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Garmin Fenix 2 vs Vivoactive HR – Comparison & FAQS >>>

    Garmin fenix 2
    Garmin Fenix 2 vs Vivoactive HR


    Garmin fenix 2 GPS Watch






    Vivoactive HR
    Garmin Fenix 2 vs Vivoactive HR

    Garmin vívoactive HR GPS Smart Watch, Regular fit – Black

    Garmin Fenix 2 vs Vivoactive HR: These two incredible GPS watches have a lot more features, but which one is the best?

    Which GPS watch is the best? We’re comparing the Garmin Fenix 2 and the Garmin Vivoactive HR to determine which one is the best.

    Garmin Fenix 2 vs Vivoactive HR:   Quick Comparison Summary:


    Garmin Vivoactive HR is less expensive than Garmin Fenix 2, which is more costly but has more features.

    “Button Interface” is available in the Garmin Fenix 2 GPS. However, the Garmin Vivoactive HR has a “Touchscreen.

    “The Garmin vivoactive Hr was released in 2016, and the Garmin Fenix 2 was released in 2014.

    Both require batteries and are compatible with Android and iOS. Bluetooth connectivity is supported on both devices.

    The Garmin Fenix 2 features a 1.2-inch display, whereas the Vivoactive HR has a 1.5-inch display. The battery life of the Fenix 2 is 840 hours, whereas that of the Vivoactive Hr is only 13 hours (when used in GPS mode), with Smartwatch Mode lasting up to 8 days.

    Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 (82B80006UX)

    Apple MacBook Air Apple M1 Chip (MGN93LL/A)

    Compare specifications

    Garmin Fenix 2

    Garmin Vivoactive HR

    Are Batteries Included



    Screen Size

    1.2 INCH

    1.5 INCH

    Connectivity Technology


    Bluetooth, GPS

    Human Interface Input



    Battery Life

    840 Hours

    Up to 8 days

    Date First Available

    February 20, 2014

    February 19, 2016




    Watch / Clock



    Alarm Clock






    FAQS ABOUT “Garmin fenix 2 GPS Watch”

    What is the total weight of the box? Answer: More than an African swallow, but not as many as two European swallows carrying a coconut.

    Will I be sorry I bought this watch? Is it going to make me happy? Answer: A fantastic wristwatch! Mountain biking, running, and skiing can all be done with it. I believe I had one strange hiccup during my half-year ownership, but I believe it was due to interference from my phone’s Bluetooth being on and close to the watch. When I contacted Garmin, they promised to repair the watch for free if it happened again. As a result, they are able to stand up to their products.

    Will my GPS assist me in finding a respectable girlfriend? Yes, it is correct. When I ran my first marathon a few years ago, I bought a Garmin GPS. I joined a training group in Chicago, and the first time I went there, I met a girl, and we’re getting married in November. This watch can help, but it doesn’t come with any mojo.

    Which HR monitor is included with this? Which is better: the HRM-run monitor or the premium HR monitor with a soft strap?

    It’s included in the HRM-Run.? The screen is set to white on black in other product descriptions, however the photo shows red on black.

    Is it possible to change the colour of the screen to red? It’s white on black, to be precise. The white information turns red when you press the light button… Then it’s just red on black. There isn’t a method to change anything.

    Is it compatible with the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS)? Yes, the Fenix can use the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS), which means it can display location coordinates in MGRS format.
    Best Shablol

    Is the Fenix 2 ANT+ compatible, that is, can I connect my own ANT+ HRM to it? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

    What’s the differences between these two models? Answer:
    010-01040-60 : 010-01040-60 : 010-01040-60 : 010-01040-60
    The following items are included in the box: fnix 2 GPS watch, Fabric wrist strap kit, USB charging/data cable, AC adapter, and Quick start handbook.

    In the Box: fnix 2 GPS watch, HRM-Run, Fabric wrist strap kit, USB charging/data cable, AC adapter, Quick start documentation

    FAQS ABOUT “Garmin vívoactive HR GPS Smart Watch, Regular fit – Black”

    Do you all read the product description to find answers to people’s questions? That is, because none of you have yet purchased this item.
    Answer: I only tell users on things that I have purchased, and I do so to the best of my ability. I explain that the goods was a gift, yet I still respond. Amazon is a wonderful platform for sharing customer feedback and information. Of course, as with most things these days, a select few go against the trend.

    My wrist measures about 5 1/2-5 3/4 inches in circumference, with a 1 1/2″ gap between the radius and the ulna. Will this fit comfortably on my wrist? My wrist is the same exact size as yours, and it fits perfectly. I was scared it was too huge, but it doesn’t flop around in the wind like I expected, and there’s still room to tighten it up.

    I appreciate that this includes a built-in heart rate sensor that measures your heart rate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Can you, however, put a chest strap gadget on it to improve the readings? Yes, according to the handbook, “… is also compatible with ANT+ chest heart rate monitors,” and “your device uses ANT+ heart rate data when both wrist-based heart rate and ANT+ heart rate data are available.”

    Does anyone know if it’s compatible with a swim strap or if it still counts calories if it doesn’t track HR in the water? Answer: I believe it is swim strap compatible. Even if you’re just swimming in a pool, your HR will be sampled. However, once you’re in swim mode, HR is disabled, and the day’s HR graph shows an empty space for your swim workout.

    Is it possible to use the GPS feature for navigation? It’s designed specifically for hiking.?  Yes, you can use the hiking/2 app or the walking app to chart your route. 🙂

    Is it possible to track sleep patterns, REM sleep, and so on with this watch? Answer: It depicts three stages of sleep: light sleep, profound sleep, and waking. It plots it in a graph that shows how long you spent in each stage. For example, light sleep from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m., deep sleep from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m., and awake from 3 a.m. to 3:30 a.m. I’d say it’s more concerned with sleep cycles than patterns, although it’s fairly accurate.

    Garmin is waterproof, right? Answer: While I’ve never had a problem with my Garmin in the water, I believe it eventually failed due to water penetration. “NOTICE! Avoid pushing the keys under water,” the instruction manual warns. Despite the fact that it is touted as waterproof. I have a problem with the deceptive marketing.

    Does this watch keep track of your treadmill steps? Answer: While on a treadmill, it will track steps, heart rate, and cadence.

    : description

    1)Keeps track of distance, speed, and heart rate (Heart rate monitors and HRM-run, sold separately)2)Estimates the recovery time and VO2 max (when used with a heart rate monitor)
    3)Swim Profile and Ski-Board Mode are included.
    4)Connected features (iPhone 4S or later required), including live tracking and sharing via Garmin Connect and BaseCamp.
    5)GPS positioning with high sensitivity, 3-axis compass with altimeter, and barometer

    1)GPS smartwatch with a sunlight-readable, high-resolution color touchscreen that suits wrist circumferences of 5.39″ to 7.68″ (137 to 195 mm). Size of display: 28.6 mm x 20.7 mm 205 x 148 pixels is the display resolution.

    2)HEART RATE MONITORING ALL DAY AND NIGHT – Elevate wrist heart technology offers you your heart rate all day and night without the need for an additional strap. Heart rate is not available while swimming.

    3)LONG BATTERY LIFE – In watch/activity tracking mode, the battery may last up to 8 days—the time between charges: Up to 13 hours in GPS mode. Up to 8 days in smartwatch mode

    4)SMART NOTIFICATIONS – When coupled with a compatible smartphone, any notification from your mobile device will appear.5 ATM water rating Compatible with Android 4.4 or later, Bluetooth 4.0 or later, and AppleiOS 10.0 or later, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.