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Hoover Smartwash vs Bissell Proheat 2X – Best Hoover Smartwash…

    Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner, FH52000G






    Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro

    Hoover Smartwash vs Bissell Proheat 2X

    Hoover Smartwash vs Bissell Proheat 2X: How does the Bissell Proheat 2X carpet cleaner compare to the Hoover Smartwash? The goal of this comparison review of the Hoover Smartwash and Bissell Proheat 2X carpet cleaners is to determine which is the best.

    Hoover Smartwash vs Bissell Proheat 2X– Quick Comparison Summary

    • The hose length of the Hoover Smartwash is 12 feet, whereas the hose length of the Bissell Proheat 2X is 8 feet.
    • While the Bissell Proheat 2X has a cord length of 25 feet, the Hoover Smartwash only has a cord length of 22 feet.

    • Hoover Smartwash is less expensive than the Bissell Proheat 2X.

    • AUTOMATIC CLEANING TECHNOLOGY, AUTO-CLEAN MOTION SENSING DESIGN, AUTO-MIX and AUTO-DRY are all standard features of the Hoover Smartwash, however they are not available for the Bissell Proheat 2X.

    • The motor amps of the Hoover Smartwash are 10, while the motor amps of the Bissell Proheat 2X are 6.8.

    • Both Bissell Proheat 2X and Hoover Smartwash have some of the same fantastic features, like a 1 gallon water tank, carpet, upholstery, and area rugs; a 5 year warranty; a brush roll cover; and more.

    • The dimensions of the Hoover Smartwash are 18.9 x 13 x 43.5 inches, while the dimensions of the Bissell Proheat 2X are 15 x 12.5 x 43.5 inches.

    • Hoover Smartwash weighs 18.49 pounds, whereas Bissell Proheat 2X weighs 17.5 pounds.

    • The cleaning path width of the Hoover Smartwash is 12 inches, while the cleaning path width of the Bissell Proheat 2X is only 11 inches.

    • Compared to Hoover Smartwash, the Bissell Proheat 2X Carpet Cleaner is extremely popular on Amazon.

    Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner, FH52000G

    Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro

    Hoover Smartwash

    Bissell Proheat 2X









    Hose Length

    12 Feet

    8 Feet

    Motor Amps

    10 Amps

    6.8 Amps

    Cord Length

    22 Ft

    25 Ft

    Cleaning Path width

    12 inches

    11 inches

    Brush Roll Cover

    Clean Tank Capacity

    1 Gallon

    1 Gallon

    Surface Type

    Carpet, Upholstery & Area Rugs

    Carpet, Upholstery & Area Rugs

    Warranty Description

    5 Year Warranty

    5 Year Warranty

    Included Components

    Hoover – SmartWash™+ Upright Deep Cleaner – Teal/Transparent

    Tough Stain Tool, OXY Urine Eliminator, Brush Roll Cover, Pet Upholstery tool, Pretreater




    Item Weight

    18.49 Pounds

    17.5 Pounds

    Product Dimensions

    18.9 x 13 x 43.5 Inches

    15 x 12.5 x 43.5 Inches

    FAQS :

    The water is heated?

    The hottest water I can get from the faucet should be added to the water container, followed by a pot (about two litres) of already-boiled water from our hot water pot. I've cleaned roughly 2,000 square feet of carpet and one staircase, and it hasn't had any negative effects on the plastic or the seals. 3–4 days of consistent work with no issues at all

    How well does this device handle hair? Despite how often I vacuum, there is still hair. Does it become too stuck in the brushes?

    Since I have a cat, hair is a big issue for me. Hair can get stuck in the nozzle leading to the dirty water tank in the Smartwash, which does take it up. The brushes will cease. But both the nozzle and brushes can be cleaned very quickly. The components can easily be disconnected for cleaning. The cleaning performed by this device is effective. The directions are simple and easy to understand. I do advise you to rinse your hands thoroughly after using the cleaner. To get the cleaning agent off the rug, it rinses the carpet. Simply empty the container containing the cleaning solution, then re-wet the carpet with only fresh water.

