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Kwikset 909 vs 913: Which Smart Lock is Right For You? Best

    Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt






    Kwikset 99130-002 SmartCode 913 Non-Connected Keyless

    Kwikset 909 vs 913

    Kwikset 909 vs 913: Comparison And Differences, Similarities

    There are many different types of smart locks on the market, but two of the most popular are the Kwikset 909 and the Kwikset 913. Both locks have their pros and cons, so it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. In this article, we will compare and contrast the Kwikset 909 and 913, so that you can decide which one is best for your needs. Smart locks allow you to control who has access to your home, even when you’re not there. They also provide an extra layer of security against burglars.

    • The Kwikset Smartcode 913 keyless deadbolt door lock is extremely popular among customers on the market, compared to the Kwikset 909. Its features and benefits are highly praised by users, making it one of the top-selling items in this category.
    • Kwikset 913 is an upgraded version of Kwikset 909 and it is a bit more expensive than the Kwikset 909. However, it has some extra features that make it worth the extra money.
    • Kwikset 909 and Kwikset 913 have different keypad designs. Kwikset 909 has 6 Digit Backlit keypads with dedicated lock buttons, while Kwikset 913 has 10 Digit backlit keypads with dedicated lock buttons.
    • Kwikset 913 has 16 user codes, while Kwikset 909 only has 8. This can be a problem if you have more members, as there are not enough user codes to go around.
    • The Kwikset 909 and the Kwikset 913 share some common features, such as a keyless entry that is good, sleek metal designs, auto lock features, one-touch locking capabilities, and bump-proof security.
    • Kwikset 909 weight is 2.8 Pounds While Kwikset 913 weight is 1.5 Pounds, which is good. However, the Kwikset 913 is a better option because it is lighter in weight.
    • The Kwikset 909 Dimension is 3.5 x 5.38 x 9.88 inches and the Kwikset 913 Dimension is 3.5 x 5.38 x 9.88 inches. There is not much difference in the dimensions of these two models.

    Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt

    Kwikset 99130-002 SmartCode 913 Non-Connected Keyless

    Kwikset 909

    Kwikset 913











    Keyless Entry

    Digit Backlit Keypad

    6 Digit

    10 Digit

    Auto-Lock Feature

    One-Touch Locking

    User Code

    8 User Codes

    16 User Codes

    Item Dimensions LxWxH

    3.5 x 5.38 x 9.88 inches

    3.5 x 5.38 x 9.88 inches

    Item Weight

    2.88 Pounds

    1.5 Pounds


    4 AA batteries required.

    4 AA batteries required.

    FAQS :

    Can I install this on a door whose strike-plate is located on the left rather than the right (as seen in the picture)?

    I recently purchased one, it does have a left door, and I'm looking for instructions.

    Can I use this lock on a gate that is outside? Marine Grade is what I've been looking for.

    Answer: The inside of this type is not intended for use outdoors; it must be covered and weatherproofed, according to the manufacturer. It is possible to put the exterior on an exterior door without exposing it to the elements.

    8 months ago, a handyman installed. Battery replacement is necessary but the battery cover won't slide. suggestions? The owner's manual offers little useful information.

    The sides of the lid are secured by two screws. The cover should slip off once they are removed. A third screw is located at the base of the lock, but I don't believe you need to remove it. Remove the third screw if the two side screws are difficult to remove.

    Does it require you to hit the keypad key in the middle in addition to the access code to unlock it?

    Should unlock by simply entering your code...

    If you don't want anyone messing with the keypad, is there a way to turn it off from the inside?

    If you want to disable the keypad, it won't make any sense. The keypad's layout makes it impossible to use it as a key or enter your password. If you wish to disable the keypad, instead just purchase a normal door knob.

    Does this come in a version without the thumb turn inside? Someone breaking my glass to get the thumb turn is something I don't want to happen.

    The best solution is to install window film on the inside of the window, which will stop burglars from breaking it.

    Can this be placed on the exterior of the side entrance, considering the weather?

    Answer: Kwikset, who can be contacted via their website, is probably the best person to question about it. Since the keypad is on the exterior, in my perspective, it would be a concern if it might be exposed directly to moisture (rain, snow), extreme temperatures, and dampness. Since the essential electronics are inside the machine, they would be safeguarded. A storm door and a cover over the front steps protect the one I have installed on my front entrance. If possible, installing a storm door would likely provide the required protection.

