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Logitech Streamcam vs Streamcam Plus -Best Webcam…

Logitech StreamCam, Live Streaming Webcam – $103*

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WebcamLogitech StreamCam Plus Webcam with Tripod Mount – $101*

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Logitech Streamcam vs Streamcam Plus

Logitech Streamcam vs Streamcam Plus: When it comes to webcams, what separates the Logitech Streamcam and the Logitech Streamcam Plus models from one another? The purpose of this comparison evaluation between the Logitech Streamcam and the Logitech Streamcam Plus is to determine which webcam is superior.

Logitech Streamcam vs Streamcam Plus – Quick Comparison Summary

  • In comparison to the Logitech Streamcam Plus, the Logitech Streamcam is a very well-liked live streaming webcam on Amazon.
  • There is no price difference between the Logitech Streamcam and the Logitech Streamcam Plus.
  • The tripod mount is one of the included components of the Logitech Streamcam Plus, although the standard Logitech Streamcam does not have this component.
  • Both the Logitech Streamcam and the Logitech Streamcam Plus have a number of great features in common, including a one-year limited hardware warranty, live indication lights, built-in audio, auto focus, a maximum video resolution of 1080p/60 frames per second, a field of view that measures 78 degrees on the diagonal, and a USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C port. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, as well as a tripod mount and a lot more.
  • The weight of the Logitech Streamcam is 0.4 pounds, whereas the weight of the Logitech Streamcam Plus is 0.3 pounds.
  • The dimensions of the Logitech Streamcam are 2.29 inches by 1.9 inches by 2.38 inches, while the dimensions of the Logitech Streamcam Plus are 1.89 inches by 2.28 inches by 3.35 inches.

Logitech StreamCam, Live Streaming Webcam

WebcamLogitech StreamCam Plus Webcam with Tripod Mount

Logitech Streamcam

Logitech Streamcam Plus





Connectivity Technology






Flash Memory Type


Micro SD

Video Capture Resolution



Camcorder type

Video Camera

Video Camera

Included Components

Purchase Seperate

Tripod Mount

Maximum Frame Rate

60 fps

60 fps

Focus Modes






Product Dimensions

2.29 x 1.9 x 2.38 inches

 ‎4 1.89 x 2.28 x 3.35 inches

Item Weight

7.8 ounces

5.3 ounces

Hardware Platform

PC, Mac

PC, Mac

Date First Available

 October 28, 2020

February 25, 2020


What is the difference between the Logitech 960-001289 and the 960-001297? Prices differ, but descriptions are identical.

The model numbers appear to refer to the color (graphite or white). If you Google "Logitech 960-001289" and "Logitech 960-001297" and then click on the Logitech links for the goods, the graphite model numbers differ slightly, but the white model numbers are identical. The graphite page specifies a one-year limited warranty. The white paper states that the guarantee is limited to two years. When you look at several suppliers who will sell you cameras, the pricing can vary greatly. In my opinion, there is no discernible difference between the models. In my opinion, the decision boils down to price and whether or not you prefer the dealer.

Is it tripod-compatible, i.e., does it have a tripod screw fitting?

Yes, it is. It comes with an adaptor.

Is software included with this camera?

No, it does not. Connect it to a USB-C port and utilize computer programs that can access the camera (such as Zoom). If you are a software developer working on a Windows system, you can write your own program to configure and access the camera using the Microsoft Media Foundation APIs.

Is it capable of zooming?

Answer: Without a doubt. It can also zoom and focus automatically.

Will this only function if you have a USB-C port? I recently got two new monitors, but according to the specifications, they only support USB types A and B.

Answer: I'm not sure how to respond to this question. The webcam connects to a computer rather than the monitor. The webcam only has a type C connector; if you require an A or B connector to hook into your computer, you can purchase an adaptor.

Is it compatible with Macos Monterrey?

Answer: Yes, it is compatible with Mac OS Monterrey.

Does this work well in groups?

Answer: It has for me.

Is there a digital zoom on this camera?

Yes, if you download and install the Logitech program. You can also move the camera closer or farther away to change what's in the frame. However, when very close, this method can distort. The software not only allows for zooming but also offers a centering adjustment option.

Is this compatible with the MacBook Air m1?

The answer is yes. I have an M1 MacBook Air and it works perfectly. The Logitech capture software, which is marketed as allowing you to manage camera settings, is not currently supported on Apple silicon macs. I discovered a solution by using an app called "webcam setting." It costs $7.99 on the App Store and is superior to Logitech capture.

Is this compatible with an Android tablet?

Answer: The Logitech StreamCam Plus Webcam can be linked to an Android tablet via a USB adaptor, but the software cannot be put onto an Android device, therefore you will need to download an app to use it.

System Requirements for the Logitech StreamCam Plus Webcam

MacOS® 10.14 or later 7th Gen Intel® CoreTM i5 or later USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C direct connection More information about supported configuration can be found at

Is the cord plugged into the rear of the camera, or is it attached?

Answer: The wire is hooked to the camera's rear. Description: Logitech Streamcam vs Streamcam Plus

About this item – Logitech StreamCam, Live Streaming Webcam, Full 1080p HD 60fps Vertical Video, Smart auto Focus and Exposure, Dual Camera-Mount Versatility, with USB-C, for YouTube, Gaming Twitch, PC/Mac – White 

About this item – Logitech StreamCam Plus Webcam with Tripod Mount (Graphite), 1080p

  • Effective Resolution: 2.1 Megapixel
  • Maximum Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Maximum Frame Rate: 60 fps
  • Focus Modes: Auto-focus
  • Microphone: Yes