    Is it possible for me to buy any carpet shampoo to use in my vacuum, such as an oxy-clean shampoo for carpet, car seats, and floors?

    Answer: As stated in the other responses, the short answer is that you can use any cleaning agent (and basically any other item) to work this. Technically, you can because the machines don't know if you're using a different solution than the one made by the company that made the equipment. However, the machine's recommended solution does perform a little bit better, and I appreciate that it has a quick-drying composition because the carpets dry much more quickly after using it. The manufacturer recommends that the same brand of cleaning solution be used, which is what I do every other time I clean my floors, but on the occasions in between using their brand of cleaner, I make my own, so this is not at all encouraged for others to try! I merely combine vinegar, Blue Dawn dish soap, peroxide, and liquid fabric softener most of the time. Every time I use it, I personally pour 2 capfuls of Snuggle fabric softener into the water reservoir. It contributes to the pleasant odour in my home and keeps my carpets soft. Again, the manufacturer does not advise using these minor tricks, so if you do, you do so at your own peril.

    how effective the suction is

    In comparison to other household carpet cleaners on the market, the suction is adequate and approximately average. It all depends on how much solution you apply when cleaning your carpet, according to a specialist who earns a living cleaning carpets for both commercial and residential clients. When compared to people who apply a lighter quantity of extraction, some people have hefty trigger fingers and require more extraction. Additionally, depending on the type of carpet—berber, plush, or pile—and the synthetic fiber—the most popular types are nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and triexta—they will absorb 8 to 14% of the water that can't be extracted from the fibres. That is typical. Should you feel (damp wet). Slap or pat your carpet with your palm if you believe it to be too damp. If it splashes, only mechanical extraction is required moving forward. So the answer is yes, this Bissell has high suction and will work well. (Note: Before using up the clean solution tank, someone advised filling and emptying the filthy water (return tank) twice.

    Does this cleaner work well for people who don't have pets?

    Answer: Bissell carpet cleaning equipment has not received CRI approval (check the CRI site). For our old carpet, I used to like renting a professional Bissell rug cleaner. I therefore initially bought this house from Bissell. However, we recently installed magnificent Shaw carpets. To find out the best ways to maintain our new carpet, I called Shaw. It turns out that Shaw advises only utilising carpet cleaners that have received CRI approval (Carpet and Rug Institute). The CRI DOES NOT APPROVE of Bissell goods. In fact, I was informed that using a machine (Bissell) that is not CRI-approved may negate Shaw's 30-year warranty. As a result, I'm returning my underused home Bissell vacuum and replacing it with a Hoover (Hoovers are CRI-approved) in order to properly care for our just installed carpet. I do own three dogs as pets, but I'm also getting a Hoover.

    How simple is it to clean the contaminated water tank? I look after dogs at home with an old professional heater, but cleaning the tank is difficult.

    I find it to be really simple. Put the toilet's waste water in there. Then, after shaking it up and pouring it back into the toilet, partially replace the unclean tank with sink or shower water. After two repetitions, the tank is clean. Description: Hoover Smartwash vs Bissell Proheat 2X

    About this item – Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner, FH52000G, Turquoise

