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JNC660 vs JNC770 – Clore Car Jump Starters 12 Volts…

    Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12 Volt






    Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC770R 1700 Peak Amp 12

    JNC660 vs JNC770

    JNC660 vs JNC770: However, when it comes to jump starters, the JNC660 and the JNC770 are both good options; the question is, which one is superior? When contrasting the JNC660 with the JNC770, we are looking to establish which of these two products is the superior option.

    JNC660 vs JNC770 – Quick Comparison Summary

    • Both the JNC660 and the JNC770 have some of the same incredible capabilities, like a peak amp rating of 1700, a battery capacity of 22 Ah, 12V outputs, the ability to start vehicles such as passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles, and a great deal more.
    • Automatic Jump-N-Carry System, Clore The JNC660 is an extremely well-liked jump starter on the online retailer. Consider the model JNC770.
    • While the JNC660 has dimensions of 5.1 inches deep by 14.1 inches wide by 16.3 inches high, the JNC770 is 9 inches deep by 18 inches wide by 22 inches high.
    • JNC660 is more affordable, and JNC770 is more costly.
    • JNC660 is an extremely outdated version that was first published in 2006, whereas JNC770 is the most recent version that was first published in 2016.
    • The length of the JNC660 cable is only 46 inches, while the length of the JNC770 cable is 68 inches.
    • The weight of the JNC660 is 18 pounds, while the weight of the JNC770 is 23 pounds.
    • The JNC660 features a digital display, whereas the JNC770 has an analog one for monitoring the battery level.
    • The JNC770 includes a number of additional features, including two USB outputs and an LED light on the front of the unit. The LED light is bright enough to illuminate the battery connections, so using the unit at night should be simpler. The Master ON/OFF Switch has a switch that may be used to turn the cables off and also enables a “Reverse Connection Alarm.”

    Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12 Volt

    Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC770R 1700 Peak Amp 12





    Clore Automotive

    Clore Automotive

    USB Outputs

    LED Light on the front

    Reverse Connecton Alarm

    Cable Length






    12 Volt Starting Amps



    Starts Vehicles

    Passenger Vehicles, Light Commercial

    Passenger Vehicles, Light Commercial


     22 Ah

     22 Ah

    425 Cranking Amps

    Clore Proformer Battery Technology

    12 Volt DC Outlet to Power Accessories

    Built-in Charger

    What’s in the box

    (1) JNC660 Jump Starter, (1) ESA1 Male-Male 12 Volt Cable

    Clore Automotive – 1700 Peak Amp Premium 12 Volt Jump Starter (JNC770R)

    Date First Available

    September 11, 2006

    June 7, 2016

    Item Weight

    18 pounds

     23 pounds

    Date First Available

    5.1″D x 14.1″W x 16.3″H

    9″D x 18″W x 22″H

    FAQS :

    Will it start an AGM Optima or other deep-cycle battery?

    Answer: This has a 12V AGM battery inside, so it can be linked to another such battery (and it accomplishes all of the above, whether you're using it for "jumpstarting" a car or extending the life of a deep cycle battery). Just be aware that the battery within this device may not be as powerful as it appears. It's actually rated "22 amp-hour," implying that it can provide 1 amp for 22 hours (at 12V), 2 amps for 11 hours, 3 amps for 7 hours, and so on. Many deep-cycle batteries (about the size of a vehicle battery) can provide 6 amps for 8 hours; thus, this is around half the power and half the weight.

    What makes this one superior, aside from jumping a car with a dead battery? Is this one more powerful than the others on Amazon at lower amps vs. 1700? What does the extra 1700 amps give you? How does the auto-charge function?

    Answer: The Jump N Carry brand is not only effective but also long-lasting. I'm thinking about purchasing this JNC charger. Back in 1999 or 2000, I was working at a car audio business and discovered the original Jump N Carry jumper box on the Snap On tool truck. It's June 2018, and the 17Ah battery is about to die! I wasn't very nice to it either throughout the years! Inside the original JNC charger was a high-amp, deep-cycle battery. Deep-cycle batteries are designed to withstand deep discharges that would destroy a standard SLA battery under the same conditions, usually 4–6 deep discharges, sometimes fewer! This product offers automated charging, which eliminates the need to check the charging time and unhook the charging cord when finished. The initial device indicated that it needed to be disconnected in 10–12 hours. Let me repeat, I was not kind to my original JNC. There's a reason why this brand is spotted on mechanics' tool trucks.

