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Chef’s Choice 1520 vs Trizor – Best Electric Knife Sharpeners…

    Chef’s Choice Electric Knife Sharpeners for 15 and 20-Degree Straight – 1520






    Chef’sChoice Trizor 15XV Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

    Chef's Choice 1520 vs Trizor

    Chef’s Choice 1520 vs Trizor: When it comes to electric knife sharpeners, what distinguishes the Chef’s Choice 1520 and Chef’s Choice Trizor? The goal of this comparison review between the Chef’s Choice 1520 and Trizor electric knife sharpeners is to determine which is the best.

    Chef’s Choice 1520 vs Trizor– Quick Comparison Summary

    • The dimensions of the Chef’s Choice 1520 are 10 by 4.25 by 4.25 inches, and the dimensions of the Chef’s Choice Trizor are also 10 by 4.25 by 4.25 inches.
    • The Chef’s Choice 1520 has two separate aspects, but the Chef’s Choice Trizor has three separate aspects.
    • When compared to Chef’s Choice, the price of Chef’s Choice 1520 is lower. Trizor is expensive.
    • Chef’s Selection Compared to Chef’s Choice 1520, Trizor is the most widely used electric knife sharpener on the market.

    • Chef’s Choice Trizor is platinum in color, whilst Chef’s Choice 1520 is white.

    • The Diamond Hone AngleSelect Sharpener is featured on the Chef’s Choice 1520, whilst the Trizor XV Sharpener is featured on the Chef’s Choice Trizor.

    • Chef’s Choice 1520 and Chef’s Choice Trizor both have several amazing characteristics in common, like a sharpening element that is 100% diamond abrasives, three stages, double-bevel, single-sided, and more.

    • The weight of the Chef’s Choice 1520 is 4.15 pounds, while the weight of the Chef’s Choice Trizor is 4.19 pounds.

    • Chef’s Choice Trizor Knife Angle is 15 degrees, whereas Chef’s Choice 1520 Knife Angle is 15 degrees and 20 degrees.

    Chef’s Choice Electric Knife Sharpeners for 15 and 20-Degree Straight – 1520

    Chef’sChoice Trizor 15XV Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

    Chef’s Choice 1520

    Chef’s Choice Trizor






    Two Facets

    Three Facets


    Diamond Hone AngleSelect Sharpener

    Trizor XV Sharpener

    Knife Angle

    15-Degree & 20-Degree


    Sharpening Element

    100% Diamond Abrasives

    100% Diamond Abrasives




    Types of Knives

    Chef’s Knives, Santoku Knives, Bread Knives, Hunting Knives, Filet Knives, Pocket Knives, Serrated Knives

    Chef’s Knives, Santoku Knives, Bread Knives, Hunting Knives, Filet Knives, Pocket Knives, Serrated Knives

    Number of Bevels

    Double-Bevel, Single-Sided

    Double-Bevel, Single-Sided




    Item Weight

    4.15 Pounds

    4.19 Pounds


    10 x 4.25 x 4.25 inches

    10 x 4.25 x 4.25 inches

    FAQS :

    How long do the wheels last while changing angles quickly?

    I don't believe this is the appropriate instrument for the task. Use this to finish honing the blade, which it does quite well, using a wet stone grinder or something designed to remove metal.

    I own two Shun knives and many Henckels knives. Have you used this sharpener on them? If so, were you satisfied with the outcome?

    I only have one Heckels knife and no Shun knives. I do own a number of Victorinox knives, one of which being their 8" chef's knife with a 15° Asian edge grind as opposed to a 20° European/American edge. The primary wheels on this sharpener have two different angles: 20° and 15°. The final honing wheel is engineered to give any edge angle an incredibly sharp edge. In contrast to certain prior models, the honing wheel in use now is made of ceramic. I previously used a diamond honing wheel on a Chef's Choice. It was adequate, but the edge wasn't nearly as sharp as what the ceramic wheel on the 1520 could provide. It is nearly razor sharp. I offer my 1520 a five-star review because I adore it.

    How and where do you polish off (i.e., final honing) each of the three sharpenings, American, European, and Asian?

    There are not "3 sharpenings," as you stated. This is not what I thought it was when I first received it, I just realised. I've had a vintage Chef's choice 2-slot for many years. The older one is "OK," but not outstanding. It has two spaces. Coarse and fine, respectively. I purchased it under the impression that it had three sharpening slots—one for coarse, one for fine, and one for honing—and that there might be a button to change the angle from 15 to 20 degrees. There are only slots 1 and 3 designated for Asians, and slots 2 and 3 for Westerners. Since it just has "Coarse" and "hone," in essence, it is a 2-slot sharpener and isn't even as good as my 10-year-old one. I need to have invested in a genuine 3-slot for 15-degree knives.

    When using the left sides of any of the three sharpening steps on my new 1520, the wheels frequently produce an annoying vibration. seems to be broken. kindly advice

    Answer: Check to see that the knife is positioned straight in the sharpening grove and against the left-side guide. I haven't encountered any issues with mine. If that doesn't work, it might be broken.

    For this sharpener, can I get replacement grinding stones?

    Response: No, you cannot. Customer support informed me that the company does not accept units for repairs or replacement parts "due to Covid." after confirming that my equipment was out of warranty (more than one year). By the way, since they don't send out any internal parts for consumers, they won't send you new discs to replace them yourself.

    Is the edge that this sharpener produces only 15 degrees? Or can it also perform 20?

