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Chef’s Choice 609 vs 615 – Comparison And FAQS…

    Chef’sChoice 609






    Chef’sChoice 615

    Chef's Choice 609 vs 615

    Chef’s Choice 609 vs 615: Which is the quality product? These two electric meat slicers are both loaded with functions, but which one is the most effective for you? During this review, we will discuss and compare the Chef’s Choice 609 with the Chef’s Choice 615.

    Chef’s Choice 609 vs 615 – Quick Comparison Summary

    • Chef’s Choice 609 and Chef’s Choice 615 are both quite popular on Amazon.

    • Both prices are nearly the same.

    • The weight of Chef’s Choice 609 is 8.53 pounds, whereas the weight of Chef’s Choice 615 is 10.6 pounds.

    • The blade length of both the Chef’s Choice 615 and 609 is 7 inches, and both are automatic. The blade shape of both knives is round.

    • Chef’s Choice 609 is available in a silver color, whereas Chef’s Choice 615 is available in a grey color.

    • Chef’s Choice 615 is constructed of aluminum, whereas Chef’s Choice 609 is constructed of stainless steel.

    Chef’sChoice 609

    Chef’sChoice 615

    Chef’s Choice 609

    Chef’s Choice 615




    Product Dimensions

    15.5 x 10.38 x 11 inches

    15.5 x 10.4 x 11 inches

    Item Weight

     8.53 pounds

    10.61 pounds

    Date First Available

    September 25, 2012

    June 10, 2017




    Operation Mode



    Blade Length

    7 Inches

    7 Inches

    Blade Material

    Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel Description:

    About this item – Chef’sChoice 609A000 609A Electric Meat Slicer with Stainless Steel Blade Features Slice Thickness Control and Tilted Food Carriage Easy Clean, 7-Inch, Silver

    • Cast-aluminum and stainless steel slicer with gear-drive cool-running high-torque motor
    • 7-inch multipurpose stainless steel blade slices from deli-thin to approximately 3/4-inch slices
    • Tilted large-capacity food carriage and cantilever design provide fast efficient slicing
    • Blade food carriage food pusher food Deflector and Thickness guide remove for easy cleaning safety fuse at the base of the slicer for power surges protection
    • Recommended Blade Sharpener:Model 601

    About this item – Chef’sChoice 615A Electric Meat Slicer Features Precision thickness Control & Tilted Food Carriage For Fast & Efficient Slicing with Removable Blade for Easy Clean, 7-Inch, Silver

    • VERSATILE: This rugged slicer features all structural components made of cast aluminum and stainless steel
    • POWER: Extraordinary powerful high torque motor with gear drive
    • SLICING: Tilted food carriage for fast and efficient slicing. A special button secures food carriage in lock position to limit access to blade when unit is not in use
    • MULTI-PURPOSE: The 7-inch stainless steel blade slices a wide variety of foods from deli thin to 3/4-inch thick slices; product is designed for non-commercial use


    FAQS :

    how long of a slice will this make?

    The carriage that allows you to feed an item into the slicer pulls out to about a distance of 10 inches between its handle and the surface of the blade. So you could cut something 10 inches in diameter for a 10 inch slice. You could potentially make a longer slice, but then you would have to feed the item in by hand and need to watch your fingers...

    Would Kramer buy this?

    Excellent purchase! Not too big easy to use works great Highly recommend

    where can I buy a fuse for Chef's Choice 615?

    According to the manual ... Satisfactory replacement fuses are available from Hollyland 50T, LittelFuse (Model 2181.25) or Bussman GDCS505. All are Slo-Blo type, rated at 1.25A and 250V. You can find them on Amazon

    Can this slice through the heel of a shoe?

    Why would anyone use a food slicer to cut a shoe heel? There is a quote covering the use of tools... " Use the proper tool and use it properly. " Or words to that effect.

    Does it break down nicely to clean? I hate how most are hard to clean because they don’t break siwn

    The 615 is very easy to break down for cleaning. Lol, I have 5 thumbs when it comes to mechanical engineering, and even I have no problems. It's not a complicated piece of equipment. I think it's one of the best designed slicers out there. Especially for the money.

    Gears medal or plastic

    It is plastic, but it is amazing. We had a slicer that was around $100 (don't remember the brand) and almost every time the meat touched the blade, the gear would skip and it was a huge hassle to use. Now we have this model and it is amazing. It literally cuts as fast as you can slide the meat through. I love it!