    Can I charge this device using a portable solar power panel and use it to power my laptop for at least two hours?

    Answer: I use an Instapark Mercury27 portable foldable solar panel with an Instapark PWM Solar Charger controller linked into the 12V accessory connector to charge my It works great and should be able to power a laptop for 2+ hours when hooked into the 12V accessory port.

    Is it possible to replace the battery?

    Yes, but first try the internal charger. The charge pack began to weaken, so I purchased an OEM battery from Amazon and installed it, only to discover that the charger controller was not charging the battery, so examine your alternatives before purchasing a replacement battery.

    I'm curious whether you've ever been able to jumpstart a completely dead battery. I forgot to turn off the interior lights, and it went completely dark overnight.

    Answer: Perhaps you saw my evaluation of the Clore JNC660 'Jump-N-Carry' I bought on Amazon a few months ago. Here's a quick rundown of why I bought this battery starter back then. My 2001 BMW, almost 13 years old and only on its second battery, which is probably about 7 years old, had been sitting parked for a few months with an expired inspection sticker (off street), requiring a few thousand dollars just to pass a minimal inspection and get my window sticker. Not only had the car been sitting for months, but I had foolishly connected my Garmin Navigation and charged it in the car before completely forgetting about it for weeks because I had a brand new Mustang GT. I just left the car there until I remembered and dashed to the BMW to unhook the charger from the cigarette lighter outlet, only to realize that my battery was dead to the rest of the world. Nothing functioned (there was no keyless entry, radio, lights, or anything else). I not only attempted to start the car with the Schumacher Battery Starter that I had in the trunk, but I also repeatedly recharged the starter for 24 and 48 hours until it displayed full charge and barely made the horrible click, click, click sound when turning the key. Even after a neighbor with his vehicle gave me a jump start, the car did not even try to turn over the starter. So, after much internet study and convincing myself to buy this JNC660, I figured I'd give it a chance and see what happened for the $129 I believe I spent on Amazon. So, I charged the JNC660 overnight after receiving it from UPS and went outside the next day with my fingers crossed and put the cable clamp on my battery POS terminal and a ground connection under the hood (the battery is in the trunk compartment) and closed my eyes and turned the key expecting to hear "Click, Click, Click, Click, and amazingly to me, the car started right up instantaneously as if I had a brand new battery in the car. Believe me, my battery was dead (it would not even hold a charge after driving it for more than an hour). It requires a new battery because I damaged a 7-year-old battery that was barely holding up by letting it sit for months and then stupidly forgetting to charge the navigation for weeks. Long story short, I am so happy with the JNC660 that I tell everyone about it whenever the subject comes up, and even my niece's husband recently purchased one for his daily car, which he drives 700 miles a week to work alone. If you decide to give it a shot, best of luck. I am confident that it will provide you with great peace of mind and will start almost any automobile. Mind you, the BMW is a 6-cylinder, but the way that thing cranked the starter right up, I am confident it will start just about any passenger car you can throw at it. Clore manufactures stronger battery starters with significantly greater cranking strength for trucks and other applications.

    Does charging this device require an extension cord?

    The answer is that you can use an extension 3-prong cord in addition to the short 4'-prong male cord that connects to the back. I recently got this unit as a result of purchasing a JNC660B for work that performed better than I had anticipated. It was used repeatedly for months in the Arizona heat without being charged. It lasted for five years in over 100-degree heat with very few remaining batteries, yet it continues to function.

    Can I keep the JNC770R unit in my car on its side or back? If the battery is kept in these places, will it leak?

    Answer: I've kept mine on its back and haven't run into any problems. When I store batteries in this manner, I have not experienced any battery leaks.

    Does the vehicle you're driving charge the jump box when you use it to start it?

    No, you take it out of the battery after you jump it. I use the outlet cord to charge it. With just one charge, I've been able to achieve a few jump starts. It works wonderfully as a backup when jeeping and boating.

    Does the JNC770R battery use the more recent absorbent glass matt (AGM) type of battery technology?

    The 770 and 660 do, in fact, have sealed lead-acid AGM batteries. Lithium batteries, which are more "new technology" than AGM, are used in the 311 and 318.

    Can I replace the battery on this device?

