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Logitech M705 Vs M510 – BEST Wireless Mouse Comparison

    Logitech M705 Marathon Wireless Mouse, 2.4 GHz USB Unifying Receiver, 1000 DPI






     Logitech M510 Wireless Computer Mouse for PC with USB Unifying Receiver

    Logitech M705 Vs M510

    Logitech M705 Vs M510: When it comes to a wireless mouse, the Logitech M705 and M510 are both fantastic options, but which one is the best? Let’s find out. Continue reading to find out. See this comparison between the Logitech M705 and the Logitech M510 in order to determine which one has more features and is a better fit for your requirements.

    Logitech M705 Vs M510 – Quick Comparison Summary

    • The colour of the Logitech M510 is graphite, and the colour of the Logitech M705 is black.

    • Lithium-ion batteries are required for this device. On both the Logitech M705 and M510 (included).

    • The Logitech M510 Wireless Computer Mouse is a hugely popular wireless computer mouse on In comparison to the Logitech M705

    • The maximum DPI for the Logitech M705 is 1000 CPI, and the maximum DPI for the Logitech M510 is 2200 CPI.

    • The weight of the Logitech M510 is 5.6 ounces (158 grammes), and the weight of the Logitech M705 is 4.8 ounces (136 grammes).

    • The Logitech M705 features Eight buttons, but the Logitech M510 has seven buttons.

    • The Logitech M705 has a battery life of three years, while the Logitech M510 has a battery life of two years.

    • The Logitech M510 is less expensive.

    Logitech M705 Marathon Wireless Mouse, 2.4 GHz USB Unifying Receiver, 1000 DPI

    Logitech M510 Wireless Computer Mouse for PC with USB Unifying Receiver

    Logitech M705

    Logitech M510




    Connectivity Technology



    Item Dimensions

    6.54 x 4.57 x 2.44 inches

    6.46 x 3.62 x 8.82 inches


    1 AA batteries required. (included)

    1 AA batteries required. (included)

    Item Weight

    4.8 ounces

    5.6 ounces

    Total Number Of Buttons 



    Number Of Side Buttons



    Number Of Programmable Inputs




    3 Year

    2 Year

    FAQS :

    Has anyone had problems with their internet speed when using this mouse?

    Answer: The receiver's frequency, which Logitech employs, can interfere with some things. For me, it was a USB 3.0 flash drive plugged into the receiver's socket. I'm not sure if this will help, but try adjusting the USB receiver's location.

    Is it possible to use this mouse on any surface, such as glass?

    Yes, it might work on glass surfaces. However, for a better experience, we recommend utilising a mouse pad.

    Is it possible to hide the USB receiver for the Logitech m705 wireless mouse in the rear of the computer?

    That depends on your computer or laptop. If you're wondering if it'll work if it's hidden, the answer is yes.

    Is it possible to use the left buttons as volume controls?

    Answer: Customize all five buttons on the M705, including the thumb controls, using Logitech Options. Create shortcuts to open browser windows, go full-screen, and launch programmes, among other things. Increase your productivity by moving rapidly through webpages, spreadsheets, and photos. Customization is simple thanks to intuitive software.

    Is this going to work with the K800 keyboard?

    Yes, the M705 and the K800 keyboard can be used together.

    It includes "7 customizable buttons," according to the packaging. Only five buttons are visible in the Logitech Options software. Could you please assist me in locating the missing two?

    The other two possibilities are when you tilt the wheel to the left and right. Those movements are often used for scrolling, but I believe they can be programmed to do anything.

    Is it possible to turn off sound using one of the optional side buttons?

    Answer: You can programme the side buttons to perform practically anything if you download the Logitech options for the 510, install them, and then fine tune them from there. ....raise/lower/mute.....copy/paste....zoom in/out.....make the dishes.....55 chores to choose from.

    How do I turn off or on the side buttons?

