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Brother SE1900 vs SE600 – Best-Selling Machines…

    Brother SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine






    Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

    Brother SE1900 vs SE600

    Brother SE1900 vs SE600: It’s challenging to choose between the Brother SE1900 and Brother SE600 sewing and embroidery machines. Though both are wise decisions, which is the best? This comparison of the Brother SE1900 and Brother SE600 is meant to assist you in determining which model is the better option for you.

    Brother SE1900 vs SE600– Quick Comparison Summary

    • In comparison to the Brother SE1900, the Brother SE600 is a far more popular embroidery machine on Amazon.
    • Brother SE1900 comes with 11 fonts, while Brother SE600 comes with 6.

    • Brother SE1900 has a maximum sewing speed of 850 stitches per minute, while Brother SE600 has a maximum sewing speed of 710.

    • While Brother SE600 has an automatic needle threader, Brother SE1900 has an advanced needle threader.

    • Both the Brother SE1900 and the Brother SE600 have some amazing features in common, including a large color touch screen, a start and stop button, an LCD display, a drop-in top bobbin that won’t jam, 10 different auto-size buttonhole styles, speed adjustment, an adjustable presser foot presser, speed control, and many more.

    • The Brother SE1900 comes with 138 built-in embroidery patterns, while the Brother SE600 comes with 80 built-in embroidery designs.

    • Compared to the pricey Brother SE1900, the SE600 is more affordable.

    • Brother SE1900 weighs 22 pounds, while Brother SE600 weighs 26.2 pounds.

    • The Brother SE600 has 103 built-in stitches for sewing, while the Brother SE1900 has 240 built-in stitches for sewing.

    • The dimensions of the Brother SE1900 are 23.19 x 13.43 x 11.54 inches, whereas the dimensions of the Brother SE600 are 21.18 x 15.51 x 16.54 inches.

    • The Brother SE1900 has eight sewing feet, whereas the Brother SE600 has seven.

    Brother SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine,

    Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine,

    Brother SE1900

    Brother SE600





    Date First Available

    March 30, 2018

    September 1, 2017

    Sewing Feet



    Max Stitches Per Minute



    Machine Type

    Computerized Sewing&Embroidery

    Sewing & Embroidery

    Built-In Sewing Stitches



    Built-In Designs



    Built-In Fonts



    Needle Threader







    3.2″ LCD Touchscreen Display

    3.2″ LCD Touchscreen Display




    Automatic Needle Threader

    Adjustable Presser Foot Presser

    Speed Control

    Speed Adjustment

    Jam-Resistant Drop-In Top Bobbin

    Embroidery Arm

    Start And Stop Button

    Power Source

    Corded Electric

    Corded Electric


    25 Year Limied Manufacturer Warrnaty

    25 Year Limied Manufacturer Warrnaty




    Item Weight

    22 Pounds

    26.2 Pounds

    Product Dimensions

    23.19 x 13.43 x 11.54 inches

    21.18 x 15.51 x 16.54 inches

    FAQS :

    This machine has a sewing function; can it be used to sew leather and other fabrics that are really thick?

    My answer is that I most likely would not do so unless it was a very thin slice. It is recommended to entrust work with this kind of material to a machine that was specifically designed for it. It would be a terrible mistake for me to believe that I ruined the motor on my $1,000 embroidery machine while attempting to sew a straight thread into a piece of leather.

    In order to make my own designs, what kind of software do I need to use?

    Embroidery digitising software is what you'll need to use in order to create your own unique designs. This section of the FAQ lists the software that is available.

    When I wind the bobbin, the thread doesn't remain in the channels like it should. What am I doing wrong? The thread does not travel and remain circumferential to the tension disc in the manner depicted.

    There has never been a time when I wound a bobbin on one of my machines. Because it costs $35.00, I used your coupon good for 50% off purchases at Joann Fabrics, where I made my purchase. Years ago, when I got thread hung up in my machine's winding bobbins and it was expensive to fix, the Janome salesman who helped me recommended the product to me. In addition, it causes unnecessary wear and tear on the machine that you should be using to stitch. When embroidering, you go through a lot of bobbin thread, thus having this useful tool allows you to wind additional bobbins even as your machine is happily sewing away. I really hope this helps. I recommend that any of my friends who are just starting out in needlework acquire it.

    Is there a video that explains how to set up the machine and how to utilise the embroidery capability that comes with the machine?

    As a person who has never done needlework before, I found it challenging to understand how to use the machine. When my expert mother-in-law came over to help, that's when I finally stopped ruining the things I had bought. The fact that the majority of embroidered fabric required not only the appropriate kind of stabiliser to be placed under the cloth, but also a "topper," was the primary source of my difficulties. The instructions do not do a good job of explaining this. I am now extremely skilled in embroidery as a result of taking a lesson at a quilting store in the neighbourhood.