    My display/charger board failed in less than two months, so I know it's replaceable. I can either pay shipping to send this crap back for repair or buy a replacement board and install it myself. Shame on you, Clore. I bought it on May 16, 2021, and I already have to fix a brand-new jump starter.

    What is this product's input voltage?

    In around 35 days after purchase, if you receive a defective CLORE jump starter similar to mine, the charge voltage will be 0 VDC. Additionally, you'll discover that the manufacturer will charge you shipping costs if you send the item back to be repaired for a flaw. The charge voltage would be 13.8 if yours continued to function a few more days after warranty support ended. Description: JNC660 vs JNC770

    About this item – Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12 Volt Jump Starter , Blue

    • dependable for 25 years Tow truck drivers, auto technicians, rescue vehicles, car auctioneers, and anybody else in need of a dependable jump starter have turned to Jump-N-Carry for more than 25 years.
    • Launching: It’s Part of Our Genes Clore Automobile was established in 2001, but the company has more than 50 years of experience. Its primary concentration is on the design, development, and production of automobile servicing equipment for both consumers and professionals. 
    • Booster PAC, Truck PAC, Jump-N-Carry, Light-N-Carry, and other well-known names in the automotive equipment aftermarket are among our brands. Since its 1993 launch, the premium portable jump starter line from Jump-N-Carry has grown to become well-known to mechanics, tow truck drivers, dealers, and everyone else in need of a reliable source of power and performance to restart a car.
    • Many features of the JNC660 make jump-starting more practical and efficient. It can reach the starting places on cars of various sizes and shapes thanks to its 46-inch cable reach. Hot jaw clamps of industrial grade are designed to pierce corrosion and provide optimal connection.
    • Integrated Autonomous Refueling has an integrated, completely automatic charger for its internal battery. This makes it possible to leave the device plugged in, keeping your jump starter available at all times.
    • Strong Elements The JNC660 is designed with the purpose of providing a disabled vehicle with the maximum amount of starting power possible in mind. The ‘power path’s’ every element is made to maximize the jump starter’s ability to start the disabled car. This includes industrial-grade clamps that pierce corrosion on the car’s battery for a reliable electrical connection and heavy-duty #2 AWG wire leads.
    • Expert Achievements Unmatched Power and Legendary Jump-N-Carry Performance Force. It serves as a Jump-N-Carry jump starter’s calling card. Completely dependable power. This also applies to the JNC660. With a long service life, great cranking power, prolonged cranking duration, and multiple jumps per charge, its Clore Proformer battery was created especially for the jump-starting application.
    • Technology of Clore Proformer Batteries High-performance, interchangeable Clore Proformer batteries are a feature of Jump-N-Carry jump starters. These batteries have a long service life, great cranking power, and longer cranking duration since they are made with maximum power density and durability in mind.

    About this item – Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC770R 1700 Peak Amp Premium 12 Volt Jump Starter – Red

    • Thick-Duty Wires Heavy-gauge, 68-inch wires are exceptionally long and flexible, allowing for perfect unit positioning for jump starting even in extremely cold temperatures.
    • USB charging source Electronic gadgets can be charged via the dual USB ports (1.1A and 2.1A). contains a 12-volt power supply as well as charging accessories.
    • Integrated Fast Charger Equipped with an integrated, completely automated 3-amp charging mechanism, this device maintains its readiness at all times. Included is a charging wire (model number JNC350).
    • PowerJaw Clamp Upgrade With our PowerJaw clamp, you can enhance capacity by using the entire clamp as the jaw, thanks to an innovative design. features a 1000A capacity and a dual-molded grip.
    •  New attributes  Recharging the device is quick and easy thanks to a built-in, automatic 3-amp charging system. A high-intensity LED task light and two USB plugs offer additional usefulness. The clamps are guaranteed to remain inactive throughout storage and transit via a master on/off switch.
    • A legendary performance of jump-n-carry unrivaled strength and powerIt serves as a Jump-N-Carry jump starter’s calling card. Completely dependable power. Nor is the new JNC770R an anomaly. With a long service life, great cranking power, prolonged cranking duration, and several jumps per charge, its Clore PROFORMER battery was created especially for the jump-starting application.
    • Expert Components Plus, the JNC770R has a lot of features that make jump-starting easier and more efficient. It can reach the starting places on cars of various sizes and shapes thanks to its 68-inch cable reach. Its innovative PowerJaw clamps’ dual-molded construction and alloy core provide ultimate durability and power transfer.