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DeWalt DW735 vs DW735X – Best Dewalt Planer >>>

DEWALT DW735 13-Inch, Two Speed Thickness Planer


4.9 Rating
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DEWALT Thickness Planer, Two Speed, 13-Inch (DW735X)


4.8 Rating
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DeWalt DW735 vs DW735X

DeWalt DW735 vs DW735X: Both the Dewalt DW735 and DW735X are outstanding Dewalt planer options, but which is the best? When we look at the DeWalt DW735 and the DeWalt DW735X, we want to find out which one is better.

DeWalt DW735 vs DW735X – Quick Comparison Summary

  • On, the DeWalt DW735X is a very popular DeWalt planer. In comparison, the DeWalt DW735

  • DeWalt DW735X is less expensive, but DeWalt DW735 is more expensive.

  • The DeWalt DW735 and DW735X are the same product, only different versions. The only difference between the two variants is that the DeWalt DW735X has infeed and outfeed tables as well as an extra pair of knives.

  • Both the DeWalt DW735 and the DeWalt DW735X have some of the same awesome features, such as loud noise, dual-speed gearbox settings, 20,000 RPM motor speed, 15 AMP power, 3 Year Limited Warranty and 1 Year Free Service, and a weight of 92 pounds.

DEWALT DW735 13-Inch, Two Speed Thickness Planer

DEWALT Thickness Planer, Two Speed, 13-Inch (DW735X)

DeWalt DW735 – Dewalt Planer

DeWalt DW735X – Dewalt Planer




Warranty Description

3 Year Limited

3 Year Limited

Motor Speed

20,000 RPM

20,000 RPM

Replacement Knives Included


Extension Tables Included


Weight (lbs.)

92 lbs 

92 lbs 

Warranty Duration

3yrs limited, 1yr free service

3yrs limited, 1yr free service

Two Speed, 13-Inch



cuts per inch

 96 or 179 CPI

 96 or 179 CPI

Date First Available

October 14, 2016

April 23, 2010

Customer Reviews

4.9 Ratings

4.8 Ratings


Is the voltage 230V or 110V?

The voltage on this model is 110V. I'm sure there's a 220v version because it's available in the UK.

What is the maximum height for cutting?

Doc's response: Hello there, and thank you for your inquiry. The planing height is 6" (152.4 mm) maximum and 1/8" minimum (3.2 mm).

What is the distinction between the dw735 and the dw735x?

The infeed/outfeed extensions are included with the 735x.

Is it possible to order the segmented cutter head as an option with this planer rather than having to purchase it separately?

No, you'll have to search for an aftermarket head.

Is there a 2.5" or 4" dust extractor port on this planer?

It comes with a 4" adaptor and a 2.5" port. Use the 4" adaptor with a 4" hose/duct, as suggested by the other posters.

Is this the same machine as the 735, but without the additional blades and infeed/outfeed tables?

Yes, it is identical to the normal 735. In terms of blade wear, I've planed over 300bf in the 6 years I've had this machine. I forgot to staple a label to the end of a board, resulting in a 1/32nd hairline strip that I can easily clean up with a scraper.

When used just for finishing, how much thickness does this require? I have some decent smooth wood in 13/16", but I can't supply more than 1/16".

You may remove as much or as little off as you wish. It can be measured down to roughly 1/64", but it may vary somewhat if the board has any cupping or warping. Description: DeWalt DW735 vs DW735X

About this item – DEWALT DW735 13-Inch, Two Speed Thickness Planer

  • Fantastic planer. After rough cutting a log on a bandsaw, I usually plane spalted oak to thickness. There has been very little tear-out and no snipe. It creates a lovely surface.
  • Larger cuts in broader materials are easily handled by the powerful 15-AMP, 20,000 RPM motor (10,000 RPM cutterhead speed).
    Durable and consistent under heavy loads
    Three knife cutter heads increase knife life by 30% while also making knife changes faster and easier.
  • Maximum flexibility I was sanding a one-inch board down to a half-inch thickness. If you tried to pull more than a 1/16 off my 30 amp breaker with a 10 gauge cable and a 25 foot cord, it would routinely trip it.
  • The planer and stand are easy to transfer and store.
  • Users may alter the feed speed to optimize cuts per inch at 96 or 179 CPI using the two-speed gearbox.

About this item – DEWALT Thickness Planer, Two Speed, 13-Inch (DW735X)

  • The two-speed gear box on the wood planer lets customers change the feed speed to get the best cuts per inch at 96 or 179 CPI.
    With the help of a fan, chip ejection pulls chips out of the cutter head and sends them out of the machine.
  • One fixed 13″ planer, in/out feed tables with fasteners (connected to the planer base), spare blades, and a dust hose adapter are included in the purchase. There is no stand provided.
  • The thickness planer’s three-knife cutter head extends knife life by 30% and makes knife changing faster and easier.
  • A 19-3/4-inch cast aluminum base is twice as sturdy as a normal 10-inch foundation, making it ideal for folding tables.
  • An automatic carriage lock prevents the movement that produces snipe without the need for manual engagement by the operator. A gauge that shows how much material is being removed and an extra-large thickness scale make sure that every cut is done right.