    Answer: Go to menus (the small windows on the bottom left) and find Logitech, then pick Logitech Options. It will display a picture of your mouse; select Mouse from the top left menu; there will be dots on the left and right buttons; select the one you want to modify by clicking on it. None is at the bottom of the list of options. The ability to use these buttons for Copy and Paste is why I purchased this mouse; but, a less expensive, less complicated mouse may be a better option for you.

    Is Windows 10 compatible with it?

    It should be compatible with both Windows and Mac OSX, according to the answer.

    Is this mouse compatible with the K350?

    First and first, I am not an expert. I know it works with my off-the-shelf receiver, and it should work with yours as well.

    Is this compatible with Windows 7 on a Dell desktop?

    Answer: I recently purchased one for my Windows 7 computer. The scroll feature works great in certain programmes, but it goes berserk in Google Maps (or Bing Maps), zooming from the Western Hemisphere to a local street corner with the tiniest scrolling increment. After a lengthy conversation with Logitech customer support, she informed me that a firmware update now requires Logitech to state (ONLY on their website, not on their box) that it is compatible with Windows 10.....with no mention of previous versions. Their packaging and resellers continue to list this as compatible with Windows 7. When pressed, Logitech suggested returning the device and replacing it with a Win 7 compatible model (e.g., 310, 190, etc.) that does not have the same functionality, particularly the forward and back thumb buttons. Description: Logitech M705 Vs M510

    About this item – Logitech M705 Marathon Wireless Mouse, 2.4 GHz USB Unifying Receiver, 1000 DPI, 5-Programmable Buttons, 3-Year Battery, Compatible with PC, Mac, Laptop, Chromebook – Black

    • With an auto-sleep power-saving mode and an on/off button, this wireless optical mouse can last up to 3 years on 2 AA batteries.

    • Up to 6 compatible devices can be paired with one tiny unifying receiver, resulting in a clutter-free workspace; the USB receiver provides a strong, consistent connection up to 33 feet away (3).

    • The Mouse M705 is a certified Works with Chromebook (2) product that runs on macOS and Windows.

    • Using dual-mode scrolling, you can switch between speed and precision with a single click, so you can quickly scroll through long webpages or browse line-by-line. This lets you quickly scroll through long webpages or browse line-by-line.

    • Anytime, any place, any occasion: The M705 is designed to provide hours of comfort because of its sculpted shape and rubber grips. You can focus on work all day long, whether you’re at your desk at home or in the office.

    • Productivity gains, cross-platform compatibility (Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, iPadOS, Linux), and dual connectivity (USB or Bluetooth)

    • Comfort is a priority: Your wireless computer mouse is made to fit the shape of your right hand, and all the controls are close at hand.

    • Create shortcuts, jump to full-screen, open apps, and more with this wireless mouse’s 5 programmable buttons, including forward and back thumb buttons.

    About this item – Logitech M510 Wireless Computer Mouse for PC with USB Unifying Receiver – Graphite

    • You have the power to accomplish more in less time. With three normal buttons plus Back/Forward buttons that you can programme to switch programmes, go full screen, and more, flipping through photo albums and Web pages is a pleasure, especially for right-handers.

    • In addition, side-to-side scrolling with zoom lets you move through your music library, maps, and Facebook feeds, as well as zoom in and out of images and budget spreadsheets with one click.

    • The Logitech Unifying receiver is small enough to fit inside your laptop.

    • There’s no need to unplug it when you’re moving around, so you won’t lose it. You can also use the same wireless receiver to connect compatible wireless mice and keyboards.

    • Your hand can relax in luxury for hours on end with this ergonomically designed mouse.It has a curved design, soft rubber grips, softly curved edges, and a large palm area that give you the support you need for all-day control.

    • The 2 year battery life almost eliminates the need for battery replacement. The On/Off switch saves energy, the smart sleep mode extends battery life, and an indicator light prevents unpleasant shocks.