    • Mechanical Cleaning To wash, move ahead; to dry, move back. It is that simple.
    • Flexforce Powerbrushes: Use brushes that are soft on floors while being harsh on filth to gently remove deep dirt and pet messes.
    • Vacuuming is a simple way to deep clean.Simply push SmartWash forward to wash and bring it back to dry thanks to its novel triggerless design. Formulas also don’t require any mixing or measuring.
    • SmartWash takes care of everything.
    • AUTO-MIX: Mixes and dispenses solution precisely for the cleanest results.
    • What’s included: a 12-foot hose, an accessory storage bag, a 2-in-1 pet tool, a stair tool, and a sample bottle of cleaning solution.
    • Hoover wants to help you feel at ease. Home comfort is our top priority. Our goods are made to enhance your home’s wellbeing because a comfortable home contributes to your overall wellbeing.
    • AUTO-DRY: HeatForce technology helps remove water and dirt effectively and speeds up the drying process.
    • TECHNOLOGY FOR AUTOMATIC CLEANING: Push forward to clean, pull back to dry.
    • AUTO-CLEAN MOTION SENSING DESIGN:There are no triggers or buttons because guesswork is eliminated.
    • With automatic cleaning technology, the Hoover SmartWash+ Automatic Carpet Cleaner takes the guesswork out of cleaning carpet and makes it as simple as vacuuming. Simple forward and backward motions are used to clean and dry carpet. no more than one button. not measuring the solution. No fuss. Simply straightforward and powerful.
    • With FlexForce PowerBrushes, remove dirt that has been deeply ingrained. Additionally, Auto Dry effectively removes water with HeatForce for a shorter drying time, while Auto Mix properly mixes and dispenses the right quantity of solution for optimal cleaning.

    About this item – Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro Full-Size Carpet Cleaner, 1986, with Antibacterial Formula and Bonus 3″ Tough Stain Tool

    • The stain and odour elimination system comprises the CleanShot pretreater, the EZ Clean Brush Roll Cover, and the PET PRO OXY Urine Eliminator solution.

    • Quick Clean Mode (refer to instructions in the user guide). On new carpet, the protectant was tested.Results could differ.

    • low-profile foot and lightweight design (less than 18 pounds). facilitates movement around furniture and ease of use.

    • MODE MAX: Clean It provides professional-grade cleaning to remove deeply ingrained stains, filth, and odours by utilising 12 rows of revolving Dual DirtLifter PowerBrushes.

    • Each purchase saves animals. BISSELL is pleased to support the BISSELL Pet Foundation and its efforts to save stray animals. Current: 6.8 amps

    • Each purchase saves animals. BISSELL is pleased to support the BISSELL Pet Foundation and its efforts to save stray animals. By purchasing a BISSELL item, you also support the rescue of animals.

    • Designed to be our best and most effective carpet cleaning technique, it even gets rid of skunk odour in addition to the hardest pet stains and odors. useable on unfinished flooring.

    • Bonus 3: “Pet Upholstery and Tough Stain Tool in One.”removes odours, pet hair, and stains from upholstery.

    • The Brush Roll Cover for EZ Clean makes it simple and quick to clean the machine after a thorough cleaning.

    • Attack the Most Difficult Stains. To deliver a concentrated stream of cleaning solution exactly where you need it, turn on the CleanShot pretreater.

    • Express Clean ModeDried carpets are delivered in roughly 30 minutes.

    • We adore our pets just as you do, but eventually they all cause a mess.

    • The specialised Pet Pro Cleanup System in the Bissell Pro Heat 2X Revolution Pet Pro manages difficult pet messes, including tracked-in muck and even accidents.

    • The system comes with a trial size of Bissell Professional Pet Urine Eliminator + Oxy, a Clean Shot Pretreated to easily remove spots and stains, a 2-in-1 Pet Upholstery Tool to easily remove pet hair, stains, and odours from upholstery, and an EZ Clean Brush Roll Cover to make machine maintenance simple. Additionally, Express Clean Mode dries carpets in around 30 minutes, while Deep Clean mode provides powerful cleaning to surpass the top rental.

    • All of this cleaning ability is contained in a portable, lightweight machine with a low-profile foot that may fit under furniture. To handle challenging pet messes, you have everything you need with the Bissell Pro Heat 2X Revolution Pet Pro. Purchasing this item saves animals. With pride, Bissell backs the Bissell Pet Foundation’s efforts to save stray animals. By purchasing a Bissell item, you also support the rescue of animals. We take great pride in creating items that help eliminate pet messes, odours, and pet homelessness.

    • Low-pile carpet, stairs, upholstery, carpet, area rugs, and pet beds are examples of surfaces.
      Stain-Removing Equipment contains 3 ” With only one tool, the Tough Stain Tool and the 2-in-1 Pet Tool can remove pet hair, stains, and odours in both dry and wet modes.