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Level Lock vs August – Which one is Best >>>

    Level Bolt Smart Lock – Smart Deadbolt






    August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (Newest Model)

    Level Lock vs August

    Level Lock vs August : The Level Lock and the August Smart Lock are both fantastic options for those in the market for a WI-Fi-enabled smart lock. But which of the two options is superior to the other? In this comparison study of Level Lock and August, we’ll look at the two products side by side to see which one is the superior choice.

    Level Lock vs August – Quick Comparison Summary

    • When compared to Level Lock, the popularity of the August Wifi Smart Lock is through the roof on (There are many wonderful testimonials regarding Level Lock.)
    • Both the Level Lock and the August Smartlock have some great features in common, like the ability to use your current lock and keys, the ability to add traditional keyless access to your home, the ability to lock or unlock your door using an app, and the ability to lock or unlock your door from anywhere using their apps.
    • The material of the Level Lock is stainless steel, while the material of the August WIFI Smartlock is metal.
      The Level Lock is significantly more expensive than the August Smart Lock.
    • The August Smart Lock has dimensions of 3.75 inches by 3.75 inches by 2.75 inches, whereas the Level Lock has dimensions of 3.31 inches by 1 inch by 2.25 inches.
    • The weight of a level lock is one pound, while the weight of an August is 1.57 pounds.

    Level Bolt Smart Lock – Smart Deadbolt

    August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (Newest Model)

    Level Lock

    August SmartLock



    Level Home Inc.

    August Home


    Stainless Steel


    Controller Type

    Apple HomeKit, IOS, Android

    Vera, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

    Item Dimensions LxWxH

    3.31 x 1 x 2.25 inches

    2.8 x 2.8 x 2.75 inches


    1 CR2 batteries required. (included)

    2 CR123A batteries required. (included)




    Item Weight

    1.01 pounds

    1.57 pounds

    Included Components

    Level Bolt, Strike plate, CR2 battery, 3 Tailpiece adapters, 4 Screws

    August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, Mounting Hardware, Batteries

    FAQS :

    It's a Z-wave gadget, right? Is it compatible with frontpoint security?

    Answer: HomeKit and Sidewalk/Ring are currently supported by Level Bolt. Stay tuned for updates by joining our email list as we continue to develop our home platform integrations.

    Does it have a sensor that detects when the door is closed and locked?

    The lock does not currently include a door-closed sensor. Level Lock vs August However, the motorized action will halt and the app will notify the user if the bolt hits resistance while attempting to lock (for example, striking the doorjamb because it isn't completely closed).

    Can I use the app to open my door when I'm away from home?

    The Home App or the Level App may be used to remotely operate your lock if your Level Bolt is HomeKit-compatible and you have a connected HomeKit hub device. See what other functions HomeKit offers.

    Is this compatible with the single cylinder deadbolt from Kwikset Downtown?

    Yes, the majority of Kwikset's single cylinder deadbolts function well. My second-generation and current fourth-generation August smart locks worked perfectly with an old Kwikset lock that I owned. On their website, August may have a list of tried-and-true locks, in my opinion.

    Is it possible to have a key on both sides, preventing a criminal from just smashing a window and reaching around to open the door?

    The lock will alert you if it has been manually opened if someone destroys a window to open it. When one of these locks is opened manually from the inside or outside, electronically via the August App, or through HomeKit,

    My front door is sticky, and the lock might be sticky if it is just half closed. Will this cause any issues?

    If you're referring to the door being difficult to close, it's likely due to the misaligned hinges or the sinking of the house with time, which regrettably goes beyond any lock. Level Lock vs August Description: Level Lock vs August

    About this item – Level Bolt Smart Lock – Smart Deadbolt that Works with Your Existing Lock for Keyless Lock Entry, App-Enabled Bluetooth Lock with Smartphone Access, Compatible with Apple HomeKit

    • VERSATILE DESIGN: Level Bolt allows you to maintain the same lock and keys while being built to fit the majority of typical external doors.
    • To ensure that your existing deadbolt is compatible, make sure to look through the Product Guides and Documents area.
    • SECURE AND SAFE: Enjoy peace of mind with our ingenious and user-friendly keyless entry system.Level Bolt surpasses the strictest industry requirements for strength and security, keeping you and your property secure. It has a 6-stage stainless steel gearbox. Level Lock vs August
    • CAREFULLY DESIGNED: The Level Bolt smart lock for home silently transforms your existing deadbolt into a digital door lock, eliminating the need for unsightly or distracting hardware.
    • Easy Installation: The Level Bolt smart lock replaces your deadbolt and simply requires a screwdriver to install. It has an adjustable backset, fits 2-3/8″ and 2-3/4″ profiles, and works with doors that have deadbolts that conform to American standards.

    About this item – August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (Newest Model), Silver – Easy to Install and Invisible from the Outside – Great for Airbnbs, Vacation Rentals and More

    • Assembling is simple on any door. Installation just takes a few minutes, even if you’re not very skilled.
    • August locks are a little larger than your original thumbturn and fit neatly over the majority of single-cylinder deadbolts.
    • Upgrade Your Existing Deadbolt: August smart locks install on the inside of your door, upgrading your standard deadbolt to one that is intelligent, secure, and a lot more practical. Keep your keys in case you need them, even if you won’t.
    • GRANTED THROUGH THE AUGUST APP:Ignore key duplication. Share your home’s access with friends, relatives, and other people you trust quickly and effortlessly, and never again leave a key under the doormat.
    • When you reach home, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock may automatically unlock for completely hands-free unlocking (optional).
    • Your house is automatically secured with Auto-Lock and DoorSense after your door is shut or after a certain period of time.