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Garmin OTR 800 vs 810 – OTR800 is still good?

Garmin dezl OTR800, 8-inch GPS Truck Navigator, Easy-to-Read Touchscreen – $599*

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Garmin dēzl™ OTR810, Large, Easy-to-Read 8” GPS Truck Navigator – $695*

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Garmin OTR 800 vs 810

Garmin OTR 800 vs 810: When it comes to an easy-to-read 8-inch GPS truck navigator, what is the difference between the Garmin OTR 800 and the Garmin OTR 810? The purpose of this comparison evaluation of the Garmin OTR 800 and the 810 is to determine which of these two models is the superior easy-to-read 8″ GPS truck navigator.

Garmin OTR 800 vs 810 – Quick Comparison Summary

  • When compared to the Garmin OTR 810, the Garmin OTR 800 is an extremely popular truck navigator on Amazon.
  • The Garmin OTR 800 has a chaperone. Although pricey, the Garmin OTR 810 is an enhanced version of the previous model.
  • The primary difference between the two is that the Garmin OTR 810 has twice as much memory built in and is also compatible with our most recent backup camera, the BC50.
  • The screen on the Garmin OTR 810 is a little bit darker than the screen on the Garmin OTR 800, which may sound like a minor flaw, but I really don’t want to reach for the settings every night to adjust the brightness.
  • While the Garmin OTR 800 can inform you whether the revised route is faster or slower, as well as by how many miles and how much time, the Garmin OTR 810 cannot. This is done while adjusting or shaping the route based on points.
  • Garmin OTR 810 appears identical, with a redesigned interface, options, and a USB C charging and connecting connector, which is convenient.
  • The Garmin OTR 800 and the Garmin OTR 810 are comparable in a number of respects, including their respective display sizes of 8 inches. Screen size, vehicle service type being a truck, connectivity technology being bluetooth and wifi, mounting type being a magnetic mount, access to live traffic, and much more are some of the features that this device offers.
  • The weight of the Garmin OTR 800 is 13.4 ounces, whereas the weight of the Garmin OTR 810 is 13.7 ounces.
  • While the Garmin OTR 800 measures 0.79 inches by 7.87 inches by 4.92 inches, the Garmin OTR 810 measures 7.9 inches by 4.9 inches by 0.8 inches.

Garmin dezl OTR800, 8-inch GPS Truck Navigator, Easy-to-Read Touchscreen

Garmin dēzl™ OTR810, Large, Easy-to-Read 8” GPS Truck Navigator

Garmin OTR 800

Garmin OTR 810





Screen Size

8 Inches

8 Inches

Connectivity Technology

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

OTR 800 tells you if the new route is faster/slower and by how many miles and time



Included Components

Custom Truck Routing, Road Warnings; Load-to-Dock Guidance; Truck and Trailer Services Directory

Dēzl OTR810, vehicle suction cup with powered magnetic mount, screw-down mount, 1” ball adapter with AMPS plate, vehicle power cable, USB cable and documentation

Map Type

North America

North America

Mounting Type

Magnetic Mount

Magnetic Mount

Automatic Brightness Adjustment



USB C charging/connecting port



Twice the Internal Memory



Compatible with our latest BC50 Backup Camera


















Item Weight

13.6 ounces

13.7 ounces


0.79 x 7.87 x 4.92 inches

7.9 x 4.9 x 0.8 inches


I bought this, but I'm having trouble getting the screen to stay lit for more than 30 minutes. Is there an option for this, or is it a bug?

Answer: I'd say you either have a settings problem or a defect problem. If it's about settings, why don't you start there? Reset all of the settings to default, then test. Also, check the display settings to see if there is a timer on the screen. There are energy-saving solutions, particularly when using a battery. Worst-case scenario: a faulty piece of equipment, in which case I would return it and replace it with another. Carmen does have a great customer service number where you can speak with someone in IT to troubleshoot your problem, which is what I would do first before returning it.

large heavy hauler I have to run particular routes. How many waypoints may I enter to ensure that I can complete a state-mandated route?

Answer: I have discovered no boundaries. I have everything set up in two ways. Set a destination and change the course as waypoints. It will aim to be the shortest or fastest, which may not be acceptable for you. You'll have to experiment with it to find out. Good luck; I am pleased with my OTR 8."

How many languages are spoken here?

Answer: This model comes with around 30 different languages pre-installed.

Does this GPS have real-time traffic updates?

Yes, this model does contain Garmin Live traffic. Pair the DZL OTR800 with your phone and download the Garmin Drive app to enjoy live traffic, weather, and real-time gasoline pricing.

What is the difference between a Garmin OTR and a Garmin LGV?

Answer: There is no distinction; only different model identities exist for different regions.

What's the difference between, for instance, an 800 and an 810?

The 810 is the updated version of the 800. The 810 has a few more features than the 800 but is the same size. On June 9, 2022, Garmin introduced the dzl OTR810 trucking navigator, which is intended to simplify the over-the-road lifestyle for professional truck drivers. Arrival planning with automatic Birdseye satellite imagery to see high-resolution aerial views during truck entrances, security gates, and loading dock destinations is among the new features introduced in the redesigned series. Furthermore, the 8-inch display includes a new split map view that shows previews of the remaining route and imminent weather conditions, as well as the option to mount the devices in landscape or portrait mode to see even more information about the path ahead.

