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Breville Bambino Plus vs Barista Express – Comparison And FAQS…

    Breville BES500BSS Bambino Plus Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel






    Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel

    Breville Bambino Plus vs Barista Express: These two incredible espresso machines have a lot of features, but which one is the best?

    Which espresso machine is the best? In this comparative review of the Breville Bambino Plus and the Barista Express, we’ll see which one is the best.

    Breville Bambino Plus vs Barista Express  Quick Comparison Summary

    . Breville is a well-known item on Amazon; nevertheless, Bambino Plus is not that much.
    . The Breville Barista Express Comes With an in-built grinder, whereas the Bambino Plus does not.
    . You can control the Breville Barista Express both manually and automatically, whereas the Breville Bambino Plus only offers one option: manually.
    . While the Bambino Plus Water Tank is 64 oz( 1.8 Liters) , the Barista Express Water Tank is 67 oz (1.9 Liters)
    . Concerning the Warranty The Bambino Plus has a two-year warranty, whereas the Barista Express has a one-year warranty.
    . Barista Express takes around 30 seconds to heat up, whereas Bambino Plus takes 3 seconds.
    . The weight of the Breville Barista Express is 23 pounds (10 kilograms), and the weight of the Bambino Plus is 3.1 pounds (1.4 KG).

    Breville Bambino Plus vs Barista Express

    Breville BES500BSS Bambino Plus Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel

    Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel

    Breville Bambino Plus vs Barista Express - Differences And Specifications

    Breville Bambino Plus

    Breville Barista Express

    Built-in Grinder 



    Water Tank Capacity 

    64 oz  (1.8 Liters)

    67 oz (1.9 Liters)

    Automatic/Manual Control



    Built-In Grinder




    Button Control 

    Analog Gauge Button Control

    Fast heating Option



    Automatic Control




    1560 Watts

    1600 watts

    Breville BES500BSS Bambino Plus Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel FAQS

    Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel FAQS

    Question: Is this some sort of pump machine?
    Answer: Yes, the Breville® BES500 BambinoTM Plus does come with a pump, as described above.

    Question: What exactly is included within the box?
    Answer: The Breville® BES500BSS BambinoTM Plus comes with the following accessories: a 54mm Tamper, a 54mm RazorTM Dosing tool, a 16fl.oz. frothing jug, a cleaning tool, a cleaning disc, and one and two cup dual wall filter baskets, among other things.

    Question: Is there a hot water dispenser or wand for making Americanos on this machine?
    Answer: Yes, it is correct. When you push the One Cup and the Froth Control buttons at the same time, hot water will stream out of the steam wand. To return to the previous screen, press the One Cup button once again.

    Question: I don’t want to come out as dumb, but is this machine only suitable for coffee?
    Answer: The true question is whether or not it is possible to alter the amount of water needed to brew the espresso. I have a machine that allows me to control the quantity of water that is used, and I use it to create fantastic coffee. I’m not sure if this computer is capable of doing that, but that is what you are looking for. Because this machine can produce a double shot… I would put in enough ground for one shot and then press the double shot button… that could come close to a cup of coffee…

    Question: After descaled, the lights continued to flash. After resetting the default espresso volume settings, I was able to extract two shots, however the two shot light would not illuminate. Help?
    Answer: When the left and middle buttons alternately flash, it signifies that 200 cycles have passed and that it is time to descale the machine. By hitting the right (steam) button, you can override this setting.

    Question: What other beverages can it be used to prepare besides espresso?
    Answer: Are you sure you’re serious? It’s a machine that makes espresso. It has the effect of expresso. The decision to utilise the expresso to create “drinks” is entirely up to you.

    Question: This will be used mostly for lengthy black/Americanos, which is what I have in mind. Are there any tricks or drawbacks to getting the most out of your brewed liquid? I enjoy a good cup of coffee, especially if it’s a big one.
    Answer:The BES870XL Barista Express has a specialised hot water dispenser for making tea, Americanos, and pre-heating the machine’s equipment, among other things. There is a limit to the total amount of hot water that can be generated by the espresso group head, despite the fact that the 1 shot and 2 shot buttons have configurable programming and default to about 1 ounce and 2 ounce, respectively. This restriction is in place in order to maintain optimal espresso temperature; a maximum of about 5-6 ounces can be programmed or extracted in a single pull of the espresso machine. Traditionally, an Americano consists of a double shot of espresso with hot water added to achieve the proper volume / ratio (instead of a very large shot, which would have negative effects on the taste).

    Question: The machine would it fit on top of this protective mat or will it need to be lowered? Answer: I’m not sure what the measurements are.
    The answer is no, it will not fit on top of your machine, but you can surely place it in front of your machine because it appears to be designed for tamping your grounds…

    Question: Is there anything else I need to purchase in addition to the coffee beans in order to operate this machine properly? For example, “Stainless Steel Frothing Pitcher” might be a good choice.
    Answer: This computer has performed admirably. It’s something I use at my café in Mexico. It runs continuously throughout the day and produces a large amount of coffee. So I did invest in a stainless steel frothing machine so that I could prepare certain espressos. I have a couple of extras of everything except the excersories. They are far less expensive in the United States. In addition, I have a thermostat that tells me how hot the milk is becoming.

