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Chicco Activ3 vs TRE – Activ3 is Best >>>

    Chicco Activ3 Jogging Stroller – Eclipse






    Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller – Titan

    Chicco Activ3 vs TRE

    Chicco Activ3 vs TRE: Both the Chicco Activ3 and the Chicco TRE are fantastic choices for parents looking for a jogging stroller; however, which one is superior? When contrasting the Chicco Activ3 with the Chicco TRE, we are looking to establish which of these two products is the superior option.

    Chicco Activ3 vs TRE – Quick Comparison Summary

    • Both the Chicco Activ3 and the Chicco TRE have a number of outstanding characteristics in common, including an adjustable suspension, an aluminum frame construction, a front wheel swivel lock, a parking brake, a FlexCoreTM suspension, a parent cupholder, a child tray, and many more.

    • The Chicco Activ3 comes with a handle that can be adjusted to four different positions, while the Chicco TRE only has three.

    • In contrast, the Chicco Activ3 does not come equipped with a deceleration brake or a detachable seat like the Chicco TRE does.

    • When compared to the Chicco TRE, the Chicco Activ3 is a more cost-effective option.

    • The Chicco Activ3 has dimensions of 47.5 inches by 25 inches by 42 inches, while the Chicco TRE has dimensions of 47.5 inches by 25.5 inches by 42 inches.

    • The Chicco Activ3 features wheels that do not require maintenance and have rubber tires, whereas the Chicco TRE has wheels that have pneumatic tires and spoked wheels.

    • When compared to the Chicco TRE, the Chicco Activ3 is a far more popular jogging stroller on the market.

    • The weight of the Chicco Activ3 is 27.5 pounds, whereas the weight of the Chicco TRE is 28.5 pounds.

    Chicco Activ3 Jogging Stroller – Eclipse

    Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller – Titan

    Chicco Activ3

    Chicco TRE





    Deceleration Brake

    Removable Seat

    KeyFit® Compatible

    Frame Construction



    Front Wheel Swivel Lock


    Maintenance-free, rubber tires

    Pneumatic tires, spoked wheels

    FlexCore™ Suspension

    Parent Cupholder

    2 (Removable)

    2 (Removable)

    Position Handle



    Child Tray

    Arm Bar

    Arm Bar


     5 Positions

     5 Positions

    Handle Bar / Heights

    4 Positions / 39″ – 44″

    4 Positions / 39″ – 44″


    Extendable (Peek-a-boo window)

    Extendable (Window / Vent with cover)

    Child Weight

    6mo – 50 lbs

    6mo – 50 lbs

    Stroller Weight

    27 lbs

    28.5 lbs


    47.5″L x 25.5″W x 42″H

    47.5″L x 25.75″W x 42″H

    FAQS :

    Does the Chicco keyfit2 car seat require an adapter to fit?

    Reply: No. The stroller and carseat fit together well.

    Is there a child's stroller cup holder adaptor for this stroller?

    Unfortunately, this stroller does not come with a cup holder adaptor.

    When running, how maneuverable is the stroller? Am I able to spin and push with one hand?

    Reply: Yes! It includes push-button release brakes up top that make it simple to lock the front wheel in position for extended periods of time or release and leave it unlocked if you are making lots of turns.

    Do you need an adaptor or can you use a key fit 35?

    The Activ3 stroller is compatible with the Chicco Keyfit 35 car seat. There is no need for an adaptor.

    What distinguishes this model from the earlier one (the radius)? Apart from the brake, how does this one vary from the Activ3?

    The previous models had an aluminum and plastic frame, as opposed to an all aluminum frame. Additionally, the wheels' metal spokes replace the plastic ones.

    Is it compatible with the Keyfit30 carseat?

    The answer is that it fits perfectly. We utilize this outside every day. I understand that you didn't ask, but if you intend to use it for shopping or the mall, I advise finding a another one because this one is enormous and difficult to maneuver in crowded areas. For that, we use the chicco caddy, which we adore!

    Does the Chicco Keyfit2 car seat require an adapter?

