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Cassida 5520 vs 6600 – Best Money counter Macines…

    Cassida 5520 UV/MG – USA Money Counter with ValuCount






    Cassida 6600 UV/MG – USA Business Grade Money Counter with UV/MG/IR Counterfeit Detection

    Cassida 5520 vs 6600

    Cassida 5520 vs 6600: It’s challenging to decide between the Cassida 5520 and the Cassida 6600 when it comes to money-counter machines. Though both are wise decisions, which is the best? The purpose of this Cassida 5520 vs. 6600 comparison review is to assist you in determining which product is the better option for you.

    Cassida 5520 vs 6600 – Quick Comparison Summary

    • While the Cassida 6600 loading type is on top, the Cassida 5520 loading style is back.
    • When compared to the more expensive Cassida 6600, the Cassida 5520 is a more cost-effective option.
    • The hopper and stacker capacities of the Cassida 5520 are 250 and 200 bills, respectively, whereas those of the Cassida 6600 are 400 and 250 bills, respectively.
    • The weight of a Cassida 5520 is 11.9 pounds, but the weight of a Cassida 6600 is 10.8 pounds.
    • While the highest number of bills that can be counted in one minute for a Cassida 5520 is 1300, the maximum number of bills that can be counted in one minute for a Cassida 6600 is 1400.
    • The dimensions of the Cassida 5520 are 11.5 inches by 9.7 inches by 67.5 inches. However, the dimensions of the Cassida 6600 are 10.2 by 11 by 8.1 inches.
    • Both the Cassida 5520 and the Cassida 6600 have some of the same incredible capabilities, including a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer, UV counterfeit detection, magnetic ink counterfeit detection, and four different counting modes (count, add, batch, and add+batch).
    • In comparison to the Cassida 6600, the Cassida 5520 is an extremely well-liked money-counting machine on Amazon.
    • The display type of the Cassida 5520 is a high-resolution LCD, while the display type of the Cassida 6600 is a dual LED.

    Cassida 5520 UV/MG – USA Money Counter with ValuCount

    Cassida 6600 UV/MG – USA Business Grade Money Counter with UV/MG/IR Counterfeit Detection

    Cassida 5520

    Cassida 6600








    Loading Style



    Max. Bill Counting Speed

    1,300 per min.

    1,400 per min.

    Hopper/ Stacker Capacity

    250/200 Bills

    400/250 Bills


    Count, Add, Batch, Add+Batch

    Count, Add, Batch, Add+Batch

    Display Type

    High Resolution LCD

    Dual LED


    Ultraviolet Counterfeit Detection

    Magnetic Ink Counterfeit Detection

    Material Type

    Plastic, metal

    Plastic, metal

    Item Weight

    11.9 pounds

     10.8 pounds


     11.5 x 9.7 x 67.5 inches

     10.2 x 11 x 8.1 inches

    FAQS :

    Does this model have a manual function?

    Yes, it's a fantastic machine. Significant time savings. You tell it what to do, and it does it. Very precise

    Can this machine detect counterfeit money?

    Answer: It says it can, but I put a phony $100 in my money stack and it didn't detect it.

    Is this only for corporations, or can anyone use it to count their money?

    The machine is available for purchase by anyone. It is intended for both corporations and individuals.

    Is there a warranty on this?

    Answer: Yes, I believe it has a one- or three-year warranty. I don't recall, but the machine worked perfectly! I highly recommend purchasing one!

    Good evening I'm curious if this gadget can count and detect cash from other nations.

    The Cassida 5520 is only available in USD. We cannot guarantee that I will be able to work with other currencies with UV and MG counterfeit detection disabled.

    Is it possible to export serial numbers to a CSV or Excel file?

    No, this unit does not have one.

    Does it count the bills and the monetary total if I tell it these are specific bills?

    Answer: The 5520UV includes a "Value Count" function. You must first organize your bills by denomination. It will calculate totals if you enter the denomination before feeding your bills into the counter. You must inform the counter of the denomination you are inserting. It is not a mixed-bill counter that will count and total your bills without first sorting them by denomination.

    Can somebody tell me how to change the sound of the beep on the Cassida 6600?

    Answer: The Cassida 6600 beep can be set on or off to control the sound that is made while pressing the buttons or when an error or suspected counterfeit bill occurs. To accomplish this: 1. When the machine is ready to count, hold down the '8' key for 3 seconds to access the options. 2. Press '8' to pick the function (K_Beep for buttons, W_Beep for errors). 3. Press '7' and '9' to toggle the function on or off. 4. Click the 'START' button to confirm the updated setting. 5. Hold down '8' until 'ESC'' is highlighted. 7. Exit by pressing 'START'; the machine is now ready to count with the updated settings.

