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Fossil Sport vs Gen 5 -Best Touchscreen SmartWatch >>>

    Fossil Men’s Sport Heart Rate Metal and Silicone Touchscreen Smartwatch






     Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch with Speaker

    Fossil Sport vs Gen 5

    Fossil Sport vs Gen 5: In terms of touchscreen smartwatches, you can’t go wrong with either the Fossil Sport or the Fossil Gen 5; the question is, which one is superior? By comparing the two, we are attempting to discover which of the two products, the Fossil Sport and the Fossil Gen 5, is the superior choice.

    Fossil Sport vs Gen 5 – Quick Comparison Summary

    • Customers love the Fossil Gen 5 Stainless Steel Touchscreen SmartWatch With Speaker on Compared to Fossil Sport

    • Fossil Sport is more affordable, but Fossil Gen 5 is rather pricey.

    • The material used for the Fossil Sport is metal, while the Fossil Gen 5 is made of stainless steel.

    • While the Fossil Sport does not come with a speaker, the Fossil Gen 5 does.

    • Both the Fossil Sport and the Fossil Gen 5 include these features, including a display for the time, a calendar, an accelerometer, an alarm clock, GPS, notifications, a heart rate monitor, a touchscreen, and a calendar that shows the day, date, and month.

    • The water resistance of the Fossil Sport watch is 165 feet, whereas the water-resistance of the Fossil Gen 5 watch is 98 feet.

    • The Fossil Gen 5 weighs 99 grams, whereas the Fossil Sport weighs 39 grams.

    Fossil Men’s Sport Heart Rate Metal and Silicone Touchscreen Smartwatch

    Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch with Speaker

    Fossil Sport

    Fossil Gen 5




    Item Weight

    1.4 Ounces(39 Gram)

    3.5 Ounces(99 Gram)

    Water resistant depth

    50 Meters

    30 Meters






    Stainless Steel

    Battery Life

    24 hour

    24 Hr

    Special Feature

    Time Display, Calendaring, Accelerometer, Alarm Clock, GPS, Notifications, Heart Rate Monitor

    Time Display, Sleep Monitor, Calendaring, Accelerometer, Text Messaging, GPS, Elevation Tracker, Notifications, Heart Rate Monitor







    Item Shape



    FAQS :

    Is the battery life any better now than it was a couple months ago?

    Answer: I build my own watch face with the Watchmaker app. Because an AMOLED screen uses less power, I keep the background largely dark. With it and around 20-minute heart rate tracking, I average between 15-45 percent remaining at the end of the day.

    What is the method for connecting the charger to the watch? Are there any charging prongs or inductive charging that need to be aligned?

    Answer: Place your smartwatch on the wireless charger immediately. Two pins on the magnetic charger align with circular grooves in the caseback. Look for a lightning bolt at the top of the watch face or swipe down to see a lightning bolt next to your battery % to determine whether your watch is charging.

    Is it possible to use your watch to converse on the phone as well as answer it?

    Answer: No, the watch does not have a built-in speaker and cannot be used to make phone calls. During phone conversations, the microphone will not pick up your voice.

    Does anyone who didn't acquire it for free like it?

    Answer: I previously owned a Moto 360 and a Huawei Watch 2, both of which were roughly two years old. Its circular, watch-like look appeals to me. I'm getting used to the side dial, but I appreciate having the ability to do activities inside the UI without having to utilize the touch screen.

    The screen size was not mentioned in the specifications. However, I'd want to know the real screen size.

    Answer: The screen is around 3-4mm smaller than it seems in the photographs. Between the real screen and the bezel is a black ring of nothing. I'm a little disappointed because the Huawei gen 1 watch I replaced it with has a larger and brighter edge-to-edge screen for the same bezel diameter.

    Can it assist you in finding your phone?

    Answer: You may use the "Ring Phone" option to help you locate your phone. Please note that this functionality will only work if your watch is within Bluetooth range. Description: Fossil Sport vs Gen 5

    About this item – Fossil Men’s Sport Heart Rate Metal and Silicone Touchscreen Smartwatch

    • Wear OS-enabled smartwatches function with both iPhone and Android phones.
      Indicated battery life of 24 hours depending on use + two days in low-power mode.
    • Included is a magnetic USB quick charger; in less than an hour, you may charge up to 80%.
      Circumference of the strap: 200+/-5mm Stopwatch mode allows you to keep track of your laps and races.
    • Google Fit allows you to track your heart rate and activity. GPS-enabled distance tracking;5ATM waterproofing;The built-in Google Assistant acts as your personal Google, always ready to help.Using Google Pay, you can check out faster with your watch.
    • With this smart watch, you can receive smartphone notifications and app alerts, manage your calendar, control your music, download third-party applications (such as your favorite ride-sharing or music apps), and personalize your watch face.
    • Touchscreen, microphone, music storage and controls, personalized goal and alarm settings, calendar alerts, different time zones, weather, LED flashlight, and wireless syncing.

    About this item – Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch with Speaker, Heart Rate, GPS

    • Google Fit can monitor your heart rate and activity level. Distance tracking via GPS; 3ATM swimproof design New wellness features let you keep track of your sleep history, judge how well you slept, and set sleep goals.
    • This smart watch includes an always-on display with hundreds of watch faces, so you can customize your look and view the time at all times.
    • There are hundreds of applications ranging from personal assistants to health, payments, music, social media, news, gaming, stop watches, and more. It’s excellent for all your activities, with a swimproof construction and a charge time of less than an hour.
    • Smartwatches with Wear OS compatibility work with both iPhone and Android phones. 44mm case; 22mm band; interchangeable with all Fossil 22mm bands.
    • 24-hour battery life plus multi-day extended mode variable depending on use and after updates have been installed. For convenience of use, the USB cable with magnetic charger clamps to rings on the watch caseback and spins 360 degrees. You may charge up to 80% in less than an hour.