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Clearstream 4V vs 4MAX – Best Antennas Direct Antennas…

    Antennas Direct ClearStream 4V TV Antenna, 70+ Mile Range






    Antennas Direct ClearStream 4MAX

    Clearstream 4V vs 4MAX

    Clearstream 4V vs 4MAX: Both the Clearstream 4V and the Clearstream 4MAX are fantastic TV antenna options, but which is the best? When comparing the Clearstream 4V and the Clearstream 4MAX, we are attempting to discover which product is superior.

    Clearstream 4V vs 4MAX – Quick Comparison Summary

    • When compared to the Clearstream 4MAX, the Clearstream 4V has a significantly larger number of satisfied customers.
    • Clearstream 4V is a little less expensive than Clearstream 4MAX, which costs a lot more.
    • The Clearstream 4V package includes two reflectors, while the Clearstream 4MAX package does not include any reflectors.
    • The weight of the Clearstream 4V is 4.1 pounds, while the weight of the Clearstream 4MAX is only 2.7 pounds.
    • The beam angle of the Clearstream 4V is 43 degrees, while the beam angle of the Clearstream 4MAX is 45 degrees.
    • Both the Clearstream 4V and the Clearstream 4MAX have a number of outstanding characteristics in common. 
    • These characteristics include an antenna with a range of 70 miles, a television quality of Full HD 1080, a UHF gain of 11 dBi, a frequency range of 470 to 700 MHz, an impedance of 70 ohms, a 20-inch mount, and a lifetime warranty on all parts.
    • While the Clearstream 4V’s dimensions are 27.8 inches long by 6 inches wide by 17.4 inches high, the Clearstream 4MAX’s dimensions are 31.3 inches long by 4 inches wide by 17.4 inches high.

    Antennas Direct ClearStream 4V TV Antenna, 70+ Mile Range

    Antennas Direct ClearStream 4MAX

    Clearstream 4V




     Antennas Direct

     Antennas Direct

    2 reflectors


    4.1 pounds

    2.7 pounds

    Beam Angle



    Antenna Range

    70+ Miles

    70+ Miles

    Tv Quality is Full HD 1080


    UHF 13.2 dBi / Hi-VHF 4.0

    UHF 11 dBi / Hi-VHF 2.5 dBi

    Frequency Range

    470 – 700MHZ

    470 – 700MHZ


    70 ohm

    70 ohm


    Lifetime Warranty on All Parts

    Lifetime Warranty on All Parts

    Mast features

    20” Mast with pivoting base to allow installation on vertical or horizontal surfaces

     20” Mast with pivoting base to allow installation on vertical or horizontal surfaces

    Multi-directional, Full HD 1080, 4K Ready


    42 Pounds

    51.4 Pounds


    27.8 x 6 x 17.4 inches

    31.3 x 4 x 17.4 inches

    FAQS :

    Is there anyone who can provide input on how this antenna performs in a mountainous area 40 kilometers from transmitters?

    Answer: I'm using this antenna in a distant, steep, forested place 49 miles away from the main towers, where reception is said to be impossible. Most residents have massive antenna towers. This is a retreat cabin, not our primary residence. We would have been content with just one or two stations. We usually get about a dozen. This antenna has exceeded our expectations. We have friends who have a similar setup and purchased the antenna based on our recommendation. They are pleased with the same results. Nota bene: We both tried a preamp of the proper size for the antenna, and it ruined the reception. It works perfectly without a preamp and is right out of the box for us. Of course, we're both just running 50' of cable with no splitters, so if you're running 100' or more of cable and trying to feed 2-3 televisions, you'd be better off with a preamp. That is, after all, our experience. Yours may differ, but it's worth a try.

    Is this a multi-directional antenna, or would I have to alter the angle to pick up stations from all directions?

    Answer: Go to to determine what signals you can get in your location, and then angle your antenna to receive signals from the most stations. You won't be able to receive signals from 360 degrees, but you might be able to get close to 180 degrees. Choose your favorite stations and target them. I receive 30+ stations; however, those on the outskirts of the 180-degree range occasionally become pixelated, especially in severe gusts and rain. Otherwise, this antenna provides excellent reception, even better than cable.

