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HoneyWell T10 Pro vs T9 – Best and Amazing Thermostat…

    Honeywell Home Honeywell THX321WFS2001W T10 Pro Smart Thermostat with RedLINK






    Honeywell Home T9 WiFi Smart Thermostat with 1 Smart Room Sensor –

    Honeywell T10 Pro vs T9

    HoneyWell T10 Pro vs T9: Selecting between the Honeywell T10 Pro and Honeywell T9 as a smart thermostat Though both are wise decisions, which is the best? This comparison of the Honeywell T10 Pro and Honeywell T9 is supposed to help you determine which product is the better option for you.

    HoneyWell T10 Pro vs T9– Quick Comparison Summary

    • The Honeywell T9 is less expensive than the Honeywell T10 Pro, which is more expensive due to certain additional features.
    • While the Honeywell T9 can support up to 20 additional remote sensors, the Honeywell T10 Pro has support for additional sensors built in.
    • The Honeywell T10 Pro weighs 0.6 pounds, but the Honeywell T9 weighs 1.32 pounds.
    • HoneyWell T9 is the most popular smart thermostat on the market compared to HoneyWell T10 Pro.

    • In comparison, the Honeywell T9 has dimensions of 3.7 x 4.92 x 0.94 inches, while the Honeywell T10 Pro has dimensions of 6.2 x 5.8 x 3.1 inches.

    • While HoneyWell T9 lacks these functions, HoneyWell T10 Pro has RedLINK and Control Additional IAQ Products.

    • Both the HoneyWell T10 Pro and the HoneyWell T9 have a number of fantastic features in common, like Prioritize Multiple Rooms, Demand Response Rebate Eligible, Filter Change Alerts, the Honeywell Home App, Smart Home Integration, Smart Home Integration, and a lot more besides.

    Honeywell Home Honeywell THX321WFS2001W T10 Pro Smart Thermostat with RedLINK

    Honeywell Home T9 WiFi Smart Thermostat with 1 Smart Room Sensor

    HoneyWell T10 Pro

    HoneyWell T9



    Honeywell Home

    Honeywell Home

    Control Additional IAQ Products



    Honeywell Home

    Honeywell Home

    Supports Additional Sensors

    Up To 20 Remote Sensors

    Wi-Fi Type

    2.4 and 5.0 GHz

    2.4 and 5.0 GHz

    Filter Change Alerts

    Filter Change Alerts, Honeywell Home App

    Demand Response Rebate Eligible

    Prioritize Multiple Rooms

    Control Type






    Item Weight

    0.6 Pounds

    1.32 Pounds

    Product Dimensions

    6.2 x 5.8 x 3.1 inche

    3.7 x 4.92 x 0.94 inches

    FAQS :

    How does this regulate room-to-room temperatures?

    Answer: You can configure it to prioritise a certain sensor or to take an average of several sensors. I have two of them: 1 uses two remote sensors to control the heat and A/C in the living areas. The second uses two remote sensors to adjust the heat in three bedrooms. The first is configured to average the temperatures in the living room/kitchen/dining room. The second has been programmed to prioritise the middle bedroom. Mine is set up for boiler/baseboard heating. You simply need to experiment to see what works best. It was certainly less expensive than re-zoning the entire house. Aside: if you have separate heating and cooling, as I do, power and neutral must be supplied by the A/C transformer. It was just a strange HVAC thing that took me ages to figure out... Something I wish the unit could do: I wish you could programme remote sensors to numerous thermostats so I could better average out/prioritize the air conditioning. I have the T9 model, so it's doable on the T10 Pro as well.

    Will the T10 thermostat automatically switch from heating to cooling?

    The answer is yes.

    Will the T10 manage ventilation as well as dehumidification via excessive cooling?

    The T10 does have the overcool dehumidification feature. Please see my review "Almost Great But Dehumidify Overcool Problem/Bug" for more information. I purchased and tried two of these thermostats before returning both due to the same problem. As an engineer, I've used previous Honeywell thermostats with the overcool capability (without Wi-Fi) that performed perfectly. I really wanted this T10, but the very short cycles might endanger my A/C compressor. Honeywell tech support was unable to resolve the issue or give a software update. I'm willing to help if anyone can! I was quite interested in the new T10 with extra room sensors.

    Is it possible to change the brightness of the screen on the T10? (This is not addressed in the user manuals for the t9 or t10 on the honeywell home support website.)

    Yes, indeed! In Preferences/Display, there are 10% increments for Inactive Backlight and Inactive Sleep Backlight.

    Can the remote sensor be used to set the primary temperature? I want the temperature in the room where the remote sensor is to be as requested (no averaging).

    Yes, that is doable... you may choose which sensor the base unit uses to measure temperature... When I go to bed at night, for example, I make my bedroom the assigned sensor, so that no matter what the temperature is downstairs, the temperature in my bedroom will be controlled to the temperature that I have set.

    Can I set this to a specific temperature and have it turn on the heater or air conditioner based on that temperature?

