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Graco Milestone vs Extend2fit – Best Graco Car Seats >>>

    Graco Milestone 3 In 1 Car Seat, Infant to Toddler Car Seat






     Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat

    Graco Milestone vs Extend2fit

    Graco Milestone vs Extend2fit: It might be challenging to decide between the Graco Milestone and the Extend2fit when it comes to convertible child safety car seats. Though both are excellent decisions, which is the best? This comparative evaluation of the Graco Milestone and Extend2fit is meant to assist you in determining which product is the better option for you.

    Graco Milestone vs Extend2fit – Quick Comparison Summary

    • Graco Extend2fit Convertible Car Seat is Much More Popular Than Graco Milestone on

    • The Graco Extend2fit is a little less expensive than the Graco Milestone.

    • While the Graco Extend2fit offers six different recline positions, the Graco Milestone only has four.

    • While the Graco Extend2Fit rear-facing harness weighs 4–50 lbs and the Graco Milestone forward-facing harness weighs 22–65 lbs, respectively,

    • While Graco Milestone lacks a 5-inch Extension Panel, Graco Extend2fit does.

    • Only one cup holder on the Graco Milestone is removable, but there are two on the Graco Extend2fit.

    • InRight Latch, Side Impact Tested, Federal Crash Tested, Machine Washable Seat Pad, 10-Position Adjustable Headrest, Simply Safe Adjust Harness system, and Weight of 19 Pounds are some of the features that both the Graco Milestone and the Graco Extend2fit share.

    • While Graco Extend2fit has 8 colours, Graco Milestone only has one.

    • Graco Extend2fit is a 2-in-1 car seat, while Graco Milestone is a 3-in-1 car seat.

    • While Graco Extend2fit’s minimum weight is 4 pounds and its maximum weight is just 65 pounds, Graco Milestone’s maximum weight is 5 pounds and its maximum weight is 100 pounds.

    Graco Milestone 3 in 1 Car Seat, Infant to Toddler Car Seat

     Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat

    Graco Milestone

    Graco Extend2fit




    Item Weight

    19 pounds

    19 pounds


     3 in 1 Car Seat

     2-in-1 Car Seat

    Position Recline

    4-position recline

    6-position recline


    1 Color

    8 Colors

    Minimum weight recommendation

    5 Pounds

    4 Pounds

    Maximum weight recommendation

    100 Pounds

    65 Pounds

    Harness type






    Cup Holders

    1 – Removable


    High-Back booster Weight

    30-100 lbs


    5-Inch Extension Panel



    FAQS :

    Does this car seat recline while front facing (so that children may somewhat recline during naps)?

    In both rear-facing and forward-facing settings, the Milestone 3-in-1 has a 4-position recline to keep your growing kid comfortable.

    Would this seat fit in a Mini 4 doors in the rear-facing position (behind the passenger seat) with adequate room for the passenger's legs?

    The measurements of the Milestone 3-in-1 car seat are given below. For instructions on how to safely install car seats in your particular vehicle, please see the owner's handbook for your car seat and your vehicle.

    Anyone else experiencing car seat flipping up concerns when using a seat belt or anchors when rear-facing?

    Answer: We bought one for ourselves and gave two as presents. Neither our family members nor ourselves have had any issues. We advise getting a professional to install the carseat. A member of our family has received training in the installation and maintenance of car seats. That, in my opinion, made a difference.

    Is this going to fit in a Toyota Corolla?

    Answer: While not every vehicle on the market has been tested, it has been tested in small, mid-size, full-size, vans, and SUVs from several manufacturers.

    Do the harness straps adapt when you modify the headrest height?

    Answer: We are delighted to provide you with this information, Bean! The "Simple Safe Adjust" harness is included with this seat. It is not necessary to thread it in order to modify the height. Instead, a button may be used to modify the seat's headrest.

    Can this be simply strapped into a cab as a rear-facing car seat with a seatbelt? This will only be used in cabs and airline seats?

    Answer: This seat may be fitted rearward using a seat belt or the InRight LATCH mechanism. It is also approved for use on flights and weights less than the 4Ever DLX car seat. I hope this was helpful! Description: Graco Milestone vs Extend2fit

    About this item – Graco Milestone 3 in 1 Car Seat, Infant to Toddler Car Seat

    • You can find the child’s safest fit as they grow with the use of 10 different headrest height positions.
    • When in belt-positioning booster mode, an integrated harness storage compartment safely stores the harness away without having to remove it.
    • Your kid is protected by a 3-in-1 car seat with a rear-facing harness (for children 5 to 40 pounds), a forward-facing harness (for children 22 to 65 pounds), and a highback booster (40-100 pounds).
    • Exclusive to Graco, push-button To guarantee safe installation, InRight LATCH offers a quick, one-second connection with an audible click.
    • On your numerous trips together, the 4-position recline helps to ensure a safe installation and keeps your developing youngster comfortable.
    • Milestone Graco From rear-facing harness (5-40 lb) to forward-facing harness (22-65 lb) to belt-positioning booster, the 3-in-1 car seat may be used (40-100 lb).
    • To ensure a good fit, the Simply Safe Adjust harness system adjusts the headrest and harness in one action.
    • ProtectPlus by Graco is designed to help shield your child from harm in rollover, side, and rear collisions. Avoid using bleach. Do not use lubricants, soaps, or detergents.

    About this item – Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat, Ride Rear Facing Longer with Extend2Fit

    • It has a 4-position extension panel that adds up to 5″ of rear-facing legroom, letting your kid securely ride rear-facing for extended periods of time.
    • Simply secure Adjust the no-rethread headrest and harness together.
    • Extend2Fit’s 4-position adjustable extension panel extends up to 5 inches of extra legroom, letting your child comfortably ride rear-facing for a longer period of time.
      ProtectPlus Engineered by Graco.
    • Removable, soft head and body inserts keep your baby cradled and comfy.
    • The movable extension panel and 50-pound rear-facing weight restriction of Extend2Fit allow the seat to grow with your kid, offering longer rear-facing use.
    • Up to 50 pounds rear-facing, enabling your youngster to ride safely for extended periods of time.
    • Ride rear-facing safely for a longer period of time! The Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat grows with your kid, transitioning from a rear-facing to a forward-facing harness (4–50 lb) (22–65 lb).
    • Dimensions: 21.5″D x 19.5″W x 23.5″H H weighs 19 pounds.
    • Convertible car seats grow with your kid, transitioning from rear-facing harness (4-50 lbs) to forward-facing harness (4-50 lbs) (22-65 pounds).