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Merkur 34C vs 33C – Both Are Good…

    Merkur Mk34c Double Edge Razor






    Merkur Classic Straight Safety Razor

    Merkur 34C vs 33C

    Merkur 34C vs 33C: What makes the Merkur 34C and Merkur 33C different from one another in terms of Razor with Heavy Duty? The purpose of this comparison study of the Merkur 34C vs. Merkur 33C razors is to determine which razor has the best heavy duty.

    Merkur 34C vs 33C – Quick Comparison Summary

    • Merkur 33C is less expensive than Merkur 34C, which is more expensive.

    • The overall weight (range) of a Merkur 34C is 77 grams, while the overall weight (range) of a Merkur 33C is only 56 grams.

    • Merkur 33C dimensions are 4.75 x 1.8 x 1, whereas Merkur 34C dimensions are 2 x 4 x 4 inches.

    • Merkur 34C Handle Diameter (Range) is 11.6 mm (0.46 inches), whereas Merkur 33C Handle Diameter (Range) is 9.6 mm (0.38 inches).

    • Whereas Merkur 33C weighs 0.15 pounds, Merkur 34C weighs 0.13 pounds.

    • When compared to the Merkur 33C, the Merkur 34C is a much more popular razor with heavy duty on Amazon.

    • Merkur 34C and Merkur 33C both have a straight comb, brilliant chrome, a closed comb head, and many other fantastic features in common.

    • The length of the Merkur 34C razor is 83.3 millimeters (or 3.28 inches), but the length of the Merkur 33C razor is 84.6 millimeters (or 3.33 inches).

    • Merkur 34C has a handle length (range) of 75 mm, while Merkur 33C has a handle length (range) of 77.5 mm.

    Merkur Mk34c Double Edge Razor

    Merkur Classic Straight Safety Razor

    Merkur 34C

    Merkur 33C





    Handle Length (Range)

      75 mm

      77.5 mm

    Razor Length

    83.3 mm / 3.28 inches

    84.6mm / 3.33 inches

    Overall Weight (Range)

      77 gm

     56 gm

    Handle Diameter (Range)

    11.6 mm/0.46 inches

    9.6 mm/0.38inches

    Number of Pieces



    Number of Blades



    Unit Count



    Comb type

    Straight Comb

    Straight Comb

    Finish / Colors / Model Number

    Bright Chrome

    Bright Chrome

    Open or Closed Comb Head

      Closed Comb

      Closed Comb




    Item Weight

    0.13 Pounds

    0.15 Pounds


    2 x 4 x 4 inches

    4.75 x 1.8 x 1 inches

    FAQS :

    What are the benefits of having such a short handle?

    I have been wet shaving for seven years and own far too many DE-Razors, to be honest. From $30 to $180, this is the greatest razor I've found. Every DE-Razor has an ideal angle for shaving, and most require trial and error, but this one has the most intuitive feedback, along with the ideal length and weight. The main disadvantage is that you must orient the DE blade while loading it, as it will typically have greater exposure on one side than the other. Once you drop the blade in to align it, it's really not that big of a concern. Pot metal is not unbreakable and will fracture if dropped on a hard surface. Mine suffered a minor chip on the bottom baseplate after being dropped in the bathroom, but it was still functional; nevertheless, I lost it during a move. Having said that, I'm selling this item because I'm purchasing another. The best beginner (and intermediate) razor you can buy... Simply discard the inferior Merkur blades and purchase a sample pack or any other DE blade other than German DE blades. Personna Lab Blue, Astra Green, Voskhod, Gillette Nacet, Wizamet, and Feather blades (Feather blades are the sharpest DE blades, btw) will perform adequately. However, the razor is excellent, and I don't normally write reviews, but Amazon has so many phony ratings these days that I decided it could be helpful to someone. Take your time if you're new to wet shaving, as it might take up to a month to acquire technique, but after that, it's like riding a bike.

    Does the blade come with this razor?

    I ordered mine in January of 2020 and received two Merkur Super Platinum blades along with the razor.

    Is this the model Merkur 34c HD?

    These are our merchant account numbers. This image is from another seller's listing and they do not specify whether the handle is long or short.

    Where is this blade produced?

    Answer: Solingen, Germany. It is such a fine piece of metal that I do not believe I will ever need to purchase another razor again. I was not very fond of the Merker blades. The Wilkinson Sword is rather good, but my favorite part is the feathers. I presented some as gifts, and everyone enjoyed them.

