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Motorola Connect 40 vs 60 – Comparison – Which is Best?

    Motorola Connect 40 vs 60

    Motorola Connect 40 vs 60: If you’re looking for a surveillance baby monitor, the Motorola Connect 40 and 60 are both excellent choices. But which one is the best choice for you? During our Motorola Connect 40 vs. 60 comparison review, we’ll be trying to figure out which device is the best value for money.

    Motorola Connect 40 vs 60 – Quick Comparison Summary

    • On, the Motorola Connect 40 is a very popular baby monitor. When compared to the Motorola Connect 60,

    • The price of the Motorola Connect 40 and 60 is the same.

    • The Motorola Connect 40 is an older version of the device that was introduced in 2019, while the Motorola Connect 60 is the most recent version that was introduced in 2020.

    • The Motorola Connect 40 offers 720P HD resolution, and the Motorola Connect 60 has Full HD 1080P resolution.

    • As well as 2-Way Talk, both the Motorola Connect 40 and 60 have Night Vision and Room Temperature Monitoring, as well as Digital Pan and Tilt and Zoom.

    • Both the Motorola Connect 40 and the Motorola Connect 60 have a screen size of 5.0 inches.

    • The Motorola Connect 60 features a flexible magnetic mount that may be mounted to a wall, a flat surface, or anywhere else. The Motorola Connect 40 does not have this function.

    CONNECT40 Baby Monitor (Binatone) (VM40CONNECT)






    Motorola Connect60 by Hubble Connected Video Baby Monitor

    Motorola Connect 40

    Motorola Connect 60










    Screen Size

    5 INCHES

    5 INCHES

    Flexible Magnetic Mount



    Connectivity Technology



    Recommended Uses For Product

    Surveillance, Monitor Babies

    Surveillance, Monitor Babies



    1080 P

    Item Weight

    1.28 pounds

    11.5 ounces


    1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

    1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

    Date First Available

    November 12, 2019

     June 10, 2020

    About this item – CONNECT40 Baby Monitor (Binatone) (VM40CONNECT)

    • VERSATILE USE: This camera may be used to watch a variety of items, in addition to your kid. For increased protection while you’re gone, use it to monitor elderly loved ones at home, your pets, or your personal things.

    • MONITORING AROUND THE CLOCK: The camera’s infrared technology enables you to record dazzling movies at night.

    • Impressive Display: Use the 5″ screen to control the unit of this wireless video monitor, or couple it with a compatible smart device.

    • With its built-in infrared night vision, you can play, record, and share high-quality footage with your friends and family at any time of day or night.

    • Audio Communication in Both Directions: Our intercom monitor has a speaker and a high-sensitivity microphone, enabling you to talk with your newborn, family, or pets even while you are not at home.

    • HUBBLE CONNECTED APP-Hubble is a connected app that offers useful sleep and parenting recommendations, as well as a growth and development tracker and many other features and advantages (subscription may be required to access some features).

    About this item – Motorola Connect60 by Hubble Connected Video Baby Monitor – 5″ Parent Unit and 1080p Wi-Fi Viewing for Baby, Elderly, Pet – 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Digital Zoom, Hubble App

    • Soothe Your Small Animals—So Choose from 10 pre-set nature sounds, lullabies, and audiobooks to soothe your fussy child, or use the camera’s built-in two-way intercom to comfort and protect your family.

    • You may look around the entire room at any time.You can control this home security camera through the parent unit, so you can digitally pan, tilt, and zoom the camera from afar.

    • MONITORING AROUND THE CLOCK: The camera’s infrared technology enables you to record dazzling movies at night.

    • Multiple viewing options: at home, use the large 5-inch display to see your loved ones clearly.Also, while you’re on the road, download the Hubble app to your smartphone or tablet to watch videos in Full HD (1080p).

    • HUBBLE CONNECTED APP-Hubble is a connected app that offers useful sleep and parenting recommendations, as well as a growth and development tracker and many other features and advantages (subscription may be required to access some features).

    About Motorola Connect  40

    Motorola Connect 40

    Details And Features:


    Need An Extra Pair Of Eyes & Ears For Monitoring Your Home? Every time you head out for work or go on a business trip, you have to leave your house and loved ones behind. As the day goes by, various questions pop in your head, such as, “Is my baby doing okay?”, “What is my pet up to right now?”, or “Is the new housekeeper being careful with our things?” You are already dealing with a tough day and you just can’t afford to stay worried the whole time. The Connect40 by Motorola allows you to monitor your loved ones and home, while you are out and about. Motorola Connect 40 vs 60

    View From Anywhere In The World Powered By Hubble Connected app! Whether you are in the next room or halfway across the world, our security camera provides you an instant broadcast of what’s happening in your home. Use the 5″ display to monitor and control camera functions, while you’re home. View the feed from your smartphone via a secure and private Wi-Fi connection, so you can stay connected no matter how near or far you are.