    Does this antenna receive low-frequency VHF?

    Only a few markets still have low VHF frequencies. It has a probability of receiving low VHF, depending on the distance from the tower. To obtain low VHF, a dedicated, very long antenna is required. This is available on Amazon. For complete signal coverage, it is frequently used in conjunction with a UHF/Hi-VHF antenna.

    Is this a dual-band vhf/uhf antenna? I was urged to choose one that received both.

    The ECL Eclipse's primary function is as a UHF antenna. It also receives some VHF reception. If VHF is crucial in your area, choose an antenna with specific VHF components, such as the C2-V-CJM or comparable antennas.

    When installed in an attic, how does this unit work?

    Answer: It's ideal for an attic. I recently installed one in the attic of a lady friend, and it picks up all of the local stations (towers 35 miles distant) as clear as a bell. I immediately replaced my off-air antenna with one of these, and I can now easily hear all of the local stations—UHF and VHF—despite being 45 miles from the broadcast towers. I definitely recommend this unit because it is quite simple to install.

    What happens to the range if the antenna is in an attic with a tile roof?

    Answer: TV signals do not work well with terra cotta and natural stone. You might easily lose 90% of your signal. Concrete is the same, and metal is far worse. We normally recommend mounting the antenna outside on tile rooftops.

    What is the distinction between the original Clearstream 4 and the new 4Max?

    The 4MAX is easier to install and does not include a metal reflector. The performance is comparable to the C4-V-CJM. Both have a dedicated VHF element, which the original C4-CJM lacked.

    What is the best way to hang it on a wall indoors?

    Answer: I tried indoors and discovered that outside is far superior; mine was in my attic, but I got 9 more stations outside.

    Will this function in a different country?

    Answer: It depends on the "digital spectrum" of the country in question. The United States requested that networks migrate from analog to digital years ago (and that they all comply by 2010). If you live in a country that follows the same set of rules, In principle, this antenna should be able to pick up those digital channels or digital subchannels.

    I recently terminated my Dish Network local channels and only kept the cable stations. Is it possible to connect the antenna to the dish hopper box?

    Answer: I'm not sure what the dish hopper box is because I used to have Direct TV. I mounted the antenna using the same or existing mounting post for the direct TV dish. I disconnected the coax line from the dish and plugged it into the clearstream antenna's receiver. It comes down to an 8-way splitter, which I assumed I'd have to replace with a signal-boosting booster splitter, but it worked perfectly without it.

    Is it possible to paint the unit? I would prefer it to be white rather than black.

    Answer: Yes; however, there are two conditions. 1) Avoid painting the coax connector. 2) Avoid using metallic paint.

    Will this antenna still be compliant with the ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard when my local stations switch over in 2020, or will I need to get a new one?

    Yes, it is compatible with 3.0. As signal ranges are likely to grow with the new standard, it should operate even better.

    What exactly does "4K ready" mean? Will it receive 4K signals, or will you need to do something more to get a 4K image?

    Answer: It's nothing more than a marketing word. ANY antenna, including an old coat hanger, can receive 4K broadcasts, but the majority of TV stations are only broadcasting 720P and 1080i signals today, and it will be a long time before they spend the big bucks to upgrade all of their cameras, transmitters, and other equipment to broadcast anything in 4K. Another issue is that 4K will demand far more bandwidth than current broadcasts, and regrettably, bandwidth is at a premium these days with all of the channels available. To be honest, I wouldn't be concerned about 4K OTA broadcasts for a long time. But, to answer your point, if we ever get 4K OTA broadcasts, this antenna and every other antenna ever produced would almost certainly be able to receive such signals until the entire industry moves to a different set of frequencies, which is unlikely. Description: Clearstream 4V vs 4MAX

    About this item – Antennas Direct ClearStream 4V TV Antenna, 70+ Mile Range, UHF/Vhf, Multi-Directional, Indoor, Attic, Outdoor, Mast W/Pivoting Base/Hardware/Adjustable Clamp/Sealing Pads, 4K Ready, Black – C4-V-CJM

