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Merkur 34C vs 38C – Differences And Similarities

    Merkur Mk34c Double Edge Razor






    Merkur Heavy Duty Long Barber Pole Safety Razor

    Merkur 34C vs 38C

    Merkur 34C vs 38C: When it comes to the Razor with Heavy Duty, choosing between the Merkur 34C and Merkur 38C can be difficult. Which option is the best when both are great choices? The goal of this comparison of the Merkur 34C and Merkur 38C products is to assist you in selecting the one that is best for you.

    Merkur 34C vs 38C– Quick Comparison Summary


    • Compared to the pricey Merkur 38C, the Merkur 34C is less expensive.
    • The overall length (range) of the Merkur 34C is 81 mm, whereas the overall length (range) of the Merkur 38C is 100 mm.
    • Merkur 34C is a much more popular heavy duty razor on Amazon than Merkur 38C.
    • Merkur 34C has a handle length (range) of 75 mm, whereas Merkur 38C has a handle length (range) of 95 mm.
    • Merkur 34C weighs 0.13 pounds, whereas Merkur 38C weighs 0.22 pounds.
    • Merkur 34C’s overall weight (range) is 77 g, whereas Merkur 38C’s overall weight (range) is 113 g.
    • Merkur 34C dimensions are 2 x 4 x 4 inches, while Merkur 38C dimensions are 2 x 4 x 6 inches.
    • Both the Merkur 34C and 38C have amazing features in common, like a straight comb, bright chrome, a closed comb head, two pieces, a handle diameter (range) of 11.50 mm, and many more.

    Merkur Mk34c Double Edge Razor

    Merkur Heavy Duty Long Barber Pole Safety Razor

    Merkur 34C

    Merkur 38C





    Handle Length (Range)

      75 mm

      95 mm

    Overall Length (Range)

      81 mm

      100 mm

    Overall Weight (Range)

      77 gm

      113 gm

    Number of Pieces



    Number of Blades



    Unit Count



    Comb type

    Straight Comb

    Straight Comb

    Finish / Colors / Model Number

    Bright Chrome

    Bright Chrome

    Handle Diameter (Range)

    11.50 mm

    11.50 mm

    Open or Closed Comb Head

      Closed Comb

      Closed Comb




    Item Weight

    0.13 Pounds

    0.22 Pounds


    2 x 4 x 4 inches

    2 x 4 x 6 inches

    FAQS :

    What are the benefits of having such a short handle?

    Answer: I've been wet shaving for 7 years and own far too many DE-Razors. From $30 to $180, this shaves the best, in my opinion. Every DE-Razor has an optimum shaving angle, and most are trial and error, but this has the most intuitive input, as well as the appropriate weight and length. The only disadvantage is that you must orient the DE blade when loading it because it usually has more exposure on one side than the other. It's really not that big of a concern once you drop the blade in to align it. Because the metal is pot metal, it is brittle and will chip if dropped on a hard surface. When I dropped it in the bathroom, it chipped a tiny bit on the bottom baseplate but was still usable, but I lost it in a move. With that said, I'm leaving because I'm going to get another one. The best beginner (and intermediate) razor you can buy... Simply discard the defective Merkur blades and replace them with a sample pack or any other DE blade other than German DE blades. Personna Lab Blue, Astra Green, Voskhod, Gillette Nacet, Wizamet, and Feather blades (which, by the way, are the sharpest DE blades in the world) will all work great. But the razor is fantastic, and I don't typically write these, but with so many bogus reviews on Amazon these days, I decided it could help someone.

    Is a blade included with this razor?

    Answer: I ordered mine in January 2020 and received two Merkur Super Platinum blades with the razor.

    Where did this razor come from?

    Solingen, Germany ist der Antwort. It's a lovely piece of metal, and I don't think I'll need to buy another razor for the rest of my life. The Merker blades, on the other hand, did not appeal to me. The Wilkinson Sword is pretty good, and the feathers are my favorite. I gave a handful as gifts, and everyone enjoyed them.

