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Linksys Velop vs Orbi AC3000 – Which is Best ?

    Linksys Velop Mesh Home WiFi System, 4,500 Sq. ft Coverage, 30+ Devices






    NETGEAR Orbi Ultra-Performance Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

    Linksys Velop vs Orbi AC3000

    Linksys Velop vs Orbi AC3000: When it comes to the Linksys Velop and the Orbi AC3000, what are the key differences between the two mesh WiFi system options? The objective of this comparison review between the Linksys Velop and the Orbi AC3000 is to determine which of these two food preservation systems is superior.

    Linksys Velop vs Orbi AC3000 – Quick Comparison Summary

    • The Linksys Velop mesh Home Wifi System is one of the Best Sellers on Compared to the Orbi AC3000

    • The Linksys Velop is Much More Affordable, but the Orbi AC3000 Costs Way Too Much More Than That.

    • The coverage area of the Linksys Velop is 4500 square feet, whereas the coverage area of the Orbi AC3000 is 6000 square feet.

    • In comparison, the maximum speed of the Linksys Velop can only reach 1.3 Gbps, whereas the Orbi AC3000 can reach up to 3 Gbps.

    • In comparison, the Orbi AC3000 has four ports, whereas the Linksys Velop only has two.

    • The connectivity technology of the Linksys Velop is Wi-Fi, but the connectivity technology of the Orbi AC3000 is wired.

    • The Linksys Velop weighs 311 g (0.6 lb), while the Orbi AC3000 weighs 861 g (1.9 lb).

    • The Orbi AC3000 was released in 2016, while the Linksys Velop was released in the year of 2018.

    Linksys Velop Mesh Home WiFi System, 4,500 Sq. ft Coverage, 30+ Devices

     NETGEAR Orbi Ultra-Performance Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

    Linksys Velop

    Orbi AC3000




    Speeds Up To



    Coverage Area

    4,500 Sq. ft

    6,000 sq. feet

    Number of Ports



    Frequency Band Class



    Control Method



    Connectivity Technology



    Data Transfer Rate

    1297 Megabits Per Second

    3000 Megabits Per Second

    Item Weight

    0.6 Pounds

    1.9 pounds

    Item Dimensions LxWxH

    3.11 x 3.11 x 5.62 inches

    6.7 x 8.89 x 3.1 inches

    USB Ports



    FAQS :

    Can both devices be powered via wired Ethernet? I have cables running throughout my home.

    As long as you use the wired backhaul in bridge mode, it works perfectly. For those who are unfamiliar, you simply need to have another device managing your IP addresses (DHCP), such as a domain controller, firewall, or another router.

    Can a computer be used to set this up instead of a phone? I do not possess a smartphone.

    They assert that you don't need a smartphone or tablet to set it up and that you can only do it with a cable connection from your PC and a web interface. I hope they are accurate because I'm getting it for someone who doesn't own a smartphone or tablet.

    Will these enhance connection and speed when used with Hughesnet satellite internet service?

    Velop can improve WiFi signal strength and even split the signal into many bands, but it won't raise your internet speed. Toggling between a Guest WiFi mode, device priority, and device limits are some other cool features.

    Is this the Costco 3-pack? exactly like it?

    Yes, and it is worth $499 if you have coverage and stability problems by include a wireless router and two satellites. According to my most recent search, the three components would cost more on Amazon. eliminates the need for expensive, bandwidth-losing bridges and extenders.

    In my 8500 square foot, two-story home, I am researching wifi choices. How does orbit stack up against airport extreme and linksys velop?

    My home has a total floor area of 6500 square feet, which is a really good fit. In addition, I have coverage in the three-car connected garage.

    Att recently replaced Comcast in our building. Does this also function with AT&T WiFi and Internet?

    Orbi Yes, as long as you have the right tools to receive Internet signal and give Orbi with an Ethernet connection, Orbi should operate fine with practically any ISP. Description: Linksys Velop vs Orbi AC3000

    About this item – Linksys Velop Mesh Home WiFi System, 4,500 Sq. ft Coverage, 30+ Devices, Speeds up to (AC1300) 1.3Gbps – WHW0103

    • Velop quickly and easily provides lightning-fast, full-strength mesh WiFi into your house and is built to fit anywhere. The Velop mesh WiFi system provides powerful WiFi across any type of home thanks to Intelligent Mesh technology and a stylish, modular design.
    • Velop is a versatile Whole Home Mesh WiFi solution that provides lightning-quick, uninterrupted WiFi everywhere you need it.
      This Whole Home Mesh WiFi solution is made to grow with your family’s WiFi requirements.
    • Simply add more nodes and choose between the colors (black and white) to match your home’s decor as your WiFi requirements grow.
    • Velop’s Intelligent Mesh Technology adapts to your WiFi requirements in the background for faultless WiFi anywhere.
    • It works with any service provider’s modem or modem-router and is made to fit in any setting, regardless of the form, size, or location of your home or the location where your internet connection is located.
    • There is no longer any buffering and no need to manually switch networks thanks to the seamless collaboration of Velop nodes in a mesh network.

    About this item – NETGEAR Orbi Ultra-Performance Whole Home Mesh WiFi System – WiFi router and two satellite extender with speeds up to 3Gbps over 6,000 sq. feet, AC3000 (RBK53)

    • It blankets every inch of your home from room to room, wall to wall, floor to floor, eliminating WiFi dead zones and buffering.
    • It provides 7,500 square feet of continuous coverage with speeds up to 3.0 Gbps.
    • Simple setup with the Orbi app allows you to create a guest network, access parental controls, do speed tests, and more directly from the app.
    • Due to its unique Tri-band technology, it maintains speed even when several devices utilize your WiFi at the same time.
    • Satellites and routers have four LAN Gigabit Ethernet connections.
    • The ultra-high-performance whole-home mesh Wi-Fi system—covers up to 7,500 square feet with a fast Wi-Fi system. It comes with a Wi-Fi router and two satellites.
    • Fast Internet connections for all devices: Even when more devices join, the dedicated Wi-Fi connection provides the quickest and most consistent Internet connection available.