    No, there are different models of the ChefChoice Electric Knife Sharpener, as others have indicated. Only a 15 degree edge is provided by this Trizor XV 15 sharpener. The Chef'sChoice 1520 AngleSelect Diamond Hone Professional Electric Knife Sharpener for 15 & 20 degree Knives is the model to consider if you require or desire a sharpener that can handle both 15 and 20 degree knives. For all the cooking I do, I have what I consider to be extremely nice knives, but they are not on par with some people's outrageously costly ($300+) chef knives. If I had them, I wouldn't reduce a 20-degree knife to a 15-degree blade! But since my knives are not heritage quality and the majority of professional knives on the market nowadays tend to have 15 degree edges, I utilised this sharpener to give all of my knives a 15 degree edge. Great results!

    Can a little paring knife be sharpened by this knife sharpener?

    However, keep in mind that because the blade is so short, the wheel won't begin at the hilt. No huge deal. Additionally, you are altering the grind's angle, so it will take more than a few passes to complete. It will require some time and some material. I believe the outcome was worthwhile! Wishing you luck and keeping you safe!

    Does this make scissors sharper?

    Since the angles of the blades are so drastically different, scissors are typically not sharpened using knife sharpeners. There is a sharpener that sharpens both here on Amazon, and it is made by Henslow. Description: Chef's Choice 1520 vs Trizor

    About this item – Chef’s Choice Electric Knife Sharpeners for 15 and 20-Degree Straight and Serrated Knives Diamond Abrasives Precision Angle Control, 3-Stage, White – 1520

    • Steel is stainless.
    • DIZOR ENGINEERED has two separate facets that are positioned at various angles to create a more durable, arch-shaped edge.
    • All high-quality knives are designed to have a razor-sharp edge. Both 20-degree and 15-degree class blades can be sharpened with the same sharpening method.
    • The 20-degree edge for classic European and American-style knives and the 15-degree edge for Asian-style knives and modern European and American-style knives may both be restored and recreated by this patented advanced technology electric sharpener.
    • The Chef’s Choice 1520 sharpens practically all high-quality cutlery swiftly and easily, including kitchen knives with American, European, or Asian styles, serrated or fine-edged blades, Santoku and traditional Japanese single-bevel edges, sports knives, and pocket knives.
    • Sharpening a knife for the first time takes around a minute. Resharpening takes about 10 seconds.
      Precision angle guides guarantee precise sharpening of the entire edge and remove all uncertainty.
    • For precision slicing, use a regular 20-degree edge or a finer 15-degree edge.
    • Abrasives made entirely of diamond are used for honing and sharpening.
    • sharpens serrated and straight-edge knives. MOST KNIVES ARE SHARPENED.
    • Our special diamond abrasives make it easier and faster to sharpen edges by using the hardest natural material on Earth.
    • For precise slicing, Angle select applies either a regular 20-degree edge or a sharper 15-degree edge.
    • avoids any guesswork and guarantees perfect sharpening of the whole edge.

    About this item – Chef’sChoice Trizor 15XV Professional Electric Knife Sharpener for Kitchen Knives with Diamond Abrasives and Precision Angle Guides, 75db, 3 Slots, Gray

    • Using medium diamond abrasives, the first major bevel of the arch-shaped edge is produced.
    • Another innovation from the top producer of high-quality knife sharpeners in the world is the new Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV sharpener. Apply the Trizor XV Edge effortlessly for maximum sharpness and effortless cutting with the help of cutting-edge, unique flexible spring guides for precise control of the sharpening angle. You may sharpen your knives to a high-performance 15-degree angle using ultra-sharp EdgeSelect technology and the stability of a triple-bevel (Trizor) edge.
    • The three-stage technique and effective flexible stropping discs can sharpen fine knives’ edges while removing little metal.Stage 1 conical discs with diamond abrasives create very small micro-grooves (for greater bite) and the first significant bevel of the arch-shaped edge at the same time.
    • Stage 2 shapes the second, smaller bevel with finer microgrooves using even finer diamond abrasives on conical discs. A microscopically flawless, sharp edge is produced in Stage 3 using the unique flexible abrasive stropping disc technique.
    • As the micro-grooves created in stages 1 and 2 are polished, the third and final bevel is created. Since Stage 3 straightens and sharpens each tooth, it is also used to sharpen blades with serrated edges.
    • Straight-edge and serrated knives have an unrivalled polished finish thanks to our stropping discs.
    • abrasive diamonds The world’s hardest natural material, diamond abrasives, are used in this adaptable straight-edge and serrated knife sharpener to swiftly and efficiently sharpen edges; it operates between 65 and 75 dB.
    • uses fine diamond abrasives to shape the second, supported, and smaller bevel of the arch-shaped edge.
    • Edges at 15 degrees: This electric sharpener easily transforms 20-degree knives to a finer 15-degree edge for quicker cutting, giving 15-degree knives an incredibly sharp edge.
    • 3-Stage Kitchen Knife Sharpener: Stages 1 and 2 of the EdgeSelect knife sharpening system use only 100% diamond abrasives to sharpen and polish the edges. Stage 3 uses special stropping discs to polish and finish the blade.
    • A simple on/off button makes the knife sharpener easy to use. Sharpening takes about 1 minute the first time and 10 seconds the second time.
    • The entire length of the edgeThe blade is held at the right angle by flexible spring guides while in operation, resulting in longer-lasting, arch-shaped edges down the whole blade.