    I installed this lock, however even after hitting the button at the top of the keypad, the key pad will not light up?

    The batteries should be checked, and the connection between the two sides should be checked as well. Kwikset 909 vs 913 To avoid having to remove the lock for troubleshooting, I always establish the connections, test every function, and typically programme the codes before actually installing the lock on the door.

    Is this lock activated by Alexa?

    The Kwikset 99130-002 SmartCode 913 does not come with Alexa built in, and as it uses the Z-Wave protocol, none of the hub-enabled Echo devices will function with it. However, you may tell (or ask) Alexa to lock the door if you purchase a Z-Wave compatible hub, such as the Samsung Smartthings hub, which you can easily integrate into your network.

    My lock won't stop automatically unlocking. Has anyone experienced this issue? Is it possible to turn it off without disassembling it?

    Answer: 1.) Try removing the 3 Allen Screws from the rear cover to remove the battery pack. After approximately a minute, reattach the battery pack. 2.) Verify that it is not catching on anything as it is extending if removing the battery pack does not work. It will unlock if it is binding to the door jamb, keeping the lock intact. 3. Regain the lock's handling by going back to the beginning, just like you did when you first installed it. If you need additional assistance, you can find pictures of all of this in the user handbook. Description: Kwikset 909 vs 913

    About this item – Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt featuring SmartKey in Venetian Bronze

    • 1.19 inches of projection. Improved security is provided by patented side locking bar technology, which gives defence against the attack method known as “lock bumping,” which can be used to break traditional pin and tumbler locks.
    • There are eight programmable access codes and a master code choice. Kwikset (KW1) key method is compatible with Smart Key Re key technology.
    • One-touch locking for enhanced visibility, with a motorised deadbolt.
      For more details, please refer to the installation manual and user manual under the technical specification section. Stainless steel side locking bars are included with SmartKey cylinders. Kwikset 909 vs 913
    • Upgrade to Kwikset Signature Series products for designer looks and excellent security. The only one-touch locking motorised deadbolt is the SmartCode touchpad electronic deadbolt.
    • You may enter your home without a key with the help of your unique code, and the back-lit keypad improves visibility. SmartCode requires only 4 AA batteries to run and is simple to install, programme, and utilise. As a backup keyway, it also has SmartKey re-key technology.
    • The Venetian Bronze finish, which is hand-rubbed to showcase special bronze accents, adds a rich and hospitable touch to the item’s design.
    • To fit all common door setups, the latch has an adjustable backset of 2 to 3/8 to 2 to 3/4 inches.

    About this item – Kwikset 99130-002 SmartCode 913 Non-Connected Keyless Entry Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Door Lock Featuring SmartKey Security, Satin Nickel

    • Rekey your lock with SmartKey in 3 easy steps. The learn tool and your working key are required for the system to function.

    • The SmartCode 913 touchpad electronic deadbolt is a motorised deadbolt with one touch locking. You may enter your home with the comfort of keyless entry with your unique code, and the backlit keypad improves visibility. SmartCode runs on 4 AA batteries and is simple to install, programme, and utilise.

    • Additionally, SmartKey Security is included as a backup keyway. The Satin Nickel finish gives the item a more contemporary look and feel thanks to its clear, sharp appearance.

    • Features SmartKey rekey technology with Bump Guard protection, is BHMA Grade 2 certified, and is UL certified with a 20 minute fire rating.
      Increased security features include a 10 digit illuminated audible keypad, a 30 second auto lock option, and 16 programmable access codes.

    • plus 16 user codes Added security using the Master Code feature

    • a motorised deadbolt and a keyless touchpad entry system with a modern interior; provides conventional key functionality for comfort.
      convenient secure keyless entrance

    • Please confirm that this lock fits your door before making a purchase.

    • 10 digit keypad with lock button in the backlight

    • Touch-only locking

    • Fits typical doors that are between 1 3/8 and 2 inches thick. Please refer to the sizing chart that is provided with the product photographs.
      For more details, please refer to the specification sheet, installation manual, and user manual under the technical specification area.

    • Easily installed in a few minutes without the need for additional screw holes or hard wiring. A video of installation is included alongside the product photographs.

    • Interior space is drastically decreased, and it is all metal.

    • 4 AA batteries are needed for functioning (not included)