    Can you embroider on this machine using a design that you have created on your own?

    To make your own designs, you will need embroidery digitising software that can convert photos to an embroidery format. This will allow you to create your own unique patterns. After the design has been generated and saved in the Brother.pes format, it may then be used in the machine.

    Are there any other typefaces that you can import? How about expanding the embroidery area?

    It is not possible to alter the maximum embroidery area of the machine, which is 4 square inches across and across. Although it is not possible to instal more fonts on the machine, you are able to download fonts, transfer individual letters to the machine, and then embroider using those letters. You can also utilise embroidery software, which typically comes with a selection of other typefaces. With this programme, you can put in a name or word, save it as a design, and then stitch it as a single design.

    Is it possible to create individualised patches with this machine?

    The Brother SE-600 allows for the creation of individualised patches, so the answer is yes.

    Is it easy to use for someone who has never done it before? This will be my very first machine, but I absolutely need it so that I can customise some clothing.

    Answer: I am unable to conceive of a device that would be more suitable for a user who is just starting out. You are going to be astounded at the cost. You will be able to produce your own designs from jpg to pes, and with additional software such as SewArt, you will be able to build your own designs for infinite enjoyment. This machine is simple to learn how to use, and its size is both elegant and stylish. Unquestionably, a fantastic piece of machinery. Description: Brother SE1900 vs SE600

    About this item – Brother SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine, 138 Designs, 240 Built-in Stitches, Computerized, 5″ x 7″ Hoop Area, 3.2″ LCD Touchscreen Display, 8 Included Feet

    • This sewing and quilting combination machine has a sophisticated needle threading mechanism that effortlessly pushes the thread into the needle with the press of a lever, as well as a jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin.
    • Any use or sale of this device outside of the United States at a voltage lower than 120 will void the warranty.
    • Embroidery area, 5″ x 7″ A hoop and eight different types of stitching feet are supplied with this Brother machine, and it has an embroidered area that’s five by seven inches in size, so even expansive designs may be stitched out.
    • The SE1900 has 240 preprogrammed stitches, including 10 different types of auto-size buttonholes.
    • The SE1900’s 11 available embroidery fonts are great for initials, and the machine’s 138 preloaded designs are ideal for any other kind of monogram.
    • If you own a Brother SE1900 sewing and embroidery machine, you can use the machine’s built-in USB connector to import your own embroidery design files. It comes with 11 different fonts to choose from (7 English, 3 Japanese, and 1 Cyrillic).
    • A variety of in-built script, outline, serif, and sans-serif fonts are available for use in conjunction with other in-built or purchased design elements to produce truly unique and individual works of art. To thread a needle, simply pull a lever on an automatic threader.
    • The Brother SE1900 is an excellent option if you want a machine that can sew, embroider, and do a variety of other tasks. We offer unlimited lifetime phone and email support for this machine and a limited warranty that covers it for 25 years.
    • LCD display of impressive size and colour: The huge 3.2″ colour LCD touchscreen display is perfect for previewing ideas and exploring editing possibilities.

    About this item – Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine, 80 Designs, 103 Built-In Stitches, Computerized, 4″ x 4″ Hoop Area, 3.2″ LCD Touchscreen Display, 7 Included Feet

    • 4 by 4 inches for the embroidery field, with a 4 by 4 inch hoop, embroidery arm, and embroidery foot all included. Large, 3. 2 “The colour LCD touch screen display of the Sew Smart gives you the ability to view your designs in full colour before you stitch them.”
    • 80 built-in embroidery designs of high quality, including beautiful alphabets, borders, festive and floral motifs, designs for children, and applique. Here are six different embroidery writing fonts that you may use to personalise your crafts.
    • 80 Pre-programmed Designs: The SE600 comes standard with 80 pre-programmed designs and six embroidery writing types, allowing you to easily personalise your products.
    • Automatic needle threader and drop-in top bobbin: This sewing and embroidery combo machine features an automatic needle threader that flawlessly threads the needle and a drop-in top bobbin that is both convenient and resistant to jamming.
    • Additionally, the machine sews and embroiders beautifully.
      Any use or sale of this product outside of the United States at a voltage of 120 volts will void the warranty. This product is only designed for sale in the United States.
    • Embroidery field measuring 4″ x 4″: This computerised combo machine comes complete with a 4-inch by 4-inch embroidery area, an embroidery arm, seven different sewing feet, and an embroidered hoop.
    • No Screensaver
      Large touchscreen colour display: The computerised sewing and embroidery machine from Brother, model SE600, comes equipped with a huge 3.2-inch LCD colour touchscreen that displays your designs in real time for previewing before stitching.
    • 103 Built-in Stitches: This machine has 103 different built-in stitches, including 10 different varieties of auto-size buttonholes. 710 stitches per minute is the fastest sewing speed possible.