    Will this razor promote ingrown hairs on curly haired people?

    Ingrown hairs will not be caused by a razor. It depends on how you use the razor. Never, ever, ever shave against the direction of growth if you are prone to ingrown hairs. Begin with a gentle, skin-friendly blade, such as the Derby or even the Personna. Use a pre-shave oil, such as Shave Secret, or make your own using a 2:1 mix of castor oil and olive oil and 2 drops/ounce of lavender or other essential oils. Use hot water, a decent shave cream/soap whipped with a brush, and proceed with caution. Apply light pressure on the blade. Don't be concerned about having a flawless, smooth beard. It regenerates. After a week or so, if your face is comfortable with a down grain shave, add a cross grain pass as a finisher. That's all there is to it. Never use against the grain shaving in your routine. Also, avoid using feather blades because they are harsh on the skin and can create ingrown hairs even when shaving with the grain.

    Is this the same razor as the Mekur 34c? If so, why are the other ones priced higher on Amazon?

    No, it does not. The 34C has a more aggressive design that some appreciate and others dislike. The 34C is a two-piece razor as well. Despite what many people believe, they are different. The 33C is a three-piece razor that is less harsh than the 34C. My favorite is the 33C, which, when combined with a sharp blade, provides me with close but safe shaves. The 33C fits into the following categories, from mildest to slightly more aggressive: Weishe 9306F, Merkur 33C, Lord LP1822L, Gillette Tech (after war, vintage, not available new), Rimei RM2003, Merkur 34C.

    Is it possible to remove the handle?

    Yes, it screws off to remove the blade assembly.

    Are there any female users? How does it stack up against other store-bought razors?

    Yes, women do use it. A safety razor is not the same as a cartridge razor. Description:Merkur 34C vs 33C

    About this item – Merkur Mk – 34c Double Edge Razor with Heavy Duty Short Handle

    • This product’s success has resulted in it being sold under a variety of different names throughout the years, including Merkur HD, Merkur Heavy Duty, or 34C, as well as combinations of any and all of those names. It’s the same product across the board, and it hasn’t changed at all since we started selling it.

    • This razor has a two-piece construction and employs all regular double-edge blades to provide a close and comfortable shave. Additionally, the blades are all double-sided. Replacement blades are available.

    • Due to the fact that it ranks in the middle of the aggressiveness scale, it is consistently the first option for beginner wet shavers. On the other hand, it is not overly harsh, which is why even seasoned veterans of traditional shaving enjoy using it.

    • Investing in this would make you financially secure for the rest of your life…and you could even give it to your grandchild. As long as you clean it in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer, it should survive for decades.

    • The Merkur 34 C Heavy Duty Safety Razor is a two-piece DE razor with a chrome finish. This razor is one of our most sought-after products. The ergonomically sound handle measures around three inches in length and features a stronger grip that is knurled to prevent slipping.

    • Although it is shorter than something like a Fusion, the lesser length actually makes it more maneuverable and is characteristic of older Gillette models. One of the most well-known products available for wet shaving on the market today.

    About this item – Merkur Classic Straight Safety Razor, MK-33C

    • The length of the ergonomically sound handle is roughly 3 inches. In addition to that, the handle is knurled, which provides a textured grip that prevents slipping.
    • Those who are just getting started with wet shaving will find this to be an excellent razor. However, it is also a favorite among seasoned shavers since it provides a close and comfortable shave.
    • Merkur had already manufacturing blade edges long before the safety razor was even conceived of. Merkur has been at the forefront of sharpness since its founding in 1896.
    • Now they have a reputation all around the world for producing great grooming equipment for men. Try your hand at shaving with the well-known Merkur 33C Classic Safety Razor.
    • Merkur’s traditional safety razor, plated in chrome and featuring a knurled grip; three-piece construction for quick and simple blade replacement
    • The 33C is a chrome-plated, 3-piece double edge razor that mimics the appearance of a classic grooming staple. The chrome protects against corrosion and lends both durability and shine to the surface! In addition, the design is a timeless three-piece construction.
    • The two head plates sandwich the blade between them and are held in place by the handle’s screws. As a result, you can easily replace your razor’s blade with a brand-new one that won’t break the bank whenever you need a clean shave.
    • To choose which of our blade sampler packs is best suited to your needs, we recommend giving one of them a try.