    Only my neck is shaved. Is this the right razor for the job? I'm done with Gillette-

    yes, I am. I'm done with Gillette (and Procter & Gamble in general). My recommendation is to use feather blades. So far, they have been the best.

    How simple is it to remove the soap and hair from under the blade?

    Answer: It's really simple and basic; if you're shaving long hairs, you may need to unscrew the handle slightly to allow water to wash everything away, but otherwise it's as simple as holding the razor under hot running water.

    What is the location of the entrance on the pole?

    Answer: If you look at images of 38c, you will notice the company's engraving near the bottom of the pole.

    Is this a 38C with a Barber Pole?

    Yes, it is. With a feather razor blade, this razor is well-made and will deliver a good shave. You'll have a good time with it.

    What is the handle's length?

    Answer: 3 3/4„from the underside of the head to the bottom of the handle. 3 1/8„from the top, where the handle is straight to the bottom. The total length of the straight segment is around 2 1/2 „ It's a good length for me, and I have large hands. Description: Merkur 34C vs 38C

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    • The 34C HD’s head employs its weight to provide a close and comfortable shave, which contributes to its popularity. It’s thought to be the ideal first razor because it’s simple to operate.
    • This 2-piece razor has a 2-piece construction and uses all regular double-edge blades for a close and comfortable shave. There are available replacement blades.
    • secure grip It consistently ranks best for beginner wet shavers since it rates moderately aggressive on the aggressiveness scale. It’s not very harsh, though, so seasoned aficionados of traditional shaving enjoy it as well. Purchase this, and you’re set for life. You can even give it to your grandchild.
    • It will last for decades if you just make sure to clean it in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • Really thick handle This razor has a twist-to-open design and uses all common double edge blades for a close and comfortable shave.
    • Because of its widespread use, this product has acquired a number of names over time, including Merkur HD, Merkur Heavy Duty, 34C, and combinations of all of those names. Since we have carried it, the product has remained the same and unaltered.
    • The Merkur 34 C Heavy Duty Safety Razor is a 2-piece DE razor with a chrome finish and is one of our most well-liked products.
    • The 3″ long, ergonomic handle has non-slip knurling and a stronger grip for better control. It is shorter than something like a Fusion, but this is characteristic of the older Gillettes, and the reduced length actually makes it more maneuverable. one of the most popular wet shaving goods available.
    • Designed in Germany enables a comfortable, close shave.
    • The Heavy Duty 34C HD has a strong, non-slip knurled grip that is developed for comfort.

    About this item – Merkur Heavy Duty Long Barber Pole Safety Razor, Chrome

    • These grooming basics benefit from over a century’s worth of knowledge and experience in the blade manufacturing industry. Rockwell 6C And Merkur 34C
    • Because of its chrome finish, the Merkur Heavy Duty Long Handle Barber Pole Safety Razor is protected from corrosion while still looking sleek and professional.
    • A double-edge razor that consists of two separate parts.
    • To replace the blade, simply detach the top plate of the head from the handle and base plate and insert the new blade before re-inserting the long screw into the handle.
    • It has a straight bar and closed comb to reduce the amount of skin contact with the blade. The regular DE blade can be used.
    • The ergonomic grip ensures secure use even when your hands are moist (nice to know, huh?) It’s approximately 4 ounces heavier and longer than the 34C.
    • The striped pattern is also reminiscent of the traditional barber pole, which has welcomed generations of gentlemen for the same purpose.
    • Merkur. Perhaps you have seen that it consistently ranks high on best-seller lists across a variety of online stores, message boards, and blogs.
    • Oh, right! Some of the razors we sell are among the best sellers here.
    • As a result of their extensive experience, they excel at the task. With such a rich background, it is silly not to investigate the Merkur Heavy Duty Long Handle Barber Pole Safety Razor.