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Gryphon Tower vs Gryphon AX – Best Grypone Routers…

Gryphon Tower Super-Fast Mesh WiFi Router – Advanced Firewall Security – $147*

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Gryphon AX – Ultra-Fast Mesh WiFi 6 Parental Control Router – $159*

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Gryphon Tower vs Gryphon AX

Gryphon Tower vs Gryphon AX: If you want a Mesh WiFi 6 parental control router, you can’t go wrong with either the Gryphon Tower or the Gryphon AX. But which of the two is the best? In this comparison study of the Gryphon Tower and the Gryphon AX, we’ll look at the two products side by side to see which one is better.

Gryphon Tower vs Gryphon AX – Quick Comparison Summary

  • Compared to Gryphon AX, Gryphon Tower is an extremely popular mesh WiFi router on Amazon.
  • Gryphon Tower is less expensive, whereas Gryphon AX is more costly.
  • Gryphon Tower’s overall throughput is 3 gbps, whereas Gryphon AX’s overall throughput is 4.3 gbps.
  • While Gryphon AX uses WiFi 6 and AX4300/Tri-Band, Gryphon Tower uses AC3000/Tri-Band technology.
  • Gryphon Tower comes standard with one gigabit LAN port and one WAN port, whereas Gryphon AX comes standard with one gigabit LAN port and one WAN port each.
  • There are many similarities between the Gryphon Tower and the Gryphon AX, including a coverage area of up to 3000 square feet per unit, premium protection, usage insights, viewing web browsing, managing screen time, content filtering, protecting your children from device addiction, adult websites, and inappropriate content, a simple and straightforward setup, support for up to 100 connected devices, faster and safer WiFi that reaches every corner of your home, a next-generation firewall, and much more.
  • While the Gryphon AX weighs 2.03 pounds, the Gryphon Tower weighs 2.
  • While Gryphon AX measures 8 x 5 x 3 inches, Gryphon Tower measures 4.3 x 4.3 x 9 inches.
  • The newest version, Gryphon AX, debuted in 2021, while Gryphon Tower was introduced in 2018.

Gryphon Tower Super-Fast Mesh WiFi Router – Advanced Firewall Security

Gryphon AX – Ultra-Fast Mesh WiFi 6 Parental Control Router

Gryphon Tower

Gryphon AX





Frequency Band Class



WiFi Technology

AC3000 / Tri-Band

WiFi 6, AX4300 / Tri-Band


Up to 3,000 sqft per unit

Up to 3,000 sqft per unit

Ethernet Ports

x1 WAN port, x3 Gigabit LAN ports w/ ethernet backhaul

x1 WAN port, x1 Gigabit LAN port w/ ethernet backhaul

Recommended for:

Larger homes with many devices

Highest performance and throughput, latest WiFi 6 technology

Premium Protection



View Web Browsing



Manage Screen Time



Content Filtering



Protects you kids from Device Addiction/adult websites/Inappropriate Content



Easy And Hassle-Free installation



Support More Connected Devices upto 100 Devices



Faster and Safer Wifi That Covers you Entire Home



Next-Genration Firewall



Usage Insights



Item Weight

2 Pounds

2.03 Pounds


4.3 x 4.3 x 9 inches

8 x 5 x 3 inches


Does the firewall and intrusion prevention system completely shut down after a year? How much security is still available without a subscription?