    Question:  Is it a variable voltage or a single voltage system?
    Answer: Each and every one of the Breville® devices marketed in the United States, including the BES870BSXL Barista Express, is intended to run on a regular 120V, 60Hz dedicated home circuit. In the event that you have any more questions, we ask that you contact our Consumer Support staff at 1-866-273-8455 (M-F 8am-5pm PST) or submit your inquiry online at so that we can get back to you. Thank you for your cooperation.

    About this item

    1. Using the 4 keys formula, the Breville Bambino Plus makes third wave speciality coffee at home. It is a member of the Bambino Series, which provides a faster path to professional results at home in a small footprint: Serious espresso at a reasonable price
    2. DOSE CONTROL GRINDING: Achieve a consistent and balanced espresso by using the appropriate quantity of ground coffee in your machine. The 54mm porta-filter with 19 grammes of coffee grounds is essential for producing full-flavored, cafe-quality coffee.
    3. WATER PRESSURE AT ITS OPTIMAL LEVEL: When using a low pressure pre-infusion, pressure is progressively increased at the beginning of the extraction, ensuring that all of the flavours are pulled out equally and creating a balanced tasting cup.
    4. TIME TO HEAT UP IS SHORTER: ThermoJet heating system produces the optimal extraction temperature in three seconds, thanks to its innovative design.
    PRECISE ESPRESSO EXTRACTION TECHNIQUE: PID (programmable digital temperature control) ensures that water is delivered at the precise temperature required for efficient espresso extraction.
    5. MILK TEXTURING WITH Automated Steam Wand: The automatic steam wand allows you to customise the temperature and texture of your milk to your preferences. Making barista quality microfoam that improves flavour and allows for the creation of latte art is our specialty.
    6. COMPACT FOOTPRINT: With a width of 7.7 inches, the Bambino Plus espresso machine is small enough to fit on your countertop without sacrificing the 4 keys formula for third wave speciality coffee.

    7. AUTO PURGE: After steaming, the Bambino Plus Espresso Machine automatically purges the heat system, guaranteeing that your next espresso is extracted at the proper temperature.
    8. SETTINGS: Control Panel; 1 or 2 Cups; Steam Button; Adjustable Milk Temperature and Texture Level; Control Panel; 1 or 2 Cups; Steam Button
    9. Warranties: Limited Product Warranty for two years; Power: 1560 watts; voltage: 110 to 120 volts; Dimensions:

    About this item

    1. This all-in-one espresso machine with integrated grinder allows you to make third wave specialty coffee at home using the 4 keys formula. It is part of the Barista Series, which includes all-in-one espresso machines with integrated grinders that allow you to go from beans to espresso in under one minute.
    2. GRINDING FOR DOSE CONTROL: With the integrated precision conical burr grinder, you can grind coffee on demand and have the perfect amount of freshly ground coffee delivered directly into the portafilter for your favourite flavour with any roast of bean.
    3. WATER PRESSURE AT ITS OPTIMAL LEVEL: When using a low pressure pre-infusion, pressure is progressively increased at the beginning of the extraction, ensuring that all of the flavours are pulled out equally and creating a balanced tasting cup.
    4. PRECISE ESPRESSO EXTRACTION: The digital temperature control (PID) ensures that the water is delivered at precisely the proper temperature, resulting in the best possible espresso extraction.
    5. MANUAL Latte art can be created with the help of the strong steam wand performance, which allows you to hand texture microfoam milk, which increases flavour and allows you to create latte art.
    6. MACHINE FOR MAKING ESPRESSO WITH GRIND SIZE DIAL: Simple and intuitive, it gives you complete control over the grind size, regardless of the sort of bean you’re processing.
    7. FEATURES OF THE ESPRESSO MAKER WITH BUILT-INSIDE COFFEE GRINDER: Anyone can make the ideal espresso at home with the help of an innovative grinding cradle.

    8. Cleaning disc, tablets, brush tool and Allen key, water filter and filter holder are all included as well as a 54mm Stainless Steel Portafilter, 1 & 2 cup Single & Dual Wall Filter Baskets, Coffee Scoop, Integrated Tamper, Stainless Steel Milk Jug and a Water Filter and Filter Holder. Additional accessories are available for purchase separately.
    9. The following capacities and settings are available: 1 by 2 pound bean hopper; 67-ounce water tank; single or double shots; adjustable grind quantity and manual override.
    10. WARRANTY: One-Year Limited Product Warranty from the manufacturer. 1700 watts of power and 120 volts of voltage