it with something called RavorSaver once it has dried.

    When was the last time you used the clean and charge station?

    I shave once every two days. Additionally, I wash it after every shave! I dry shave because I find it to be more effective. I then take out the head, tap it in the sink, and use a brush to remove any remaining hairs from the inside of the shaver body. I then reattach the head, position it in the charge/clean stand, and press the power button to start the cleaning and charging process. The cleaning not only lubricates the shaving head where the blades are while disinfecting and cleaning the razor. Funny thing is, I only use Braun cleaning packs, but I hear folks talking about skipping cleaning, using cheaper cleaning supplies, or even refilling! The cleaning kits cost around $5 each and can last up to a month. That strikes me as being inexpensive and helpful in extending the life of your head cartridge, plus it gives you a consistently close, pleasant-smelling shave. Doing such is simply sensible! Why not properly maintain the shaver when you paid a premium for it? Additionally, since replacement shaving heads cost the most (I believe Braun says to change them every 12 to 18 months), the more often they are cleaned and lubricated, the more likely they are to last the full 18 months. Why not clean the razor and use the stand as recommended by Braun? Being stingy with the cleaning, utilizing generic cartridges, or attempting to refill them yourself is stupid! I purchased the 9370 and the 9460 pro Braun razors on Amazon for myself. Despite the fact that the 9370 is a fantastic razor and shaver, I enjoyed the 9370 so much that I chose to get the pro for home use. Additionally, I use the 9370 as my travel razor. Both of them are fantastic shavers, and I now adore shaving with them! Because of how nicely Braun shavers function, I've completely stopped using blades. I'm looking after mine! Make me your fan!

    Is this product returnable?

    Only the version without the flammable cleaning agent is returnable, to be precise.

    Could I shave my head with this razor?

    With our Series 9 9390cc, you may achieve a comfortably smooth head shave. Description: Braun 9370CC vs 9390CC

    About this item – Braun Electric Razor for Men With Precision Beard Trimmer, Rechargeable, Wet & Dry Foil Shaver, Clean & Charge Station & Travel Case, Silver, 3 Piece Set – 9070CC

    • either dry or wet. product developed, engineered, and produced in Germany, now with 20% greater battery power. GQ’s suggestion and accreditation from the Skin Health Alliance
    • Best effectiveness: Compared to other shavers, five shaving parts may remove more hair in one motion.
    • Compared to top-tier products in a 3-day beard test, versus the prior Series 9 With our #1 shaver, the ideal balance between effectiveness and skin comfort can be attained. By selecting Series 9, you are selecting today’s gold standard for both an effective and delicate shave, as demonstrated by an independent test institute.
    • Sonic vibrations are the kindest and glide over your skin for the most comfort.
    • Even on thick beards, 10,000 microvibrations and an adjustable shaving motor help capture more hair in every stroke.
    • The most effective electric shaver in the world Effective, close, and delicate for a perfect shave
    • The floating shaving parts and 10-direction flexible head softly conform to your skin and remove hair even from difficult-to-reach areas.

    About this item – Braun Electric Razor for Men, Waterproof Foil Shaver, Series 9 9390cc, Wet & Dry Shave, With Pop-Up Beard Trimmer for Grooming, Cleaning & Charging SmartCare Center and Leather Travel Case, Silver

    • Conscious Shaver: Along with an LED display that displays battery life, hygiene status, and a travel lock indicator, it is equipped with AutoSense Technology that detects your beard and adjusts the power to its density.
    • RECOVERS MORE HAIR shaver that can remove more hair in a single pass than any other. Built with OptiFoil—for the closest shave that lasts the longest—a titanium-coated trimmer, a 10D flex head that conforms to every facial contour, and Braun’s 4+1 shaving components, for a smooth shave even in difficult-to-reach regions.
    • Gentle Hair Removal: SyncroSonic Technology, together with the integrated Protective Shinguard, smooths the skin for a more comfortable shave. SyncroSonic Technology generates 10,000 sonic vibrations each minute.
    • Battery-Powered, Cordless: powerful Li-Ion battery for 60 minutes of shaving time that recharges entirely in about one hour (up to a month of shaves). A quick charge for one shave takes five minutes.
    • What’s in the Box: A Series 9 electric razor, a Clean & Charge Station that intelligently chooses a hygienic cleaning program to lubricate, dry, and charge your razor, a cleaning cartridge, a leather travel case, a cleaning brush, a charging cord, and an instruction manual. * Tested on 3-day beards vs. top-tier leading products.
    • Built to last, this hair removal device was created and manufactured in Germany for use with water, foam, or gel for a cool shave.
    • HIGHEST PRECISION: A pop-up precision beard trimmer provides the most precise cutting of sideburns and mustaches for a consistently clean shave.