    No. The infant seat easily fits into the stroller, facing the person pushing it, after being removed from the automobile base. The baby seat fits perfectly in the jogger without the need to remove any parts of the stroller or disassemble it. You may recline the stroller seat by using a small lock on the backside of the stroller. The infant seat simply clicks into place after being placed on the stroller frame. It's very simple, and the instructions explain it. Our infant is 5 months old. The Chicco Bravo Travel System with the Keyfit2 baby seat was what we initially bought. After that, we bought the jogger, and the keyfit2 baby seat fitted well in it. Due to our son's smooth trip in the jogger, we now solely use it. The jogger's only drawback is that it is quite big and hefty. If you're attempting to squeeze it in a compact car, it might not be the ideal because it doesn't fold down very small. The size is unimportant to us because we have a truck and a mid-sized SUV. Thoughtful purchase, I heartily endorse this stroller. Description: Chicco Activ3 vs TRE

    About this item – Chicco Activ3 Jogging Stroller – Eclipse | Grey

    • FlexCore suspension that can be adjusted for uneven or smooth surfaces, as well as foam-filled tires that perform like air-filled tires but never leak air.
    • A hand-operated parking brake, a hand-operated locking front swivel wheel for on-the-go adjustment, and a 4-position handle are included in the exclusive control console.
    • No additional adapter is required; secure, click-in attachment is provided for all Chicco infant car seats (available separately) via the integrated arm bar.
    • The Activ3, which combines the benefits of a full-size stroller and a jogger, provides flexible functioning at any speed. FlexCore rear suspension adapts for smooth or rugged terrain, and foam-filled tires operate like air-filled tires but require no maintenance. The lightweight aluminum frame and stylish three-wheel design are easy to navigate.
    • From dawn until dusk, a retractable UPF-rated canopy with see-through windows and reflective accents offers parents peace of mind.
    • The hand-operated parking brake, hand-operated locking front swivel wheel for on-the-go adjustment, and 4-position handle are all part of the distinctive Control Console.
    • Additional conveniences include a spacious storage bin accessible from both the front and rear of the stroller, a height-adjustable padded handle, and a soft parent tray with two cup holders.
    • Multiple storage possibilities are available with a one-handed fold that has three modes (standing fold, flat fold, and quick-release wheels).
    • Full-coverage, extendable canopy with two peek-a-boo windows, reflective detail, and multiple recline positions As the child develops, the padded arm bar can be detached for simple entry and exit.

    About this item – Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller – Titan | Black/Grey

    • Sporty materials are washable, tough, and water-resistant. With a flippable tinted window and mesh vent, the canopy extends to provide complete coverage.

    • One-handed folding with three folded positions: flat for the trunk, self-standing for the garage, and compact for storage.

    • For the first six months, the Key Fit can be carried on a frame by simply removing the child seat.

    • Direct click-in to stroller seat or bare frame with KeyFit or Fit2 (car seat sold separately).

    • The TRE accepts all KeyFit and Fit2 infant car seats for tiny infants (sold separately). The stroller’s seat, backrest, and canopy are all simply detachable in one piece for increased convenience, leaving behind a lightweight frame stroller.

    • A five-point harness, a backrest with multiple positions, and water-resistant materials help provide a comfortable and secure environment as the baby grows so that strolling or jogging can continue.

    • Providing cozy shade from the sun is a full-coverage canopy with a zippered extension panel and flippable mesh vent or tinted window.

    • Thanks to the adjustable Flex Core suspension, you may select between a supple ride for rocky strolling and a firmer ride for jogging.

    • For the first six months, the KeyFit can be carried on a frame by simply removing the child seat.

    • 12″ front and 16″ rear spoked wheels, pneumatic tires, and cardboard measuring 22.7 x 32.13 x 12.78 inches are the sizes.

    • From routine outings to race day, the Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller is made to keep up with active families. It is simple to maneuver because of its lightweight aluminum frame, stylish three-wheel design, deceleration hand brake, and 16-inch pneumatic rear tires. Moreover, the dual FlexCore suspension may be adjusted for flat or rough terrain.