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Logitech G430 Vs HyperX Cloud 2 – Amazing Gaming Headset

     G430 Gaming Headset – Black







    HyperX Cloud II – Gaming Headset

    Logitech G430 Vs HyperX Cloud 2

    Logitech G430 Vs HyperX Cloud 2: When it comes to gaming headsets, the Logitech G430 and HyperX Cloud 2 are both excellent choices, but which one is the best? This Logitech G430 vs HyperX Cloud 2 comparison review is aimed at finding out which is better.

    Logitech G430 Vs HyperX Cloud 2 – Quick Comparison Summary

    • In comparison to the Logitech G430, the HyperX Cloud 2 is a very popular gaming headset on

    • Both the Logitech G430 and the HyperX Cloud 2 are compatible with computers.

    • HyperX Cloud 2 is less expensive.

    • Compared to HyperX Cloud 2, the Logitech G430’s dimensions are 3.22 x 7.17 x 6.77 inches, whereas the Logitech G430’s dimensions are 6.69 x 4.72 x 2.76 inches.

    • The Logitech G430 weighs 299 grams, but the HyperX Cloud 2 weighs 275 grams.

    • The HyperX Cloud 2 has a noise-canceling microphone that is detachable, whereas the Logitech G430 only has a folding, noise-canceling microphone.

    • Both the Logitech G430 and the HyperX Cloud 2 are wired headsets with 7.1 surround sound and a 3.55 mm connection.

     G430 Gaming Headset – Black

    HyperX Cloud II – Gaming Headset

    Logitech G430

    HyperX Cloud 2



    Kingston Technology Company, Inc.

    Package Weight

    10.6 ounces

    9.7 ounces

    What’s in the box

    USB adapter
    User documentation

     HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset
    Detachable microphone
    Spare set of velour ear cushions
    Limited 2-year warranty

    Stereo / Surround Sound

    7.1 Surround

    7.1 Surround

    Noise-Cancellation Mic






    Product Dimensions

    3.22 x 7.17 x 6.77 inches

    6.69 x 4.72 x 2.76 inches

    Date First Available

    July 22, 2013

    January 23, 2015

    Compatible With PC



    Connectivity Technology






    FAQS :

    Does it work on a computer?

    Yes, it is correct. It comes with a USB port for simple connection to your PC, laptop, or game controller. My kid uses this headset to stream online, and he likes it so much that I'm ordering one for myself.

    Is it possible to use this with an Xbox?

    Yes, as long as you have a splitter and a controller with a 3.5mm input (or the stereo headset adaptor). There are several videos on YouTube that demonstrate how to set up the Xbox headphone.

    Do they have a fantastic sound?

    Answer: These are great.... fantastic sound. On days when I really want to rock out, I wish they could be a bit louder, but they're loud enough for gaming. It's also comfortable on the head.

    Is this anything that would work on a Mac?

    yes It's still in fantastic shape and functions like new after 6 months of usage. I sometimes use it on my Mac... just remember to clean the ear cups after a month or two of heavy usage.

    Is the cord 3.5 mm?

    External sound USB to 3.5mm jack stereo headset audio adapter

    Is it possible to obtain 7.1 surround sound from a PS4 through USB?

    Answer: Allow me to clarify this for you. Only while using a computer can the USB sound card provide virtual 7.1 surround sound. Using the 3.5mm audio connector inserted into the controller, the Cloud II is officially supported with the PS4. It can be used with a USB sound card, however it will only allow pass through sound since the PS4 lacks the necessary drivers to operate the sound card. The 7.1, volume, and mic control buttons are disabled when used this manner; just the mic mute switch on the side works. If you have any more questions, please call us at 800-435-0640 (USA and Canada only) from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT, and a technician would be happy to assist you.

    Do the "Cloud II's" come with the same accessories as the "originals" Clouds?

    Answer: The Cloud II comes with almost all of the same accessories as the Cloud, with a few exceptions. The 1 metre extension cable is for the single 3.5mm connection on the Cloud II, and there is no Y-cable provided for mobile devices since it is not required. The Cloud II, like the original Cloud, has leatherette and velour ear cushions that can be swapped out.

