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keiser m3 vs m3i – comparison And FAQS…

    Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle






    Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle

    keiser m3 vs m3i

    keiser m3 vs m3i: These two incredible indoor cycles have a lot of features, but which one is the best?
    Which Indoor Cycle is the Best? In this comparative review of the keiser m3 and keiser m3i, we’ll see which one is the best.

    keiser m3 vs m3i – Quick Comparison Summary

    • Keiser M3i is an upgraded version that was released in 2016.
    • Keiser M3 is less expensive.
    • The maximum weight recommended by Keiser M3i is 350 pounds.
    • The item weight of the Keiser M3 and Keiser M3i is the same.
    • The Keiser M3i comes with a brand new M-Connect computer that can connect to many Bluetooth devices at once, making it simple to connect to your fitness apps.

    Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle

    Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle

    keiser m3

    keiser m3i

    Indoor Cycle Item Weight

    38.60 Kilograms

    38.56 Kilograms

    Maximum Weight Recommendation

    300 Pounds

    350 Pounds


    Raven Black

    Raven Black




    Date First Available

    April 14, 2014

    February 17, 2012

    Model Year


    Horizontal Handlebar Adjustment



    Easy To Transport



    FAQS :

    What's the difference between the m3 and the them3i?

    Despite the fact that the Keiser M3 and M3i have many of the same characteristics, the M3i has two advantages over the M3. The M3i's handlebar may be adjusted horizontally. Aside from the adjustability function, the M3i has an updated handlebar design that allows you to exercise in postures similar to those found in spin classes and outdoor riding.

    I just finished putting it together and am experiencing vibration at high rpm. Do you have any suggestions? tighten the hubcap on the flywheel.....

    Where does the vibration come from? Make sure the feet are totally level....other than that, I'm not sure where the tremor comes from.

    Has anyone tried the Peloton app with this?

    The Peloton app works with practically any indoor bike; all you need is a tablet and a way to connect it to the cycle to experience the same lessons. Our media holder is not supported by the M3, however it is supported by the M3i. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more inquiries. 1-800-888-7009 Mike Douglass Keiser Corporation

    Is the 197mm q-factor a concern for someone who has knee problems?

    Answer: There are two videos on Keiser's product website for this bike, one of which explains how they came up with their q-factor width. I'd recommend it to anyone new to riding because it helped me decide whether or not to buy it. I'm new to bicycling and have knee problems, but I feel safe purchasing this. To recap their video, it was intended for the ordinary user with larger hips and shoes so that they would not snag on the bike.

    According to the reviews I read, the major con was that the Bluetooth capabilities didn't work with most apps in 2014? Is this issue now resolved?

    Answer: Hello, everyone! My name is Mike, and I'm the Keiser Corporation's Amazon sales representative. There's a lot of misinformation out there about the M3i and Bluetooth, so let me start by saying that it works just great. The customer's concern with the quantity of compatible applications available for the M3i, and subsequently with the quality of one of the apps, NOT with the bluetooth on the cycle, is detailed in the poor review in question. The client anticipated the bike's bluetooth to work with existing bluetooth applications, however the bluetooth chip in our cycle is a more modern chip (Bluetooth Low Energy), and previous apps were built to work with older bluetooth profiles. It would be unreasonable to imply that Bluetooth does not operate because one user's chosen applications do not connect. Furthermore, despite the fact that we are building our own app, Keiser have no part in writing or designing the applications that are already accessible. 'Goind' for Apple devices, 'impowered BeTested', and 'BKOOL' for Android smartphones are the only applications that are currently compatible. BKOOL will soon be available on the Apple App Store as well; the approval procedure for Apple apps takes a little longer. All of the applications operate precisely as they should, and we recommend that people read as many evaluations as possible about the app and our cycle before making a decision. Please contact our corporate headquarters and ask for Mike if you have any questions or issues with the bluetooth, the bike itself, or any other Keiser items. I'd be delighted to assist! Best, Mike Douglass is a well-known actor. 1 - 800 - 888 - 7009 Keiser Corporation

    Will this bike fit someone who is 6 feet 4 inches tall? "What are your thoughts on this?

    Answer: I feel this bike would suit a 6'4" person perfectly "individual The bike features a wider range of settings than others. This is a fantastic piece of equipment. You will not be let down. Description:

    About this item – Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle

    • Commercial grade, built for the gym but even better in your home!
    • Incredibly durable, no wearing parts, nearly maintenance free.
    • Whisper quiet in operation and smooth magnetic resistance system.
    • Modern complementary design, built in the U.S.A.
    • Computer with power output tracking included at no extra cost!



    About this item – Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle

    • Black Friday bundle includes: Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle, Media Tray, Stretch Pads, Floor Mat, Gel Seat Cover, Dumbbell Holder, M Series Assembly and Maintenance Kit and M Connect Connect Display!
    • Industry’s First V-Shape Frame: Enables M3i to mimic different road-bike frames by allowing seat and handlebars to be raised in conjunction to accommodate riders of all sizes, from 4’10”–7’ tall
    • M Connect – The M Series Connected Computer connects seamlessly to your favorite fitness apps!
    • Durability and Beauty: Simple, elegant design makes the M3i extremely durable, virtually maintenance-free, and a stunning showpiece for your home or gym
    • Made in the USA: The M3i is the ONLY indoor bike built in the U.S., ensuring the highest quality control standards