Will this function with a GTM36?

No, the OTR810 receives traffic using the free Dezl App right out of the box. If a user does not wish to utilize the app, they can purchase the optional traffic receiver mount (Powered Magnetic Mount with Video-in Port and HD Traffic Part Number 010-12982-02) and power it with the vehicle's original power line.

Is the load-to-dock guidance on the 810 the same as on the 800?

Yes, the 810 has load-to-dock guidance as well.

Is there a USB port on the mount to charge a Garmin Dashcam 56? I know what the standard 800 does.

The answer is that the 810 does as well.

I drive a flatbed truck and do not require truck routes; is there a setting for cars?

Yes, this model allows for both automobile and truck routing.

Is there a mount included?

Yes, the Garmin Dezl OTR700 comes with a suction cup mount for attaching the GPS to your vehicle's windshield as well as a vehicle power cord that attaches to the vehicle's cigarette lighter or power connection.

How long does a Garmin last?

There are too many variables to consider when predicting a lifespan. I can tell you that we have clients who have been using the same gadget for over ten years. This is greatly dependent on usage and device upkeep. Description: Garmin OTR 800 vs 810

About this item – Garmin dezl OTR800, 8-inch GPS Truck Navigator, Easy-to-Read Touchscreen Display, Custom Truck Routing and Load-to-Dock Guidance

  • You can filter truck stops by brand or amenities in the preloaded Truck & Trailer Services directory.
  • Get unique truck routing depending on the size and weight of your vehicle (not available in all places), as well as notifications for imminent bridge heights, weight limitations, hairpin curves, steep hills, and more.
  • When nearing your destination, industry-leading load-to-dock advice displays prospective loading zones or storage lots.
  • Help with load-to-DOCK  As you get closer to your destination, our industry-leading load-to-dock assistance indicates potential loading zones or storage lots to help you figure out where you need to go.
  • COMMON TRUCK ROUTE Driving in unknown territory? Check out popular truck routes followed by other drivers to improve your sitting position.
    works with a Garmin eLog-compliant ELD (available separately) to record hours of service without a smartphone or tablet.
  • The large, easy-to-read 8″ touchscreen displays a bright, sharp, high-resolution image in either landscape or portrait mode.
  • The intuitive display displays the most important information, while the voice assistant allows you to communicate with the DZL navigator while keeping your hands on the wheel.
  • Several mounting options are available, including a powered magnetic mount with a heavy-duty suction cup, a screw-down mount, and a 1″ ball adapter with an AMPS plate that is RAM compatible.
  •  EXTENSIVE DISPLAY  This DZL truck navigator is designed for convenient in-cab viewing and use with its bright, sharp 8″ touchscreen display. You can choose whether to display your navigation screen in landscape or portrait mode.
  • View popular routes followed by other truckers to traverse unfamiliar locations and improve situational awareness.
  • View information about truck-friendly parking along your route.
  • TRUCK ROUTING ON YOUR OWN To find truck-preferred routes that are best for your rig and load, just enter your truck profile, which you can customize for height, weight, length, width, and hazardous chemicals. Not all locations are covered. Entering your truck’s profile attributes does not guarantee that they will be taken into account for all route options. (Always obey all posted road signs and conditions.)

About this item – Garmin dēzl™ OTR810, Large, Easy-to-Read 8” GPS Truck Navigator, Custom Truck Routing, High-Resolution Birdseye Satellite Imagery, Directory of Truck & Trailer Services, Black

  • When the navigator is coupled with the dzl app on your compatible smartphone with Bluetooth technology and GPS, you can access live traffic, weather, and smart notifications—as well as your loyalty points—at Love’s Travel Stops and Pilot Travel Centers LLC locations across the United States.
  • BirdsEye Satellite Imagery provides high-resolution aerial images of loading docks, truck entrances, and security gates for cutting-edge arrival planning.
  • Custom truck routing is possible in some places. All route choices may not take vehicle characteristics into consideration. Please obey all posted signs and driving conditions based on the size and weight of your truck and receive notifications about imminent bridge heights, weight limitations, sharp curves, steep hills, and other hazards.
  • The route planner tool allows drivers to analyze their whole journey and choose the ideal locations for fuel stops, rest stops, and overnight accommodations.
  • The large 8″ touchscreen truck navigator has a bright, sharp, high-resolution display that can be viewed in landscape or portrait mode.
  • With on-screen weigh station and bypass notifications, PrePass notifications help drivers save time and enhance efficiency; they require an active PrePass account and the usage of the DZL app on a compatible smartphone with Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • compatible with your BC 50 backup cameras, dzl trucking headset, and dzl Edition smartwatch for a smooth and easy trucking experience.
  • Along with their active map panel, the split-screen view provides drivers with an overview of their remaining journey as well as imminent wind and weather conditions.
  • North America map updates include coverage of the United States, Mexico, Canada, the United States Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, and the Bahamas.
  • Drivers can filter truck stops in the Truck & Trailer Services directory by brand or amenity, such as “Love’s” or “Showers.”