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Kyy K3 vs K3-1 – KYY Best Portable Monitors…

    KYY k3 Portable Monitor 15.6” FHD 1080P USB C HDMI Gaming Monitor

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    KYY k3-1 Portable Monitor 15.6” 1080P FHD USB-C Laptop Monitors

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    Kyy K3 vs K3-1

    Kyy K3 vs K3-1: Both the Kyy K3 and the Kyy K3-1 are great options for a portable monitor, but which one is better? Discover the answer in our contrast. In this comparison essay, we’ll look at the Kyy K3 and the K3-1 to see which one is the superior product.

    Kyy K3 vs K3-1 – Quick Comparison Summary

    • Compared to the Kyy K3-1 portable monitor, the Kyy K3 has had tremendous success on Amazon.
    • When compared to the more costly Kyy K3-1, which has more features, the Kyy K3 is more affordable.
    • Only the two upgraded full-function USB-C ports on the Kyy K3-1 make it more practical than the Kyy K3; otherwise, they are identical.
    • The 15.6-inch Full HD 1080p UltraSlim IPS Display is a feature on both the Kyy K3 and the more affordable Kyy K3-1. Plug-and-play convenience, wireless audio, and a smart cover External display for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Xbox, and PS4 Compatibility with numerous devices You may maximize your gaming enjoyment with a 60 Hz refresh rate using just a single cable (if your device has a full-featured type-C connector).
    • Features include two USB-C ports, one mini-HDMI port, a metal chassis, a resolution of 1920 by 1080, a brightness of 300 nits, a color gamut of 72% NTSC, a contrast ratio of 1000:1, an IPS LCD display, dual integrated speakers, and more.
    • The weight of a Kyy K3 is 4.13 pounds, whereas with a Kyy K3-1, it’s only 1.7.
    • Kyy K3 measures 8.85 x 14.48 x 0.35 inches (inches). While the Kyy k3-1 is 8.85 by 14.48 by 0.35 inches.

    KYY k3 Portable Monitor 15.6” FHD 1080P USB C HDMI Gaming Monitor

    KYY k3-1 Portable Monitor 15.6” 1080P FHD USB-C Laptop Monitors

    Kyy K3

    Kyy K3-1





    Dual full-function USB-C ports



    Screen Size




    1920 x 1080

    1920 x 1080




    Color Gamut

    72% NTSC

    72% NTSC

    Contrast Ratio



    Ultra-Slim ips Display With smart cover and speakers

    plug and play

    Wide Devices compatibility

    Metal Frame

    1920×1080 Resolution

    Panel Type



    Input Interface

    Type-C Port*2 Mini-HDMI Port*1

    Type-C Port*2 Mini-HDMI Port*1


    Built-in Dual Speakers

    Built-in Dual Speakers

    2-in-1 Case Stand

    Item Weight

    4.13 pounds

    1.7 pounds

    Product Dimensions

    8.85 x 14.48 x 0.35 inches

    8.85 x 14.48 x 0.35 inches

    FAQS :

    What should I understand before purchasing this monitor?

    Answer: 1. An adapter is required to connect phones lacking a fully functional Type-C connector. 2. Laptops lacking fully functional Type-C ports require an HDMI or USB C to USB A cable for connection. 3, does not support WiFi, Bluetooth, or wireless connections. zero battery. not on a touchscreen.

    What use does each cable serve?

    the USB C to USB A cable, which is solely for power supplies. Two USB C to USB C cables for power and video output 3. A MINI HDMI to HDMI cable that is exclusively used for video output Please use a USB C to USB A cable to power the monitor when using an HDMI connection.

    I've spent several hours charging the display. Why does it not activate and display "no signal"?

    The portable monitor from KYY does not include a built-in battery. Please use [USB C to USB C cable] or [Mini HDMI to HDMI cable] and [USB C to USB A cable] to connect the monitor to your device (such as a laptop, PC, Switch, etc.).

    I wish to link my laptop to two displays; is it possible?

    In our shop, we recently introduced a new dual-portable monitor. includes a Type-C connector with power supply functionality and complete functionality. To simultaneously operate both screens, just use a USB C to USB C connector. The X90 only supports Windows systems; however, the X90A USB-C portable monitor supports Windows, Mac OS X, and Android.

    Is there any software that has to be installed, and can this function merely through the laptop's HDMI port?

    To power this display, you need two sources. 1. video 2. power. You must use the USB-C connector for electricity because HDMI only delivers video. Because this is an addition to your video source (laptop, PS4, etc.), there is no software to install. Imagine it as a projector. A projector does not require software installation.

    How long is the USB-C portable monitor's warranty? What should you do if you have a question?

    Answer: Because KYY appreciates all of our customers, we will provide you with a one-on-one expert customer care answer within 24 hours if you have any issues or problems while using our USB-C portable monitor. We also provide a 30-day refund and replacement policy, as well as a 12-month warranty.

    Q: What are the main distinctions between k3, k3-1, and k3-2? I couldn't discover this information and didn't know which to buy.

    A: The OSD value in the K3-2 monitor can be adjusted using the separate "+" and "-" mechanical keys; however, the OSD setting value in the K3 and K3-1 monitors may be adjusted using the track wheel. 2: New three-in-one stand and case The K3-2 portable monitor comes with a leather protective cover. The display is fully protected by the envelope-shaped protective cover. The redesigned stand is no longer restricted to landscape or portrait orientation. This external display may be positioned horizontally or vertically on the stand. The K3 and K3-1 use the same high-quality PU material case and stand, as well as a non-envelope casing. In comparison to the K3, the Type-C port on the K3-1 has been enhanced.