    Monitor The Entire Room & Make Sure Its Comfortable : Use the 5″ parent unit or your smartphone to get a full view of the room you’re monitoring. Use the left and right arrows to remotely pan the camera horizontally, and use the up and down arrows to digitally tilt the camera so you can monitor the entire room. The wireless camera measures the temperature in the room, which displayed at the top left of the control unit and on the app through your mobile device – letting you know if the room is getting too cold or too warm for comfort.

    Stay Connected To What Matters Most : You can also use this family monitor as a 2-way intercom system for your home. Reassure your baby with your voice, remind your teens to do their chores, tell your pet to get off the couch or check if your elderly loved ones are comfortable and safe.

    Your Eyes In The Dark : Let the CONNECT40 be your eyes in the dark. View day or night, with infrared night vision, available on the 5″ display unit and your compatible smartphone.

    Intuitive Safety Features : Receive sound, motion and temperature alerts, in real-time, straight to your smartphone. It also records videos automatically when movement is detected (requires a paid plan). Record videos and store them in the cloud for future use and watch your daily video summary anytime.

    Dedicated Parenting Support : As a new parent, you want to make sure that all your baby’s needs are taken care of. Through the downloadable Hubble app, you get complete access to numerous articles and videos that provide valuable parenting tips and Facts of the Day, specifically filtered for your baby’s age. The app also helps you keep track of your baby’s growth and development, sleep schedules, feeding times, diaper changes, and pumping durations.

    Stay Secure & Get More Done: Work on your day-to-day tasks without constantly checking your smartphone to see the status of your home. Our wireless family camera is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can operate it just by using your voice.

    About Motorola Connect 60

    Motorola Connect 60

    Details And Features:

    Peace Of Mind Is Priceless: The Motorola Connect60 Wireless Security Camera helps take away any worries you may have as soon as you step out of the house. Easily monitor your sleeping baby, speak with your elderly loved one, or have a quick chat with your pet while you are out and about.

    CHECK IN ON LOVED ONES ANYTIME, ANYWHERE POWERED BY HUBBLE CONNECTED APP : See if your baby is sleeping soundly without constantly peeking into the nursery. You may view the camera’s full HD video feed on the control unit’s 5″ color screen. The video monitor has a transmission range of up to 1000 feet. If you are out of the house, you may still enjoy a live feed of the camera through the downloadable Hubble app on your compatible electronic device (a WiFi connection is required for mobile viewing).

    2-WAY INTERCOM SYSTEM : Soothe fussy babies, keep pets safer, and catch up with senior family members with a press of a button. The security camera is fitted with a high-sensitivity microphone and a speaker–allowing you to communicate with your loved ones or pets wherever you may be. You may speak through the control unit or via your compatible electronic device, and your voice will be heard clearly from the camera’s integrated speaker.

    REAL-TIME TEMPERATURE MONITORING : Make sure loved ones are comfortable and cozy, even from hundreds of miles away. The video monitor system measures the current room temperature, which is then displayed on the control unit’s screen. This way, you can easily make the necessary heating or cooling adjustments for the room if needed.

    EASILY ADJUST THE VIEWING ANGLE : Check every nook and cranny of a room for your pet, or enjoy a close-up look of your precious baby’s face without manually adjusting the security camera’s angle. The video camera may be panned, zoomed, or tilted remotely through the control unit. Safely and instantly monitor designated areas without having to pause work or doing chores from other parts of your home.

    BRIGHT NIGHT-TIME VIDEO FOOTAGE : Does your baby have a habit of fussing about in the middle of the night? Or maybe you own pets that are more active during the evening? Keep an eye on your loved ones around the clock. The WiFi camera’s infrared night vision technology allows it to capture clear, sharp, and vivid images, even in a dark or dim room. No need to flick lights open just to view your sleeping angel, or to check out odd noises in the middle of the night.

    MOUNT IT ANYWHERE : Where you place this security camera is important. You want it on a spot that provides a complete view of the room or your baby’s crib. Cameras mounted on dressers or cabinets don’t always offer this, and thus can have blind spots. You may set this wireless camera up on any flat surface, such as a table, shelf, or library. You also have the option to mount it on your wall with the help of a magnetic mount kit (sold separately).

    WORKS WITH YOUR INTELLIGENT ASSISTANT : Constantly fiddling with your phone or the monitor can be disruptive to your work or household activities. Connect the family monitor to Alexa or Google Assistant and enjoy hands-free camera operation through the downloadable Hubble app. Bring up your video feed and access the camera’s various features with just the sound of your voice–leaving both your hands free to take care of your day-to-day tasks. Monitoring, made easy.

    SAFE & SECURE CONNECTION : Cybersecurity threats are a real issue for Internet-enabled devices, including home monitors. Keep your home video feed protected from would-be hackers and malicious data thieves. This family monitor relies on advanced encryption technology to ensure the security of its video feed. It combines P2P technology with AES 128-bit encryption to make sure that your live streaming connection is well-guarded against online security threats.