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Kwikset 917 vs 955 – Which one Should you Buy?

    Kwikset SmartCode 917 Keypad






    Kwikset SmartCode 955 Keypad

    Kwikset 917 vs 955

    Kwikset 917 vs 955: What distinguishes the Kwikset 917 from the Kwikset 955? The Kwikset 917 and the Kwikset 955 are two excellent choices for door levers, but which one is the best? We will compare the features of the Kwikset 917 and Kwikset 955 to see which product is better for your home.

    Kwikset 917 vs 955 – Quick Comparison Summary

    • Compared to the Kwikset Smartcode 917 keypad keyless entry lock deadbolt on Amazon, the Smartcode 955 keypad door lever is quite popular.
    • Kwikset 917 is less costly than Kwikset 955, which is more expensive.
    • Kwikset 917 uses the touch control technique, whereas Kwikset 955 uses the remote control method.
    • Re-Key Technology, Standard Door Preparation, Disable Passage Mode, Auto-Lock Mode, Passage Mode, BHMA Grade Certification, 3-Year Battery Life, Reversible Lever, Emergency User Code, Material is metal, lock type is keypad, and many other fantastic features are shared by both Kwikset 917 and Kwikset 955.
    • Kwikset 917 has two fashionable designs, but Kwikset 955 only has one.
    • While Kwikset 955 offers a 3-year electronics warranty as well as a lifetime mechanical and finish warranty, Kwikset 917 only offers a 1-year electronic warranty.
    • In comparison, the weight of the Kwikset 917 is only ‎3.8 Pounds pounds, while the weight of the Kwikset 955 is 4.8 pounds.
    • The dimensions of Kwikset 955 and Kwitset 917 are 3.87 x 4.11 x 9.49 inches and 3.87 x 4.11 x 9.49 inches, respectively.

    Kwikset SmartCode 917 Keypad

    Kwikset SmartCode 955 Keypad

    Kwikset 917

    Kwikset 955





    Control Method



    Recommended Uses For Product






    Stylish Designs

    Two Stylish Designs

    One Stylish Designs

    Warranty Description

    1 year electronics warranty, Lifetime mechanical and finish warranty

    3 year electronics warranty; lifetime mechanical and finish warranty

    Item Weight

    3.8 Pounds

    ‎4.8 pounds

    Connectivity Protocol




    Inside, Outside

    ‎Inside; Amateur

    Product Dimensions

    3.87 x 4.11 x 9.49 inches

    3.87 x 4.11 x 9.49 inches


    Reversible Lever

    BHMA Grade Certified

    Emergency User Code

    Included Components

    SmartCode 917 interior assembly, SmartCode 917 touchpad electronic lever exterior assembly, left and right hand levers, strike, latch, 2 keys, spindle, SmartKey tool, mounting hardware, installation guide, and 9V battery

    Exterior Deadbolt Assembly, Interior Deadbolt Assembly, Latch, Strike, SmartKey Learn Tool, Allen Wrench, Spindle, 2 Keys, Levers, Installation Hardware, Installation Guide, 9V Battery


    4.13 x 4.13 x 6.65 Inches

    10 x 8 x 6 Inches

    FAQS :

    My top lock is 5 1/2 inches higher than the doorknob it replaces. Will it work?

    Yes, it appears that the normal distance between the centers of the lock and door latch holes is 5 1/2". This fits with roughly 3/4" to spare—at least to the collar of my deadbolt, which varies significantly. I tried numerous keyless locks, and all of them partially covered the deadbolt hole and had to be returned.

    Is there a nightlight on the keypad?

    Yes, it is. When you press the Kwikset button, the numerical keypad illuminates.

    Is this wifi enabled so that you may remotely add or erase codes and observe who has used the lock? Is there a WiFi door handle (not a lock) made by Kwikset?

    No, this is not a WiFi-enabled device. It is a self-contained door lock. Very easy to use and set up. I've used it for a few months and find it quite user-friendly.

    Will the internal handle spin if the lock is turned on? My pet uses lever handles to open doors.

    Yes, as planned, the inner handle will spin to unlock the door. If your pet is capable of opening doors, you'll need to get a smart lock with a different handle type or style.

    Is the inside handle stationary while the door is locked? We want to keep children in our home.

    No, it does not. This is a fire danger and, like double-cylinder deadbolts, is banned. I bought a security chain and hung it at the top of the door, out of reach of my children.

    Can I turn off the auto-lock feature? If so, how should it be done?

    Answer: If the lever used to autolock is depressed, the autolock needs to use the keypad. The autolock is engaged if the lever is facing up. Description: Kwikset 917 vs 955

    About this item – Kwikset 99170-001 SmartCode 917 Keypad Keyless Entry Traditional Residential Electronic Lever Deadbolt Alternative with Tustin Door Handle and SmartKey Security, Satin Nickel

    • Two beautiful designs This domestic electronic lever is offered in both conventional and contemporary designs.
    • The modern finishes include polished chrome, iron black, and satin nickel. Satin nickel and Venetian bronze are the two finishes available for our conventional design.
    • Automatic Locking After each entry and exit, the lock can be configured to remain locked. Each time, entrance requires a key or code.
    • For garage doors, side or rear doors, and storage sheds, this is perfect. Transit Mode You may program the lock to remain unlocked. No code or key is necessary for access.
    • This is perfect for interior offices that permit 24/7 access. The maintenance closet and other restricted areas of your house or rental property will be locked, ensuring that temporary employees or caretakers don’t forget to do so.
    • Turn off Passage Mode. This lock’s ‘Disable Passage Mode’ setting enables automatic locking each time and requires a key or code each time.

    • Since 1946, Kwikset, the top-selling lock brand in the US, has helped homes feel secure.

    • Kwikset makes a lot of effort to comprehend the world you live in so that we can take all necessary precautions to safeguard it.

    • The business’s persistent dedication to satisfying homeowners’ demands has served as inspiration for its revolutionary lock portfolio.

    About this item – Kwikset SmartCode 955 Keypad Electronic Lever Door Lock Deadbolt Alternative with Pembroke Door Handle Lever Featuring SmartKey Security in Satin Nickel

    • With a 3-year battery life and a sturdy metallic construction for increased durability and security, the SmartCode 955 electronic lever door lock is built to last.

    • The highest level of residential security, toughness, and quality are all verified by the BHMA for this lever, which is reversible to fit both right- and left-handed doors. It is also BHMA Commercial Grade 2 certified.

    • The three locking modes available to property managers include deactivate passage mode, passage deadbolt stays unlocked, and auto lock code or key required for access each time.

    • These choices may be used to match diverse applications.

    • For controlled access, you may create up to 30 different user codes that can be used for small companies, janitorial areas, public toilets, inside garage doors, storage closets, and vacation rentals.

    • Our door lock has a lifetime mechanical warranty and a 3-year electronic warranty. includes two keys

    • Create up to 30 different user codes for regulated access. Create codes for anytime access for members of your family, your friends, your staff, or your service providers. Until they are changed, these codes are encoded into the lock lever.

    • Optional programming language for simpler administration Instead of utilizing the programming button on the inside of the deadbolt, you may operate and manage the lock from the outer keypad with the help of the programming code.

    • Key mode access only Disable your keypad, so a key is required to enter the building or your residence.

    • When you go on vacation, this is ideal. Even if user codes have already been programmed, they will not function.