That's a wonderful question, and I agree. I appreciate you asking. We apologize if the response is lengthy, but your security and privacy are very important to us. Still offering free parental controls, content filtering, screen time management, network administration, and other features, Gryphon will continue to be a more secure WiFi router. Additionally, Gryphon has the following features that make it intrinsically safer: 1) Regular updates to security patches For instance, we released a software upgrade to address KRACK. Due to difficulty or lack of availability, the majority of routers don't receive firmware upgrades. To handle any WiFi or other security vulnerabilities, Gryphon prioritizes keeping the software updated. flawlessly completed. 2) Secure boot prevents the execution of third-party software unless the binary is certified. 3) Gryphon does not require a web browser for setup. WiFi routers are frequently compromised using a web interface. 4) It is more secure and safeguards your privacy because there are no open remote ports for management. 5) The software is vulnerability-tested by a third party. If you choose not to use the service after the first year, you won't receive the following: Filtering for ransomware and malware A daily feed from ESET updates the database continuously. 2) Using intelligent intrusion detection to safeguard all linked smart devices, such as webcams and thermostats 3) Network vulnerability scanning, such as looking for open ports or devices that are vulnerable. 4) HomeboundTM is a mobile app for managing children's devices even when they are not connected to the Gryphon network. 5) Added equipment warranty

Does the DuckDuckGo search engine support Gryphon?

Answer: Duckduckgo is blocked when safe search is enabled for a user's profile, and only Bing or Google are available when safe search is enabled for the network as a whole. In the future, we would want to collaborate with DuckDuckGo to make secure search possible for them as well.

How many devices can this gadget connect to?

Each Gryphon can accommodate up to 250 wireless devices in addition to three cable LAN devices. Each Gryphon includes three distinct radios: a 2.4GHz radio, a 5GHz radio, and a 5GHz backhaul radio specifically for wireless mesh. Spreading the load among various radios reduces congestion. By the way, if someone else on the network is watching YouTube when you want to stream Netflix, you can prioritize a device on the network.

Does Google Drive get blocked by homework mode? If so, there is a serious issue. What additional settings might be preventing access to Google Drive?

The answer is no; homework itself doesn't, but YouTube blocking does. Since YouTube is a component of Google services, Google Drive may be blocked.

Can the tower turn on or off the internet for a computer connected via an Ethernet cable?

Yes, it is. That is agreed upon.

Does this simply affect ports or certain devices, such as the PlayStation? Could my child simply plug into another port to regain access?

Yes, particular devices can be disabled regardless of whether they are connected through wired (Ethernet CAT5-6) or wireless (Wifi). There are numerous techniques to block the PlayStation, but the most reliable one is to determine the MAC address of the PlayStation and block it. Every device that connects to your network via WiFi or Ethernet will have its own MAC address. If this address is used to identify the PlayStation, it makes no difference where the PlayStation is plugged in. For example, my house was built with Ethernet in mind, so I can connect a computer to a wall jack in every room. It makes no difference if my son moves his PlayStation to a different room because you have the address of that specific device. I know this because we have many PlayStations and Xboxes, as well as limits in place. This is also self-evident, but you can identify any device in this manner and even set device priorities. So, if your children are gaming while you are attempting to watch Netflix, you may select Netflix as a data priority above PlayStation, allowing Netflix to stream without data loss or limits. This router is undoubtedly pricey, but if you have children and they use the internet (of course), I wholeheartedly recommend it. You have complete control over their internet usage, not just PlayStation. Essentially, this router lets you establish internet usage rules that your children will eventually (or perhaps not) become acclimated to.

Is this router compatible with Xfinity cable internet?

Yes, it is. Yes, it does.

Is this compatible with the earlier AC3000 towers? Can I add this to my existing mesh network using earlier routers?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. This enables the latest WiFi 6 technology.

How can I keep my Gyphon Premium subscription that I have already paid for if I upgrade from the Gyphon Tower to the Gyphon Ax?

Answer: Simply unpair the tower and couple it with the Gryphon AX using the same email address.

Is it possible to transfer my ESET Cyber Security subscription license from my Gryphon Tower to my Gryphon Ax?

Yes, it is. Simply unpair and pair with the new AX using the same email address.

Can Poe be used to power the axe towers? I'm thinking about purchasing a PoE switch with PoE+ power. It'd be good if I didn't have to plug in the ax.