    Answer: Hello, Depending on the temperature in your home, the changeover feature (also known as Changeover) allows your thermostat to automatically transition from heating to cooling or vice versa. Even if you set your thermostat heating temperature to 70° and cooling temperature to 70° and turn changeover on, the temperature must climb or fall by at least 1.5° before the thermostat will convert modes. (In the preceding case, the temperature would have to rise to 71.5 degrees).

    Is the T9 compatible with twin zone systems, and would I require two to function properly? My house currently has two thermostat controllers.

    Yes, two T9s are required to operate two systems.

    Can the thermostat be programmed?

    The Honeywell Home T9 WIFI Smart Thermostat with One Smart Room Sensor may be programmed. You can have as many as six periods every day. If you have any further questions, please call us at 1-800-633-3991. Description: HoneyWell T10 Pro vs T9

    About this item – Honeywell Home Honeywell THX321WFS2001W T10 Pro Smart Thermostat with RedLINK, White

    • Amazing fact: I’ve been a builder for more than 30 years. Because there aren’t too many bells and whistles, even my customers who aren’t particularly tech-savvy have no trouble utilising the product or the accompanying mobile app.
    • The remote sensor performs quite well, particularly in situations in which the primary sensor cannot be installed in an optimal location.
    • I had a renovation problem where a thermostat was installed directly over baseboard heat, resulting in a bad heating condition. I got this and put the remote sensor in, and the area is now evenly heated! I deactivate geofencing and scheduling, and I control everything only through the app. Additionally, tech assistance is fantastic!
    • During the past 6-7 years, I have probably installed 25–30 of them, and after running set–none, I have encountered zero problems with any of them.
    • The only reason I needed technical support was because of a problem with my Wi-Fi connection, which was unrelated to any stats or sensors.
    • Low Voltage Thermostat, Stages Heat 3, Heat Pump, or 2 Conventional, Stages Cool 2, Temp. Settings per Day 0, 1, 2, 4, Programs per Week 5-1-1, 5-2, or Non-Programmable, Terminal Designations Wi-Fi Capability, RC, R, C, W, O/B, Y, Y2, G, E, AUX, K, L, U, U, S, S; RC, R, C, W, O/B, Y, Y2; RC, R, C; Yes, System Switching: Heat-Off-Cool-Auto-Emergency, Fan Switching: Auto-On-Circulate-Follow Schedule, Display Size: 7.27 in., Display Type: LCD, Backlit, Display Color: Gray, Key Pad Lockout System Switching: Heat-Off-Cool-Auto-Emergency Fan Switching: Auto-On-Circulate-Follow Schedule Display Size 7.27 in.
    • Display Type LCD Yes, the fan can be programmed. Yes, the changeover is automatic. Yes.

    About this item – Honeywell Home T9 WiFi Smart Thermostat with 1 Smart Room Sensor, Touchscreen Display, Alexa and Google Assist

    • awesome sensor range. The battery-powered Smart Room Sensors use proprietary Honeywell Home technology to produce an accurate signal up to 200 feet away. (This may vary depending on home construction.)
      SIMPLE INSTALLATION DONE BY YOU. Setup couldn’t be easier with guided installation. The provided power adapter provides a low-voltage, easy-to-install alternative to a C-wire, making the thermostat suitable for most households.
    • Save energy and money. Adjust your ENERGY STAR certified thermostat from anywhere with your mobile device, or let your house respond to your schedule automatically with Auto Home/Away Scheduling. Save even more by enrolling in your utility provider’s energy-saving programmes. (Subject to availability in the area – see link above for rebate finder)
    • Focus on multiple rooms. Don’t feel compelled to select between rooms; the T9 Smart Thermostat can handle various rooms to focus on (requiring sensors).
    • Live and sleep wisely. To help you get a better night’s sleep, set the temperature in a certain location, such as the bedroom, to exactly what you want it to be. Allow the smart room sensors to recognise which rooms people are in and automatically focus comfort where it matters.
    • Manage it your way. Control the T9 using the Resideo app or via Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and other voice assistants.
    • Coverage for the entire house Install smart area sensors throughout your home to monitor the temperature and humidity in each room. Focus on specific rooms you choose, or let the sensors focus on spaces where humans are present. Sensors can reach up to 200 feet and are distributed around the home to improve the quality of the signal and data supplied to the T9 thermostat.
    • Greetings and welcome to “Just Right.” The T9 Smart Thermostat detects temperatures in the places that matter the most. Set a timetable to focus on the rooms you want—or let the sensors adjust to your lifestyle, saving energy when you leave and preparing that optimal temperature for your return.
    • Compatible with: forced air (gas, oil, or electricity), hot water and steam, and heat pumps with backup electricity. DOES NOT WORK WITH ELECTRIC BASEBALL HEATING (120-240V). A C-wire is required.
    • Compatible with the majority of heat-and-cool oil furnace systems. Unless a C-Wire is present, will not work with heating only oil furnace systems.
      Check to see whether this thermostat is compatible with your home and if you require a C-wire power adapter before purchase.