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Breville Barista Touch vs Philips 3200 – Which is Good?

    Breville BES880BSS Barista Touch Espresso Machine






    Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

    Breville Barista Touch vs Philips 3200

    Breville Barista Touch vs Philips 3200: When it comes to fully automatic espresso machines, what’s the difference between the Breville Barista Touch and the Philips 3200? The comparative study of the Breville Barista Touch vs. Philips 3200 is a search for the best espresso machine.

    Breville Barista Touch vs Philips 3200 – Quick Comparison Summary

    • On, the Philips 3200 is a fully automatic espresso machine that has huge popularity. Consider the Breville Barista Touch as a comparison.

    • The Breville Barista Touch comes at a high cost, whilst the Philips 3200 is more affordable.

    • Both the Breville Barista Touch and the Philips 3200 have a number of features in common, including a touch screen display, an adjustable grind control, and five pre-programmed cafe favorites.

    • The material used in the Breville Barista Touch is stainless steel, while that used in the Philips 3200 is plastic.

    • The water tank capacity of the Breville Barista Touch is 67 ounces, while the water tank capacity of the Philips 3200 is just 60 ounces.

    • The Breville Barista Touch allows for the customization of up to eight drink profiles and has a heat-up time of just 3 seconds.

    • The weight of the Breville Barista Touch is 22 pounds, whereas the weight of the Philips 3200 is 21 pounds.

    Breville BES880BSS Barista Touch Espresso Machine

    Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

    Breville Barista Touch – Barista Touch Espresso Machine

    Philips 3200 – Fully Automatic Espresso Machine



    Philips Kitchen Appliances

    Special Feature



    Coffee Maker Type

    Espresso Machine

    Espresso Machine

    Customized upto 8 Drink Profiles




    67 Fluid Ounces

    60 Fluid Ounces

    5 Pre-Programmed Cafe Favorites



    Touch Display



    grinder adjustment




    54mm Full Stainless Steel Portafilter, Single and Double Wall Filter Baskets, 480ml Stainless Steel Jug, ClaroSwiss Water Filter, Razor Precision Dose Trimming Tool, Cleaning Kit and Water Hardness Test Strip

    Measuring scoop, water hardness test strip, AquaClean filter, LatteGo storage lid, grease tube

    Item Weight

    22 pounds

    21 pounds

    Product Dimensions

    12.7 x 15.5 x 16 inches

    17 x 10 x 15 inches

    3 Second Heat Up



    FAQS :

    Is this the same as the Bes870xl barista express? or is this a new machine of a higher level?

    This is a brand-new higher-level machine. The touch screen leads you through the processes of preparing coffee, and the steam wand has been upgraded to match the Oracle touch. The heating mechanism has also been modified, and the water now boils up in three seconds.

    Is there a twin boiler on this machine?

    Answer: I recently purchased this to replace our daughter's stolen 870xl for her new apartment. It's great, but I believe I like the 870's flexibility.

    Can anyone else who has the machine comment on the temperature of the brew they get? Without coffee in the portafilter, I'm getting 150 to 160 degrees F.

    Answer: You must take a pressure temperature reading. If you use the dual wall filters to measure the temperatures, you'll notice that they may easily reach above 200 degrees if the brew temperatures are set higher.

    Is it possible to make an espresso with decaf coffee?

    Answer: Ignore the knuckleheads, and YES, you can brew a decaf espresso. Simply put preground decaf coffee via the bypass slot and switch the strength to that mode...done!

    Is it possible to froth milk with this machine? For instance, if I want to add additional milk to my coffee or create a hot chocolate instead.

    Technically, no, but there is a way around it. Before brewing the espresso, the machine froths the milk, so just select latte or cappuccino, froth the milk, and then hit the Start/Stop button BEFORE the espresso is produced.

    Is it possible to produce a flat white with the LatteGo? That is, pour the coffee first, then the milk.

    Yes, but you'll have to do it by hand. Make an espresso first, then a latte, but cancel it after the milk has been delivered. Select the option to utilize pre-ground coffee to prevent the machine from grinding beans for the latte. Description: Breville Barista Touch vs Philips 3200

    About this item – Breville BES880BSS Barista Touch Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel

    • QUICKER TO HEAT UP: The ThermoJet heating technology creates the best temperature for extraction in just 3 seconds.
    • Dosage The inbuilt precision conical burr grinder with dose control produces the right quantity of coffee on demand, for maximum taste, with just a single touch.
    • OPTIMAL WATER PRESSURE: A low-pressure pre-infusion raises the pressure gradually at the beginning. This makes sure that all the flavors are extracted evenly for a cup that tastes good all around.
    • You can adjust the temperature and texture of your milk using the auto steam wand to your liking.
    • Providing barista-quality microfoam that improves coffee flavor and is necessary for making latte art at home, The Breville Barista Touch uses the 4 key formula to produce third wave speciality coffee at home, and it’s part of the Barista Series, which includes all-in-one espresso machines with integrated grinders that can go from beans to espresso in under one minute.
    • Precise espresso extraction: digital temperature control (PID) ensures perfect espresso extraction by delivering water at precisely the appropriate temperature.

    About this item – Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine w/ LatteGo, Black, EP3241/54

    • Our ceramic grinders may be adjusted in 12 stages, allowing you to grind your beans into ultra-fine powder or coarse grinding.
    • All of our grinders are made of ceramic, which makes them very accurate and long-lasting. This means you can enjoy fresh, fragrant coffee for at least 20,000 cups.
    • LatteGo produces silky smooth froth over a variety of milks, is simple to set up, and can be cleaned in as little as 15 seconds.
    • In the spherical frothing chamber, the LatteGo mixes milk and air quickly. It then adds a smooth, creamy layer of milk froth to your cup at the perfect temperature, without making a mess.
    • Whether you want an espresso, a cup of coffee, or a milk-based recipe, your fully automatic espresso machine produces a faultless in-cup outcome in no time!
    • With the My Coffee Choice menu, you may change the strength and amount of your coffee. Choose from three different settings to suit your needs.
    • At the touch of a button, prepare fragrant coffee varieties including espresso, coffee, cappuccino, and latte macchiato.