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Brita Longlast Filter vs Standard – Shocking FACTS – Comparison

    Brita Longlast Pitcher and Dispenser Replacement Water Filters






    Brita Standard Metro Water Filter Pitcher

    Brita Longlast Filter vs Standard

    Brita Longlast Filter vs Standard: Brita Longlast Filter and Brita Standard are both excellent choices when it comes to water filter pitchers, but which one is the best? In this comparative review of the Brita Longlast Filter and the Brita Standard Filter, we’re looking to see which is the superior product.

    Brita Longlast Filter vs Standard – Quick Comparison Summary

    • Using the Brita Longlast Filter, the total cleaning capacity is 120 gallons, and the filter’s usable life is six months. The Brita Standard Metro Water Filter Pitcher, on the other hand, can clean 40 gallons of water and last for two months.

    • When compared to the Brita Longlast Filter, the Brita Standard Pitcher is a hugely popular water filter on

    • It measures approximately 9.33 x 4.29 x 8.88 inches in size, and 2.31 x 2.31 x 5.31 inches in size for the Brita Standard Metro Pitcher and Brita Longlast Filter, respectively.

    • In comparison, the Brita Longlast Filter is composed of plastic, while the Brita Standard Metro Pitcher is made of polystyrene.

    • The prices of the Brita Longlast Filter and the Standard Pitcher are nearly the same.

    • Both the Brita Longlast Filter and the Brita Standard Filter are free of BPA and recycled.

    Brita Longlast Pitcher and Dispenser Replacement Water Filters

    Brita Standard Metro Water Filter Pitcher

    Brita Longlast Filter

    Brita Standard Filter




    Item Dimensions LxWxH

    2.31 x 2.31 x 5.31 inches

    9.33 x 4.29 x 8.88 inches

    Item Weight

    2.1 Ounces

    1.39 Pounds

    BPA Free










    120 gallons

    40 Gallons




    Exchange Filter Recommended

    Every 6 Month

    Every 2 Month

    FAQS :

    Is it actually effective?

    After two weeks of use, the Longlast filter slowed significantly. It now only filters a single drop of water every few seconds. SLOWLY, SLOWLY. I sat and waited for it to seep out of the filter.

    Is it possible to put this in an earlier Britta pitcher?

    Answer: I have an older Ultramax filter, and the Longlast Replacement Filters that I recently purchased simply float up in the air. I've been using Brita for a long time, so I know how to correctly seat the filter in the groove and then press down. The filter is pushed up and out as soon as the water starts to fill the dispenser. Best wishes. I'll have to go out and get a new dispenser. Brita's intended obsolescence, I believe (owned by Clorox). Their customer service department believes I'm not doing things correctly.

    Is this applicable to all Brita pitchers?

    Answer: I haven't tried it yet, but the packaging says it works with all Brita pitchers.

    How long is this filter effective?

    The frequency with which you pass through the water determines the answer. Our pitcher is usually filled every other day and lasts around 2 to 3 months.

    When pouring, does the lid stay on?

    When pouring, the cover does remain in place. This product has exceeded my expectations.

    Is this small enough to fit in a mini-fridge?

    Answer: It measures around 9-inches tall, 10-inches from handle to spout, and 4.5-inches broad. I don't have a little fridge, and even if I did, I'm sure they'd all be different on the inside. But, if you can remove the shelf and your tiny fridge is like the ones I've seen, I think it might fit. I hope the measurements are useful to you.

    How can I remove the reservoir from a 5 cup metro pitcher?

    Answer: We're sorry to hear that your reservoir has been stuck, and we'd like to give some suggestions to assist you. We recommend pulling the reservoir up from the body with two hands, uniformly on all sides. If it doesn't work, try setting it on the counter and allowing it to return to ambient temperature. This works because the tank expands somewhat when it heats up and the water displaces, allowing the reservoir to be slightly looser. To ease removal, insert your finger between the reservoir and the pitcher in the spout region. Please contact us at 800-24BRITA for more assistance, and please reference this reference number: 171228-000487. We eagerly await your response!

    Is there a filter included with this pitcher, or do I need to purchase one separately?

    The answer is that it only comes with one filter. That should provide about 40 gallons of purified water. The filter is identical to the one in my larger Brita pitcher.

    I've just arrived. There is no mention of bpa anywhere on the box. How do you know it's true? Aside from that, it says so on Amazon?

    Answer: Kathy, you've asked an excellent question! BPA is not present in any of our products. Our Brita pitchers have never included BPA. If you have any more questions, please contact us at 1-800-24-BRITA. Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST We're always delighted to assist! - Brita Customer Service Description: Brita Longlast Filter vs Standard

    About this item – Brita Longlast Pitcher and Dispenser Replacement Water Filters, Blue, 1 Count

    • DRINK LIKE YOU CARE, BRITA.Brita Longlast water filter refills provide cleaner, better-tasting water while reducing waste; you may save money and replace up to 1800 single-use plastic water bottles every year.

    • Except for the Stream, this filter can be used with all of the Brita pitchers and dispensers. To use it, slide the filter into the reservoir, align the pitcher notch with the filter groove, and press hard to make sure it’s a tight fit.

    • It removes 99 percent of the lead, chlorine (taste and smell), cadmium (mercury), mercury (benzene), asbestos, and other contaminants. The Brita Longlast+ filter lasts three times longer than the 40 gallon filters, Only change it twice yearly, which is about 6 months, and it will keep your water clean for a long time. Brita Longlast Filter vs Standard

    • The BPA-free Longlast+ filter has a pull-top cover for simple removal and does not require presoaking, so you can start drinking great-tasting water right away.

    About this item – Brita Standard Metro Water Filter Pitcher, Small 5 Cup, White, 1 Count

    • This BPA-free Metro water pitcher is simple to fill, fits in most refrigerators, and has a capacity of 6 cups of water, which is enough to fill two 24-ounce reusable water bottles.

    • This compact Brita pitcher fits neatly on refrigerator shelves, has an easy-fill locking top, and is simple to pour. Height: 9.8 inches; Width: 4.4 inches; Length/Depth: 9.37 inches; Weight: 1.39 pounds

    • Get wonderful tasting water without the waste * by converting to Brita Longlast+. You can save money and replace 1,800 single-use plastic water bottles every year by switching to Brita Longlast+.

    • Reduces 99 percent of lead, chlorine (taste and odor), cadmium, mercury, benzene, asbestos, and other contaminants*, and an electronic indicator simplifies filter changes.

    • Longlast+ filters, with the exception of Stream, are compatible with all Brita pitchers and dispensers; replace the Brita Longlast+ water filter twice a year* (about every 6 months). LifeStraw vs Brita pitcher