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Gerber Paraframe 1 vs 2 – Best Folding Pocket Knifes…

    Gerber Gear Paraframe 1 Knife, Serrated Edge






    Gerber Gear 22-48448N Paraframe 2 Folding Pocket Knife

    Gerber Paraframe 1 vs 2

    Gerber Paraframe 1 vs 2: In the world of pocket knives, Gerber’s Paraframe series offers versatility and quality. In this blog, we’ll compare the Paraframe 1 and Paraframe 2, helping you decide which one fits your cutting-edge needs.

    Gerber Paraframe 1 vs 2 – Quick Comparison Summary

    • In comparison to the Gerber Paraframe 1, the Gerber Paraframe 2 is the most popular folding pocket knife on Amazon.
    • Gerber Paraframe 1 is less expensive than Gerber Paraframe 2.
    • Gerber Paraframe 1 has a serated edge, but Gerber Paraframe 2 has a fine edge.
    • Gerber Paraframe 1 has a blade length of 3.01 inches, while Gerber Paraframe 2 has a blade length of 3.35 inches.
    • Gerber Paraframe 1 has a total length of 7.01 inches, while Gerber Paraframe 2 has a total length of 8.27 inches.
    • Both the Gerber Paraframe 1 and the Gerber Paraframe 2 have some of the same fantastic features, such as a high-carbon stainless steel blade, a frame lock, a folding pocket knife, a stainless steel color, a durable pocket clip, and much more.
    • The weight of Gerber Paraframe 1 is 2.6oz, whereas the weight of Gerber Paraframe 2 is 4.2oz.
    • The Gerber Paraframe 1 is – Gerber Paraframe 2 measures 8.27 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches.

    Gerber Gear Paraframe 1 Knife, Serrated Edge

    Gerber Gear 22-48448N Paraframe 2 Folding Pocket Knife

    Gerber Paraframe 1

    Gerber Paraframe 2





    Knife Edge

    Serrated Edge

    Fine Edge

    Recommended Uses For Product



    Blade Length



    Overall Length



    Blade Material

     Stainless Steel

     Stainless Steel


    Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel

    Handle Material

    Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel

    Frame Lock



    Folding Pocket Knife



    Sturdy Pocket Clip



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    Product Dimensions

    8.27 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches

    Item Weight

    2.6 oz

    4.2 oz

    FAQS :

    Made in America?

    Yes, it is manufactured right up the street from where I work in Portland, Oregon. Gerber military combat knives are all made in the United States.

    There is a pocket clip! Does it respond well to sharpening?

    Answer: It has a fantastic clip. I haven't had to tighten it yet. I use this blade at work every day. I neglected to bring it with me one day, which ruined my entire day. I was going to return it because it was made in China. But it doesn't disturb me as much as it used to. I have definitely gotten my money's worth and will continue to do so!

    The blade measures 2.88". What is the measurement of a closed knife?

    Answer: The knife has a closed length of 4 inches and an open length of 7 inches!

    Where is it manufactured? What about in China?

    Answer: Because the knife is branded China, it was made in China.

    how to close

    Answer: Push the frame out. If you look at the base of the blade, one side of the frame will be bent inward locking the blade open. Push this section of the frame to the outside and push the blade closed.

    What is the distinction between paraframe 1 and paraframe 2?

    The length of Paraframe 1 is 7.01". According to specifications, the Paraframe II measures 8.27" long.

    How long is the blade?

    The blade length is 2.22 inches. 3.07 inches in length when closed. The overall length is 5.25 inches.

    What is the distinction between Tanto 1 and Tanto 2?

    The blade of the "Tanto II" is 3.5 inches long, whereas the blade of the "Tanto I" is 2.8 inches long. The Tanto 2 fits wonderfully in my male hands (average size, thicker hands); however, the Tanto 1 is a little smaller and less comfortable.

    I'm not sure how the knife rusts in some of the reviews if it's stainless. Is there something I'm missing?

    Answer: Do some research on what stainless steel is. The typical definition is a chromium content greater than 11%. Other elements can be added to stainless steel to improve wear resistance, hardness, or toughness. They may have an unfavorable effect on how chromium binds to carbon in steel. Not all stainless steels are the same; H1 and LC200N are likely the most corrosion-resistant. While CTS XHP is termed stainless, it is not rust-resistant. The junk steel here is almost certainly 300 or 400 grade, not a specialty stainless steel like Carpenter, Crucible, or Bohler. What you pay for is what you get.

    How do you put the knife away? I cut my hand while attempting to do it.

    To unlock the blade, simply push out the left-hand side of the frame on the underside of the knife. It's stiff (as it should be), but if you're careful, you can do it with one hand. (Please see the video I shared above.)

    Is there a lockback?