    Is sidetone supported by the USB headset adapter? To put it another way, can you hear your own speech via the mic and headphone speakers?

    Answer: You may activate mic monitoring or pick "listen to" the mic in the audio settings while connected to a computer so that you can hear yourself via the mic on the headphones. This would not be accessible on other devices that do not have sophisticated audio choices, such as game consoles, mobile phones, or tablets.

    A 3,5mm connector is not available on my PC. Is it possible to attach this to a PC just by USB, or do you also need a 3.5mm audio jack?

    Answer: To connect the headset to the PC, all that is required is a USB connection. The headset is connected to the USB dongle through the 3.5mm connector, and the dongle is then connected to the PC via USB. When connected to the PC, you may utilise the built-in sound card and 7.1 surround sound. The 3.5mm jack is used for connecting the headset to a mobile device or the PlayStation 4. I was coming from a Turtle Beach x12 headset, which required both a USB port and an audio/mic connection. The HyperX Could II, on the other hand, merely requires a USB port. Description: Logitech G430 Vs HyperX Cloud 2

    About this item – G430 Gaming Headset – Black

    • Controls for sound on the TV: The volume dial and mute button are easy to reach for quick changes to the sound.
    • On-Cable Controls: Change the volume or silence the device in a matter of seconds. The audio controls are situated on the 2.3-meter wire, making them easily accessible.
    • A noise-canceling boom mic that folds up and out of the way: reduces background noise for clear speech pickup and spins up and out of the way.
    • In order to be easy to use, these headphones were made with a lightweight design and soft ear cups that can move 90 degrees.
    • Dolby 7.1 surround sound with DTS headphones: X: Immerse yourself in a 360-degree soundscape that allows you to hear what you can’t see.
    • Rotating ear cups: The ear cup pivots and rotates 90 degrees to lie flat for a custom fit. They’re simpler to travel with and more comfortable to wear around the neck thanks to their lay-flat construction.
    • Stay focused on the game, not your headset, with this lightweight design. The G430 ear cups are smaller and lighter without sacrificing audio quality. It’s possible that you’ll forget you’re wearing them.
    • Even after hours of use, the G430 earpads are covered in sports-performance cloth for soft-touch confidence. Remove the cloth cover to wash the headset and maintain it in good repair.
    • Surround Sound Audio: Hear the game as it was meant to be heard.
    • Both Dolby and DTS Headphone:X surround sound options are now available on the G430. As before, listen to the audio with realistic awareness.

    About this item – HyperX Cloud II – Gaming Headset, 7.1 Surround Sound, Memory Foam Ear Pads, Durable Aluminum Frame, Detachable Microphone, Works with PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One – Red

    • The HyperX Cloud II has a newly built USB sound card audio control box that enhances audio and speech for a superior Hi-Fi gaming experience, allowing you to hear what you’ve been missing. Open up a world of details that most players may never experience-the rustling of a camper’s foot, the scuttle in a far vent. This next-generation headset creates realistic 7.1 surround sound with depth and distance to improve your gaming, movie, or music experience. USB surround sound cards are only supported by PCs, Macs, and PS4s.
    • With a Microsoft headset adaptor, this headset can function with the Xbox One.
    • On PC and Mac, 7.1 virtual surround sound is supported. On PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices, stereo is available.
    • Immerse yourself in your games with hardware-driven simulated 7.1 surround sound that places sounds exactly where you want them.
    • Exceptional audio quality: High-quality audio is provided by large 53-millimetre drivers. Improve your hearing for in-game information and get an edge over your opponents.
    • The sturdy, long-lasting aluminum frame is built to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.
    • Noise cancellation using passive means: The closed ear cup design keeps you focused on the game by blocking out outside distractions.
    • Designed for ease of use, memory foam ear cushions and a cushioned leatherette headband provide exceptional comfort while gaming.
    • It’s a detachable, noise-cancelling microphone, approved for TeamSpeak and Discord, so you can communicate with your pals while your callouts are heard clearly.