    • Compatibility: Nexgen TV, 4K, 8K UHD, Full HD 1080p, no need for an Internet connection.
    •  POINT ANTENNA  Antenna Point makes pointing your antenna simple! Antenna Point displays all of the TV transmitting towers in your area, as well as the distance between each tower and a TV channel list. The software will detect your location and display the TV coverage zone, allowing you to quickly determine whether the antenna you want to buy is powerful enough to get all of the accessible TV channels.
    • Antennas Online ClearStream 4V: A TV antenna receives HDTV signals 70+ miles distant from broadcast towers for free TV channels directly from the networks using four innovative loops.
    • Included are a ClearStream 4V antenna, two reflectors, a 20-inch mast with a pivoting base, all-weather mounting gear, and an adjustable mast clamp; a lifetime manufacturer antenna warranty; and a 90-day accessory warranty.
    • Antennas Direct, based in St. Louis, Missouri, is committed to offering outstanding digital antennas and accessories designed and manufactured in the United States.
    • Eclipse Indoor TV Antenna by ClearStream It is quite simple to set up! This ultra-thin antenna employs the same loop as our outdoor series, ensuring the maximum level of performance. Includes a specially designed strip for peeling and sticking this antenna to any flat surface; no hooks, Velcro, or wall damage. Take your TV antenna everywhere, including the city, dorm rooms, and RVs. A 12-foot detachable coaxial cable is included.
    • Reflectors increase forward gain and focus the power of the antenna to shield the incoming TV signal from interference that causes pixelation or full loss of picture. The pivoting base of the 20-inch tower permits installation on vertical or horizontal surfaces.
    • Premium durable materials are excellent for installation indoors, in an attic, or outdoors in suburban and rural locations; a powerful TV antenna measures 17.4″ H x 27.8″ W x 6″ D.

    About this item – Antennas Direct ClearStream 4MAX UHF VHF Indoor Outdoor TV Antenna, Multi-Directional, 70+ Mile Range, 4K 8K UHD, NEXTGEN TV – w/ 20-inch Mast (Black)

    • Best performance among all antennas evaluated in the 70-mile range category [note: reception is affected by location, obstructions, and building materials].
    • Antenna ClearStream 4MAX Indoor/Outdoor  This antenna has a quick-connect mechanism that makes installation simple. No other antenna can compete with its performance in such a small package. Ideal for use in rural areas. A 20″ mast and adjustable mounting hardware are included.
    • Parts have a lifetime warranty.
    • These antennas are designed to respond to a wider frequency range and have a wide beam angle to capture signals from widely distant broadcast towers. ClearStream antennas are suited for urban, suburban, and rural regions where heavy foliage or roofing materials can impair incoming signal strength. Durable, lightweight, premium materials are used for maximum performance, and minimal assembly is required for quick and easy installation.
    • Dedicated UHF and VHF multi-directional elements provide range and reception even in less-than-ideal environments. Beam angle: 470 to 698 MHz; horizontal plane reception pattern of 45 degrees
    • A ClearStream 4Max antenna, 20-inch mount, all-weather mounting hardware, and instructions are included (coaxial cable is supplied separately).
    • THE EVIDENCE CAN BE FOUND IN THE PATENTED TECHNOLOGY. Since 2003, Antennas Direct has assisted millions of individuals in cutting the cord. We believe that high-quality TV antennas will provide the highest performance and dependable reception of free broadcast TV signals because we pioneered the digital TV antenna market.
    • This is what drives us to always innovate and enhance our designs while maintaining the best value in mind. ClearStream antennas are timeless in design and represent a breakthrough in advanced antenna technology.
    • Your satisfaction is essential. Our products and services are unparalleled in the industry. We are so certain that you will be pleased with your purchase that we back it up with one of the most extensive guarantees in the industry against any faults in materials or workmanship for the life of the product.
    • Receive free full HD 1080 TV from networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW, PBS, Univision, MeTV, and more.