    No, it does not. It has a locking blade, but it is not a lockback. The term "lockback" refers to a "spring-loaded" (torsion bar, actually) locking lever (rocker bar) positioned on the spine (back) of the frame that, when pressed, unlocks the blade. This knife's locking mechanism is located on the frame's side (it's actually a part of the frame itself), near the pivot (same side as the pocket clip), and must be pulled back to unlock the blade. It can be difficult to draw back (it's quite tight) because it lacks a "knob" and does not protrude from the frame. Closing this knife with one hand is really tough and dangerous.

    What is the distinction between Gerber Paraframe 1 and Paraframe 2?

    Answer: The more expensive model, I believe the II, is slightly larger. Check their website for sizing specifications. Otherwise, they are the same. Choose carefully; switch to the larger one, and it makes a difference whether carried in ordinary slacks or work pants.

    What is the length of the blade?

    3.53 inches is the correct answer.

    Is this a facilitated opening?

    Answer: There are no springs or aided opening mechanisms on this model. It is, however, simple to open with one's thumb.

    Would this work well as a hunting knife?

    This is more of an EDC knife than a hunting knife. I've had it for years and use it for work and other purposes. However, a fixed blade would be preferable for hunting. Description: Gerber Paraframe 1 vs 2

    About this item – Gerber Gear Paraframe I Knife, Serrated Edge, Stainless Steel [22-48443]

    • In the frame, The frame-lock mechanism of the Paraframe I, as well as each of the other seven knives in the Paraframe series, is kept to a bare minimum. It has a fine-edge locking blade, is lightweight, easy to clean, and smoothly opens. The open frame design is attractive and simple, and the knife is easy to open. The Paraframe I is a perfect example of an everyday carry folder because it has a clip for safe transportation and a handle made of stainless steel that is polished to a mirror finish.
    • It is relatively unnoticeable and lightweight thanks to the slim, all-metal frame. This is so comfortable that I can even wear it with my tiny pants. It does not leave a “print” or impede movement, and it can be tucked up neatly. The deployment may be done with one hand quite easily. Once you have mastered the technique of folding, you will find that it is possible to do so even with one hand. Because it can start to pull outward with usage, I do occasionally have to gently re-bend the clip to its snug position. This is because it can start to pull outward.
    • I have also discovered that sharpening it is not that difficult. There are a number of inexpensive and compact pieces of equipment available that may be used to sharpen the flat blade, as well as a thin rod that can be used to maintain the serrated portion of the blade. This is a good choice if you are looking for a respectable knife that you can use every day without breaking the bank.
    • I have had experience with a wide range of other clip-in pocket knives, both brands and types. Some of them are difficult to use or have an awkward design. This paraframe has proven to be a fantastic all-around jack of all trades in my experience.
    • When I worked in retail, where I frequently needed to open boxes in order to stack items or break down boxes in order to put them in the recycle bin, I kept this with me at all times. I have also used it as my everyday utility knife in the garden and on the farm to do everything from harvesting corn and zucchini to cutting twine and scoring sheetrock.
    • And if I’m walking back to my car and find myself in a questionable neighborhood, I can easily tuck it in my hand while keeping my thumb on the flip knob to keep it available in case I need it.

    About this item – Gerber Gear 22-48448N Paraframe II Folding Pocket Knife, Fine Edge, Stainless Steel

    • When cutting in tight spaces, the configuration of the blade, known as a clip point, works best. As far as the handle is concerned, openness reigns supreme; there is more air than metal, which means that it is quite lightweight and quite simple to maintain clean. Put a paraframe in your back pocket, and you’ll have all you need to handle any situation that comes your way. The only difficulty you’ll face is choosing which option to go with.
    • Companion in Everyday Life The Paraframe II, which is the largest of the eight knives in the Paraframe series, is built on the same minimalist frame-lock design as the rest of the series. The Paraframe II is a larger everyday carry folder that was designed with a smooth stainless steel handle and a clip for secure travel. It is all that a larger folder designed for everyday carry should be.
    • This lightweight knife is perfect for everyday carry because of its open frame, which represents the pinnacle of minimalist design. The Paraframe is a convenient accessory that can be clipped to your belt or carried in your pocket with little effort. It is also simple to clean. This versatile knife comes with a variety of blade options, allowing it to cut through anything.
    • People could have been satisfied with the knife overall if Gerber had been content to produce only a single iteration of the Paraframe model. The Gerber Paraframe has developed into a crucial component of the market as a result of how well-liked this well-known example of a frame lock design was by knife enthusiasts.
    • However, we reasoned that there was no point in being stingy, so we developed a total of eight different iterations. And the general populace felt relieved. This knife has a straightforward design that places equal emphasis on its practicability and its aesthetic appeal. To open it is a piece of cake.