    Is it applicable to used currencies?

    Answer: I've been using it for a few months now, and it's been wonderful for getting deposits ready for Monday sales following the weekend. Particularly with used cash.

    Is it 220V compatible?

    The power specifications are 110–240. When functioning, we recommend that you use the original OEM power supply.

    Is this printer compatible with your KP-1 thermal printer?

    The answer is that it is incompatible with our printer. There is no printer output on the 6600. As a result, there is no printer option.

    Will it read 5... or 100 for the value amount if I put 5 20's in the feeder?

    Answer: The 6600 has a "Value Count" option where you may designate the worth of the bills you are counting. When in value-count mode, you will see the count (in bills) and the dollar amount ($$) that you have counted for a total. So, yes, it will display the count(5) value ($100) on both displays at the same time.

    Does it accept Mexican currency?

    The Cassida 6600 UV counts Mexican money (not the UV/MG variant because Mexican bills lack magnetic security measures). The machine features a 'ValuCount' function that lets the user manually select the denomination to be counted in order to calculate the total value of the stack. Please keep in mind that if the stack contains a different denomination, it will still be counted as the explicitly specified denomination. Please utilize a discriminator such as the Cassida 7750R for automatic denomination recognition. Please follow the instructions below to convert your currency from USD to MXN (or CAD): 1. When the machine is ready to count, press and hold the '8' key for three seconds to access the settings. 2. Press '8' to choose the function; 3. Press '7' and '9' to select the appropriate argument, in your case, MXN. 4. Click the 'START' button to confirm the updated setting. 5. Press '8' till the word 'ESC'' appears; 6. Press 'START' to depart; the machine is now ready to count in MXN. Description: Cassida 5520 vs 6600

    About this item – Cassida 5520 UV/MG – USA Money Counter with ValuCount, UV/MG/IR Counterfeit Detection, Add and Batch Modes – Large LCD Display & Fast Counting Speed 1,300 Notes/Minute

    • It can count 1,300 bills per minute. Specifications: The ultraviolet (5520 UV) and magnetic (5520 UV/MG) sensors are used to authenticate money.
    • Count, count, add, and batch modes are available; add + batch mode is also available. Infrared detectors ensure that money is tallied correctly and that errors like chains, double bills, and half notes are avoided.
    • Chain, double, and half notes are detected by infrared sensors. Unit dimensions are as follows: 10.9”w x 9.9”d x 6.2”h (277mm x 251mm x 157mm).
    • front cover that snaps open, self-diagnostic system, and self-lubricating bearings
    • plus programmable 1-101 batch presets. Hopper Capacity: 100 Bills Stacker with 100 Bills Back Loader is the Bill Loading Style.
    • How did we get started? Cassida’s founders have been working with money handling equipment since 1999 and established a headquarters in the United States in 2006, where they have continued to create solutions for the most demanding corporate situations worldwide, across different countries and currencies.
    • Improved and faster cash counting Improve your company’s productivity while also maintaining an accurate cash count. The 5520 not only processes up to 1,300 bills every minute, but it also eliminates any uncertainty about the total count.
    • Don’t just count, but also value. Cassida’s ValuCount feature enables the 55200 to determine the total dollar value in addition to the bill count. Simply pick the denomination to be counted, and the 5520 will handle the rest.

    About this item – Cassida 6600 UV/MG – USA Business Grade Money Counter with UV/MG/IR Counterfeit Detection – Top Loading Bill Counting Machine w/ ValuCount™, Add and Batch Modes – Fast Counting Speed 1,400 Notes/Min

    • Efficient and dependable for an all-in-One cash processing solution, advanced and reliable money counting with blazing speed—up to 1,400 bills per minute—and counterfeit detection!
    • Innovative Touch Control Panel and Large 2.8” TFT Screen Allow For Easy Navigation And Full Counting Report.
    • Convenient and powerful valuation calculates the total monetary value of bills counted using the selected single denomination.
    • Please keep in mind that the device does not recognize the bill’s value automatically. Count, Add, Batch, and Add With Batch are examples of operational modes.
    • Maintain a running track of the bills counted. The 6600’s dual-screen display is used, with the last stack’s count displayed on the tiny screen and the ongoing total displayed on the larger screen.
    • 4 Beneficial Cash Counting Modes Count: The 6600 counts all bills in the hopper only once.
    • Ultraviolet and Magnetic Sensors with Accurate and Precise Detection Check for suspect bills and stop counting with a Clear alert message if one is found. Infrared detectors ensure that bills are counted correctly and that errors like chains, double bills, and half notes are avoided.
    • Set a custom batch amount to divide invoices into the required quantity—ideal for setting up daily tills! Add+Batch: Count off required batch quantities while keeping a running total of total bills counted.