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KWS VS Beswood Meat Slicer – Comparison And Review ?

    KWS VS Beswood Meat Slicer

    KWS VS Beswood Meat Slicer are two amazing Putter , But the question is which one is the best?

    Which is the best Meat Slicer? In this KWS VS Beswood Meat Slicer comparison Review, we want to find out Which One is Best.

    Quick Comparison Summary:

    BESWOOD 10″ Premium Chromium-plated is Cheaper.
    Good Thing is You can Use This Meat Slicer Commercial and For Home Use Also.
    KWS MS-10NS Comes With 320-Watts and Beswood 10 comes With 240Watts
    BESWOOD 10″ Premium Chromium-plated has manual operation mode, KWs operation mode is semi automatic.
    KWS material of blade is Stainless Steel And BESWOOD Blade is Carbon Steel.
    Color Are Same in Both KWS AND BESWOOD IS Silver.

    Different Between KWS VS Beswood Meat Slicer And Specification.


    KWS Meat Slicer

    Beswood Meat Slicer

    IMAGES Lowest New Price:




    Blade Material

    Stainless Steel

    Carbon Steel

    Item Weight

    37.6 pounds

    33 Pounds

    Operation Mode

    Semi Automatic


    Blade Shape




    Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Rubber

    Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Rubber

    Commercial and for Home USE







    10-Inch Premium Stainless Steel Blade


    KWS Meat Slicer REVIEW


    KWS MS-10NS Meat Slicer : The Kitchen Ware Station MS-10NS 10” excessive fine stainless blade business semi- automated meat slicer in silver is ideal for business use, domestic use, caterers and cooks etc. MS-10NS 10” capabilities is 320 watts of motor electricity for business applications, it’s far ideal for cutting  meats(recommended),vegetables, cheeses and culmination smoothly, quick and resultseasily as much as .four” thick (0-10mm) with the numerical scale knob.

    MS-10NS 10” additionally presents a integrated twin whetstones sharpener and ring defend meeting for the blade, that’s greater handy to maintain a razor sharp area at the blade, and more secure to use.

    The slicer’s blade of KitchenWare Station MS-10NS 10” in silver is built of excessive fine stainless metallic; and the frame of MS-10NS 10” is product of aluminum alloy which might be greater long lasting and much less in all likelihood to corrode.

    Unlike a number of the carbon metallic blades available in the marketplace which has a shorter provider life, is without problems oxidized and blunt out. Our KWS 10″ excessive fine 304 Stainless Steel blade is anti-rust, corporation and greater long lasting. It gives precision at the same time as offering numerous extraordinary slice adjustments. It always and resultseasily cuts meat, vegetables, or cheese from paper skinny to 0.four inch thick.
    The product tray of our KWS MS-10 meat slicer can preserve ingredients as much as 7″ (L) X 7.5″ (W) X 5.5″ (H). The carriage also can be eliminated without problems for thorough cleaning.

    This characteristic can lessen seams and hard-to-attain locations wherein micro organism can grow, making the slicer as smooth as feasible to clean.
    The KWS on- off transfer and relays are constructed one after the other that may quite save you them from harm collectively on the identical time. The skid evidence rubber ft steady the slicer at the countertop at the same time as cutting which makes the slicer greater sturdy.

    Thanks to the 0.four hp motor and electricity transformer, it provides the electricity had to address steady cutting. The High fine natural copper motor offers the KWS slicer a super combination of sturdiness and performance. And the transformer can successfully save you electric powered leakage and quick circuit.

    Beswood Meat Slicer REVIEW

    beswood Meat Slicer

    BESWOOD 10″ Premium Chromium-plated Meat Slicer : There is no want to sharpen the blade frequently
    Double Illuminated ON/OFF Switch 24V to keep away from energy surprise for high-quality protection  Thanks to Chromium-plated coating Carbon steel & high temperature remedy process, Beswood slicer’s blade remains sharp longer and is covered from corrosion.

    Because there may be no want to sharpen frequently, the blade is extra long lasting and is assured to have an extended lifetime.
    Beswood slicer is best for business use in restaurants, business kitchens, cafes and in-domestic use as well. It is capable of slice boneless meat, cheese, ham, vegetables with excessive fashionable performance.

    Premium V-belt with important noise and vibration reduction.
    *Double illuminated ON/OFF transfer 24V to keep away from energy surprise for high-quality protection.
    *Aluminum frame with top-mounted, stones blade sharpener preserving a always sharp blade edge.
    *USA fashionable approved: ETL, NSF.

    Is it absolutely truthful to examine a $a hundred meat slicer towards a $three hundred one? I concerned the Beswood could be ridiculously hard to clean. When it involves actual cost for slight domestic use, that’s what it got here right all the way down to for me. I’ve examined each and may best maintain one. Here’s what I’ve discovered:

    I concerned the Beswood could be a 30 minute cleansing headache and concerned it’d ought to be disassembled to attain the blade. Some evaluations are bad at the Beswood on the subject of cleansing convenience. (Allen wrench each time? No thanks!) In truth, it’s pretty clean so allow me give an explanation for the process.

    GLOVE SAFETY AND CLEANUP TIP :  Speaking of careful: you should put on reduce resistant gloves whilst cutting and cleansing. I discovered a trick to maintain them clean. Put at the reduce resistant gloves after which location a tightly becoming disposable rubber nitrile glove over it whilst you work.