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Dolphin Escape vs Dolphin E10 – Comparison And Review

    Dolphin Escape vs Dolphin E10 are two amazing Robotic Pool Cleaner With Lots of Features  , But the question is which one is the best?

    Which is the best Robotic Pool Cleaner ? In this Dolphin Escape vs Dolphin E10 comparison Review, we want to find out Which One is Best.

    Quick Comparison Summary:

    Dolphin E10 is Cheaper.Dolphine Esape Are Expensive. (Because He Has PowerFul Motor and Lots of Features)
    Dolphin E10 And Dolphin Escape Both Are Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner.
    Dolphine Esacpe IS Energy Efficient 24v DC Motors Which Requireds only 180 Watts, smartnova 2.0 Robotic Scanning.
    Both Robotic Pool Cleaner Clean Your Pool in just 1.5 Hours And Faster cleaning for improved energy savings
    And Also This Cleaner Comes With 2 yr limited warranty.

    Dolphin Escape vs Dolphin E10 - Different And Specification


    Dolphin Escape

    Dolphin E10

    IMAGES Lowest New Price:


    Amazon Reviews

    767 Reviews

    2585 (Popular)

    Pool Size

    Up to 30ft

    Up to 30ft

    Waterline Cleaning

    No – Floor Only

    No – Floor Only

    Cleaning Time

    Standard – 1.5 hours

    Standard – 1.5 hours


    14 pounds

    22.7 pounds

    Product Dimensions

    22.44 x 17.8 x 13 inches

    18 x 22 x 12 inches

    Cable Length

     40 Ft

     40 Ft

    Pool Type

    Above Ground

    Above Ground

    Remote Control



    Automation Mode



    Dolphin Escape REVIEW

    dolphin escape

    Dolphin Escape : SmartNav 20 Robotic Scanning. Only 14 lbs.  Delivers unmatched overall performance in an above-floor cleaner at an unthinkable cost.
    No messy baggage! Large and in charge outsized debris cartridge holds as much as 60% extra particles  Energy Efficient 24 Volt DC motors. One 12 months assurance.

    Take some thing preconceived notions you could have approximately pool robots and throw them out. The all-new Escape is right here with groundbreaking generation to make certain that your pool is wiped clean to an entire new degree.

    For maximum pools, vacuuming isn’t sufficient to get rid of algae and different cussed build-ups connected to the pool’s ground. That’s why engineers geared up the Escape with the energetic scrubbing brush to supply a brand new degree of easy.

    Gone are the times of looking your robotic aimlessly wander. Smart navigation and scanning software program makes use of superior algorithms to efficaciously easy your pool. Escape’s capacity to experience walls, ladders and drains grants uninterrupted cleaning.

    For a entire easy, your robotic desires filtration which could deal with particles of all size. Escape’s big clear out out cartridge is without difficulty accessed from the pinnacle. Messy, bulky particles baggage utilized by conventional pool cleaners are a component of the past.

    The Dolphin E10 Robotic Pool Cleaner is a self contained robot cleanser that scrubs and vacuums the ground of smaller in floor and above floor pools. The E10 comes with a 40 Feet cable and a 365 days constrained assurance from the manufacturer.

    This robot cleanser will depart your pool surfaces glowing with its brief pace energetic brushing to get rid of algae and cast off dust and particles. The Top Load Net Canister makes it smooth to get entry to and easy the accumulated particles.

    Designed to be greater power green than suction and stress aspect pool cleaners, the Dolphin E10 is a dependable cleanser designed to satisfy your desires.

    What are the voltage necessities for the Dolphin electricity supply?
    The Dolphin requires a well-known 120v outlet for electricity.

    What are the perfect working temperatures for my Dolphin cleaner?
    Dolphin robot pool cleaners are great utilized in temperatures among forty three and ninety three degrees.

    Can you depart the Dolphin with-inside the Water?
    It is secure to go away your Dolphin purifier with-inside the water whilst now no longer in use. However, (whilst including chemical compounds to the pool) please eliminate the Dolphin till the right chlorine and PH stability are obtained.

    Can I use a Dolphin pool purifier with my fiberglass or vinyl pool surface?
    Yes, the Dolphin is appropriate to apply in fiberglass or Vinyl pool surfaces.


    dolphin e10

    Dolphin e10: The smooth way to a clean pool. The Dolphin E10 robot pool vacuum cleaner turned into designed For mainly for above-floor swimming pools, making it the right solution for swimming pools as much as 30 feet. Backed via way of means of a 2-yr excellent assurance, get a fear loose easy.

    Save power with each pool cleaning. The E10 does now no longer require any extra pumps or hoses to get the process done.

    Dolphins are excellent  power green with a mean working fee of five cents in keeping with hour.  The short water launch makes it smooth to get rid of from the pool. Don’t fear, it best shall we the water out and now no longer the stuff trapped withinside the basket.

    No booster pump. No more hoses. No installation. Just plug it in, drop it in, and stroll away for a easy pool.  We endorse taking your Dolphin out of the pool after every use to drain and rinse the filters and to rinse off any extra chemicals. It is right to maintain your Dolphin out of the pool and saved away while now no longer in use.

    When you Dolphin is in use, best launch sufficient of the cable to your Dolphin to well cowl your pool. Leave the extra cable loosely rolled outdoor of the pool. When storing your Dolphin on a caddy, cautiously wrap the cable so it does now no longer have any kinks and vicinity it across the pinnacle of the caddy.

    Once a week, unplug the cable from the energy deliver and unwind the tangled quantities of the cable, straighten it out and depart withinside the solar for some hours. This will assist get rid of any tangling or kinks.

    Gently pull at the blue floating cable to carry your Dolphin to the threshold of the pool. Once your Dolphin is in reach, hold close the deal with to tug the robotic out of the water. Place the robotic on the threshold of the pool to allow the closing water drain out. Do now no longer pull the Dolphin out of the water the usage of the cable.

    Why won’t this cleaner climb the walls?
    The above floor robot pool cleaners are designed mainly for cleansing the FLOORS ONLY.

    What are the voltage necessities for the Dolphin electricity supply?
    The Dolphin requires a general 120v outlet for strength.

    Should I take away the Styrofoam from the motor unit?
    No, do not put off, this isn’t packing material. These assist the Dolphin with buoyancy inside the pool.

    Is there any other filter alternative for this unit?

    Yes, there’s an Ultra Fine filter basket available. The component range is 9991460-R1. Please touch your supplier for pricing and availability.