Yes, it does not support POE. Description: Gryphon Tower vs Gryphon AX

About this item – Gryphon Tower Super-Fast Mesh WiFi Router – Advanced Firewall Security, Parental Controls, and Content Filters – Tri-Band 3 Gbps, 3000 sq. ft. Full Home Coverage per Mesh Router

  • Simple setup and smartphone control: The Gryphon Connect app manages your WiFi network, parental controls, device access, and app use all in one place (4).
  • WiFi Advanced Technology: No matter how many users and connected devices are added to your network, simultaneous AC3000 tri-band radios and 4×4 MU-MIMO give up to 3,000 sq. ft. of coverage with a single Gryphon Tower router (1).
  • Firewall of the Future: With this WiFi router’s latest malware and ransomware security, 24/7 intelligent intrusion detection to safeguard against hackers, and automatic phishing scam protection (3), you can protect every device in your home.
  • Strong Connectivity and Security: With the Gryphon Tower, you can enjoy secure and consistent mesh WiFi connectivity for your family and all of your smart devices. It is designed to provide fast, efficient coverage, better security, and comprehensive parental controls.
  • The Gryphon Connect app makes it simple to setup and control Gryphon mesh WiFi routers. Installation is simple and painless. The Gryphon app is simple enough for anyone to set up in minutes. It is compatible with all internet services. 7 days a week, live phone help is accessible.
  • Everyone has access to fast internet. Gryphon provides high-speed internet to every user in your home, even if they’re all working, surfing, streaming, or gaming at the same time. The Gryphon mesh WiFi router is ideal for busy networks with a large number of devices.
  • More connected devices should be supported. WiFi is designed to securely connect even the busiest networks (up to 100 devices) without speed delays, buffering, or dropped connections.
  • Gryphon Tower Mesh WiFi Router Mesh WiFi Coverage Expansion WiFi is available everywhere. Gryphon may replace your current ISP router and provide faster, safer, and more dependable WiFi in every room of your home.
  • COMPREHENSIVE PARENTAL CONTROLS Use your WiFi mesh system’s active content monitoring, app and website banning, tailored time limits, and important usage analytics to create a secure Internet experience for young users (4).

About this item – Gryphon AX – Ultra-Fast Mesh WiFi 6 Parental Control Router – Advanced Content Filters and Next-Gen Firewall – 4.3 Gbps Across 3,000 sq. ft. per Router for Multi-Device Households

  • No matter how many users and connected devices are added to your network, POWERFUL MESH WIFI 6 (AX4300) technology delivers remarkable coverage and unbelievably fast speeds, as simultaneous tri-band radios and 4×4 MU-MIMO deliver up to 3,000 sq. ft. of coverage off a single Gryphon mesh router (1).
  • CONTAIN YOUR HOME CONNECTED: Gryphon AX, the all-in-one Mesh WiFi 6 Router, is designed to give quick, effective coverage, better security, and sophisticated parental controls without any data bottlenecks. Enjoy secure, dependable Internet for your family or small business.
  • Advanced Parental Controls: With your WiFi mesh system’s active content monitoring, app and website banning, custom time limits, and detailed insights, you can provide young users with a safe Internet experience while you more effectively keep an eye on their screen time (4).
  • Next-Generation Firewall: This WiFi 6 router’s cutting-edge malware and ransomware security, 24/7 intelligent intrusion detection to ward off hackers, and automatic protection from phishing scams safeguard every device in your house (3).
  • All Access to Fast Internet Every user in your home receives high-speed internet service from Gryphon, even if they are all connected to the internet at once and are working, browsing, streaming, or playing games. Gryphon mesh WiFi router for large, busy networks More Connected Device Support WiFi is designed to securely connect the busiest networks (even those with more than 100 devices) without latency, buffering, or dropped connections.
  • SINGLE SOLUTION FOR WiFi NETWORK, PARENTAL CONTROLS, DEVICE ACCESS, AND APP USE The Gryphon Connect app offers you a single solution for controlling your WiFi network, parental controls, device access, and app use (4).