    Q: What has changed since the prior model? (K-3 vs. K3-1)

    In response to your inquiry concerning the KYY portable monitor series, the improved USB-C portable monitor K3-1 comes with dual full-function USB-C ports.

    Is a remote control available from KYY, or is there a universal remote control code for this monitor?

    In most circumstances, the remote control will not work with the KYY monitor. However, you may try setting it on the remote program and checking whether the remote control works. It is also determined by the remote software you utilized.

    Does it actually show a display over USB C, or merely pretend it does?

    Answer: Could you please give us the model of your computer as well as the purchase URL for your USB to USB C adapter? We need to know if the laptop and converter are compatible with the display. 1. The KYY Portable Monitor includes three cables: a USB-C to USB-A cable (for power supply), a USB-C to USB-C cable (for power supply and data transmission), and a Mini-HDMI to HDMI cable (for data transmission). 2. Our monitor has three ports: the first and second USB-C full-function connections, as well as a mini-HDMI port that supports data transmission. 3. Because the monitor has an internal battery and the HDMI connector does not provide power, please ensure that it can be charged by your connected device or the accompanying 5V/2A power adapter. Description: Kyy K3 vs K3-1

    About this item – KYY k3 Portable Monitor 15.6” FHD 1080P USB C HDMI Gaming Monitor Ultra-Slim IPS Display w/Smart Cover & Speakers, Plug&Play, External Monitor for Laptop PC Phone Mac Xbox PS4

    • Upgraded Smart Cover Doubles as a Stand: A more solid folding smart cover, made of tough, high-quality PU leather outside with a scratch-proof, soft lining, protects the screen completely. Two grooves in the cover base allow you to choose a more comfortable viewing angle.
    • Travel Monitor for Laptop: This 0.3-inch, 1.7-lb portable laptop monitor is thin, lightweight, and travel-friendly, exactly like a tablet, making it ideal for carrying with you everywhere you go. It increases productivity, gives more screen area for staying organized, or expands your phone screen for watching movies or playing games while on the road.
    • KyyY includes anultra-slim,m high-quality portable external monitor that works in both landscape and portrait mode, a robust foldable smart cover, a screen protector film, two USB-C cables, and a mini-HDMI to HDMI cable It includes a distinctive premium black metal design, a user-friendly menu control wheel for setup, two built-in stereo speakers, and 3.5mm audio connections to provide an enhanced entertainment experience when watching films and playing games .
    • 1080P FHD Portable Monitor: The KYY Portable Monitor has a 15.6-inch IPS display with a 1920 x 1080 resolution at 60 Hz, 178° viewing angles, and a 1000:1 contrast ratio, which results in bright colors on the screen. The HDR mode and Scene mode offer outstanding mainstream transmission, allowing you to enjoy unparalleled gaming performance. The KYY Monitor is suitable for multi-tasking, gaming, and general usage.
    • With two USB-C ports and two Mini-HDMI ports on one side, the portable display is compatible with a wide range of devices, including laptops, smartphones, PCs, PS4, XBOX, and Nintendo Switch There is no need for a driver! It improved the port’s stability and eliminated the multi-wire winding issue, and it came with 3.5mm audio inputs, making it a really user-friendly design.

    About this item – KYY k3-1 Portable Monitor 15.6” 1080P FHD USB-C Laptop Monitors w/Smart Cover & Dual Speaker, HDMI Computer Display IPS HDR External Gaming Monitor for PC Phone Mac Xbox PS4 Switch[Upgraded]

    • Expand Your Vision With a 0.3-inch profile and 1.7-pound weight, the KYY portable second display can easily slide into your backpack, quickly mirror your small USB-C smartphone, or switch to desktop mode when working outside, making it the ideal travel companion for work or gaming on the go.
    • The smart cover base features two grooves, and you can fold the screen side of the smart cover back to function as a stand, firmly supporting the bottom of the screen. You may adjust the viewing angle of the HDMI portable monitor stand to suit your demands.
    • Choosing a Multi-Mode Monitor: The KYY portable computer monitor is plug-and-play; it can be used as the primary screen alone, it can share the screen in a meeting in duplicate mode, or it can be set to extend mode to boost your work productivity. When browsing, editing, or watching, the adjustable landscape mode, portrait mode, and multiple scene modes provide a superb viewing experience.
    • The 1920 x 1080 high-definition resolution of the FHD Portable Monitor provides a fantastic visual experience. KYY’s external monitor provides a clearer, smoother, and more open-view watching experience in gaming and multimedia, with no flickering, reducing blue light, and avoiding eye fatigue when watching for a long time, with a 15.6-inch IPS screen, a 178° wide viewing angle, HDR technology, and two built-in speakers.
    • Wide Compatibility: The upgraded USB-C portable monitor comes with dual full-function USB-C connections and a Mini-HDMI port, allowing it to be easily linked to laptops, PCs, smartphones, PS4, XBOX, and Switch. As long as your device supports Thunderbolt 3 or 3.1 USB-Type-C, you can connect this portable laptop display with just one USB-C connection.