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Flexispot EC1 vs EN1 – Comparison And FAQS…

    FLEXISPOT EC1 Essential Standing Desk






    FLEXISPOT EN1 Essential Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

    Flexispot EC1 vs EN1

    Flexispot EC1 vs EN1: The Flexispot EC1 and Flexispot EN1 are both great options if you’re looking for a height-adjustable desk. But which of the two is the best? We will compare the two products side by side in this Flexispot EC1 vs. Flexispot EN1 comparison review to see which is the superior choice.

    Flexispot EC1 vs EN1– Quick Comparison Summary

    • The outstanding features shared by the Flexispot EC1 and Flexispot EN1 include an electric height-adjustable lift system, support for two monitors, a spacious 48″ x 30″ eco-friendly desktop, a two-button controller, the requirement for assembly, and many more.

    • Flexispot EC1 material type is wood, whereas Flexispot EN1 material type is alloy steel.

    • Compared to Flexispot EN1, Flexispot EC1 is a far more well-liked height-adjustable desk on the market.

    • Flexispot EN1 weighs 85 pounds, compared to 78.7 pounds for Flexispot EC1.

    • While Flexispot EC1 lacks these features, Flexispot EN1 has an LED panel and four programmable memory settings.

    • FlexiSpot EC1 is less expensive than FlexiSpot EN1.

    • The dimensions of the Flexispot EC1 are 30 x 48 x 28 inches, whereas the dimensions of the Flexispot EN1 are 48 x 30 x 28 inches.

    FLEXISPOT EC1 Essential Standing Desk

    FLEXISPOT EN1 Essential Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

    Flexispot EC1

    Flexispot EN1





    LED Screen

    4 programmable memory presets

    Material Type


    Alloy Steel

    Special Feature

    Adjustable, Electric, Adjustable Height, Ergonomic

    Ergonomic, Electric, Adjustable

    Electric Height Adjustable Lift System

    Setup for 2 monitors

    Spacious 48” x 30” eco-friendly desktop

    2 button controller

    Assembly Required

    Assembly Required

    Desk design

    Computer Desk

    Writing Desk

    Weight Capacity



    Desktop Size

    40″, 48″, 55″, 60″

    40″, 48″, 55″, 60″

    Mounting Type




    Black, White, Maple, Mahogany

    Black, White, Maple, Mahogany


    2 Box

    2 Box


    78.7 pounds

    85 pounds


    30 x 48 x 28 inches

     48 x 30 x 28 inches.

    FAQS :

    Is this suitable for folks 5 feet 3 inches tall?

    My height is 5'3" "When I'm seated, it's also too tall for me. The table's lowest point is 29 "from the floor. My elbows are at 23 degrees while I am seated with my knees bent at 90 degrees and my shoulders relaxed "height above ground That means my shoulders and hands must elevate 6 pounds "higher to reach the table's keyboard The elbow should ideally be parallel to the top of the table. But I'm afraid I can't lower the table much longer. This table is designed for those above 6' tall. I'm really disappointed that I'm trapped with this ridiculously expensive table that I'll never use.

    Did anyone experience swaying? I put mine together, and the legs are weak. Some sections appear to require washers or something.

    Answer: I have the same problem because my room has tile floors. Another annoyance is having to drill additional holes because the top does not come with pre-drilled holes for attaching the power adapter. When I called assistance, they were unhelpful. Disappointing after paying $350 for this. The desk is functional, however the wobble bothers me.

    What is the central bar's thickness?

    Answer: Approximately one inch

    Could you please tell me the breadth measurement from the outside of the feet?

    Not from the top of the desk, but from the bottom. Thank you very much! Answer: I measure 45 inches from one foot's outside edge to the other's outer edge. That should be the measurement you're searching for. So far, a fantastic desk (about 8 months). I'm quite pleased with my buy.

    The desk top has still not arrived, despite the fact that I received the desk foundation two days ago. Only "delivered" is displayed in the tracking. I'm concerned. Is this standard?

    Answer: Update: get in touch with Amazon and ask them to contact the vendor. It appears that Flexispot offers just one tracking number, not both. My desk top arrived the next day.

