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DWS716XPS vs DWS779 – Comparison And Review >>>

    DWS716XPS vs DWS779

    DWS716XPS vs DWS779 are two amazing Features Miter Saw , But the question is which one is the best?

    Which is the best Miter Saws ? In this DWS716XPS vs DWS779 comparison Review, we want to find out Which One is Best.

    Quick Comparison Summary:

    Dewalt DWS716XPS is Cheaper.
    DWS716XPS vs DWS779 : DWS716XPS Stainless-steel miter detent plate with 14 positive stops ,DWS779 miter saw blade comes with 10 positive stops
    DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw 12-Inch DWS779 And DWS716XPS Powerful Speed 15AMP, 3800 RPM.
    DWS716XPS Has Comes LED Light System and You can add led light if you want on DWS779.
    DWS716XPS included Components is DWS716XPS Saw; 12″ Carbide tipped blade; wrench; dust bag; vertical clamp, and DWS779 Included Components is 1) Miter saw, 1) Carbide Blade, 1) Blade Wrench, 1) User guide.
    1 Lithium ion batterie Are Required To Run This Machine.

    Different Between DWS716XPS vs DWS779 - SPECIFICATIONS




    IMAGES Lowest New Price:

    Included Components

    DWS716XPS Saw; 12″ Carbide tipped blade; wrench; dust bag; vertical clamp

    1) Miter saw, 1) Carbide Blade, 1) Blade Wrench, 1) User guide.


    3800 RPM

    3800 RPM

    Blade Length

    12 Inches

    12 Inches


    49 pounds

    56 pounds





    New 12″ Miter Saw

    12″ Sliding Miter Saw


    120 volts

    110 volts

    Batteries Required?

    1 Lithium ion batteries required.

    1 Lithium ion batteries required.

    Package Dimensions

    27 x 21.8 x 19.5 inches

    21 x 17 x 17 inches

    DEWALT Miter Saw, 12-Inch Double Bevel, Compound XPS Cutline 15-Amp (DWS716XPS) REVIEW


    Stainless-metal miter detent plate with 14 fine stops delivers repeatable accuracy and worksite sturdiness for the 12-inch miter saw blade.
    Integrated CUTLINE; LED work light device offers adjustment-free reduce line indication for accuracy and visibility.

    The 15 Amp motor on this 12-inch Double-Bevel Compound Miter Saw drives 3,800 rpm to supply prolonged strength and sturdiness. The included CUTLINE feature (LED paintings mild gadget) affords adjustment-loose reduce line indication for accuracy and visibility.

    This noticed has a chrome steel miter detent plate with 14 high quality stops and cam miter lock gadget that gives repeatable accuracy and sturdiness with clean adjustments. Tall sliding fences assist 6-1/2-inch of base molding vertically and 6-5/8-inch of crown molding vertically nested. High-performance dirt duct is focused on the factor of reduce for max collection. Its light-weight layout and integrated bring take care of offer portability.

    Dewalt 716 Type 20 will receive a mild. You’ll spend seventy five on a take care of, strength supply, and led. MM Tool components has the kit. The mild is really well worth it.

    have to begin this evaluation off via way of means of pointing out that I use this noticed for greater precision paintings than hard carpentry. I am greater interested by correct angles and tight miters than uncooked strength. Luckily with this noticed, I were given both.

    First, whilst putting off the noticed from the container you get a feel of first-rate immediately. The noticed changed into properly packaged, nearly to a fault. If that they’d thrown this factor off the again of the UPS truck with out slowing down I assume it’d were simply fine. The noticed’s normal look and end are great. The machined aluminum mattress is bright, easy and easy and the attitude dial at the lowest is huge and clean to see. Nothing wiggles or flexes and the noticed has full-size heft that induces self assurance however wont destroy your again. If you are doing end paintings.

    I could propose reducing via a few inventory to get maximum of the yellow off of the blade with a purpose to smear to your preliminary cuts. A minor inconvenience as this will be sanded off as properly. While I idea that the XPS gadget could be a stupid gimmick (on the time of buy the XPS changed into less expensive than the everyday model), I changed into pleasantly surprised.

    This gadget is lifeless on correct. You should get the blade near what you are reducing to solid a described shadow, however you would probable be doing this in any case for a precision marking. The motor pulls robust and is going via hardwoods like oak, walnut and ash with ease.

    If all you are searching out is a long lasting process web website online noticed which can blow via 2x4s like they are not even there, this noticed will paintings for you. If you are searching out a noticed which can make ideal 45s on that rosewood earrings container, this noticed will paintings for you. Basically, anything your purpose, I can attest that this noticed will paintings for you.

    DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw 12-Inch (DWS779) REVIEW


    Stainless metallic miter detent plate of the 12-inch miter saw blade comes with 10 effective stops The miter saw has a unique miter gadget and machined base fence help Precise miter gadget and machined base fence help Cam-lock miter take care of with detent override offers short and correct miter angles for DEWALT miter noticed  Efficient dirt series gadget captures over 75% of dirt generated Oversized, excessive visibility bevel scale with tremendous stops.

    The DEWALT DWS779 sliding compound miter noticed is precision at it is toughest, turning in accuracy and potential for ordinary job-site use.. This miter noticed is designed with a effective 15 Amp, 3800 RPM motor that offers prolonged strength and durability.

    Tall sliding fences help 7-1/2-inch of crown nested and as much as 2×14 dimensional lumbers at ninety diploma and 2×10 at forty five diploma. A cam lock miter take care of with detent override offers short and correct miter angles. You can upload the LED mild to this noticed.

    Not a laser however a shadow mild that display precisely in which the noticed blade will cut. I simply did it ultimate night. Parts may be had for about $70. This essentially turns it right into a version 780 that’s tons extra expensive. Pretty easy to upload.
    It does now no longer include any laser for guidance.

    You may also discover my solution a piece crude, I’ve been the usage of miter saws for decades and the quality guiding gadget I discovered to paintings is my/your eyes. Having lasers or no lasers you continue to want to apply your eyes to get the paintings piece spot on close to the cutoff point. Hope this helps!
    DeWalt does now no longer listing this version (DWS779) on their net site, likely due to the fact this noticed is the one of the best DWS780 corded sliding compound miter noticed with out the DWS780’s exquisite XPS manual mild.

    Right now on Amazon (as of January, 2017) and elsewhere (Home Depot online) the DWS779 is promoting for $two hundred much less than the DWS780–a big financial savings if you may do with out the mild. DeWalt used to promote an accent XPS mild for older noticed models, however now no longer. Though the accent lighting fixtures can nonetheless be discovered on Ebay, the electric coupler for the accent is now no longer constructed into more miter saws.

    YouTube has courses to ordering the applicable components off the DWS780 components listing and hacking them onto the DWS779. It will set you returned a piece much less than $70 and a touch paintings.