    What is the return policy for the desk, and will the vendor cover return shipping if it doesn't work out?

    My tables was delivered with damage to the corners. I asked for a return, but I still don't have a shipping label. The label that was supplied to me requests that I cover the cost of return shipping. I've been in touch with them to request a pre-paid label, and I'll let you know when I get it.

    Does the white table with the white top have two or seven buttons? Moreover, what kind of material is used for the tabletop?

    The answer is seven buttons. Right to Left: Up and Down 3. Place 1; 4. Place 2; 5. Place 3 Saving 6. Reminder 7. The top is 1" thick overall and is comprised of a core of particle board with laminate on both sides and vinyl edge banding. Pretty strong.

    Does the control panel's LED remain lit at all times?

    No, the LED only illuminates when you push the up and down arrows or the pre-saved height numbers, after which it gradually turns off or blackens. Description: Flexispot EC1 vs EN1

    About this item – FLEXISPOT EC1 Essential Standing Desk 48 x 30 Inches Height Adjustable Desk Electric Sit Stand Desk Home Office Desks Whole Piece Desk Board (Black Frame + Black top)

    • FlexiSpot is a company that provides height-adjustable tables and desktop workstations, allowing for a smooth transition from sitting to standing. We have much more than just standing workstations.
    • Our unending pursuit objective is to provide a flexible and healthy living for our consumers while providing competent and friendly service.
    • Electric Height Adjustable Lift System: The motor lift mechanism provides smoother height adjustments, from 28″ to 47.6″ (without 1″ thickness of table top included), at a speed of 1″ per second and with minimal noise (under 50 dB) when operating.
    • Please keep in mind that the merchandise will be dispatched in two distinct parcels that may arrive separately. Some processes may necessitate the use of a drill, which is not provided.
    • Strong Construction: A 154-pound weight capacity is supported by an industrial-grade steel frame paired with a solid desktop.
    • The ideal standing desk for independent and remote professionals who want to remain active, healthy, and productive while working from home Adjust your workstation to your exact height and incorporate healthy movement into your day.
    • Designed for remote work: WHOLE-PIECE Cozy & Ergonomic Workspace: The spacious 48″ x 30″ eco-friendly desktop provides ample space for two monitors and a laptop, allowing you to spread out and focus on the tasks at hand. Due to hand measuring, please allow for a 0 to 1-inch difference in desktop size.

    About this item – FLEXISPOT EN1 Essential Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk 48 x 30 Inches Whole-Piece Desk Stand Up Home Office Desk (White Frame + 48″ Maple Top)

    • ELECTRIC HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE LIFT SYSTEM: The motor lift system provides quieter height adjustments while operating at a pace of 1 inch per second, from 28″ to 47.6″ (without the thickness of the table top included).
    • COMPLETELY COZY & ERGONOMIC WORKSPACE: The roomy arrangement for two monitors and a laptop on the spacious 48″ x 30″ eco-friendly whole-piece desktop allows you to spread out and peacefully tackle the problems of the workday. Due to hand measurement, please allow a minimal change in desktop size of 0 to 1 inch.
    • Our standing desk has a whole-piece desktop that offers an entirely smooth surface, is simple to clean, eliminates bumps and noise brought on by gaps, and improves the stability of the entire table.
    • A company called FlexiSpot sells desktop workstations and desks that can be adjusted in height for an effortless transition from sitting to standing. More options are available than only standing workstations. Our constant pursuit is to create a flexible and healthy lifestyle with courteous and competent service for our clients.
    • BUILT FOR HOME OFFICE WORK: The ideal standing desk for independent and remote professionals who want to work from home but yet be active, healthy, and productive. Add some healthy movement to your day and precisely adjust the height of your desk. A 154-lb.
    • weight capacity is made possible with a sturdy desktop and an industrial-grade steel frame.
    • Please note: The item will be sent in two distinct parcels, which may arrive at different times. Some procedures can call for a drill, which is not provided.
    • You may select four desired desk heights using the LED Memory Control Panel’s 6-button controller, which has four programmed memory presets. This makes it simple to transition between sitting and standing throughout the day.