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Motorola MB8611 vs Arris S33 – Comparison And FAQ…

    Motorola MB8611 DOCSIS 3.1 Multi-Gig Cable Modem






    ARRIS Surfboard S33 DOCSIS 3.1 Multi-Gigabit Cable Modem with 2.5 Gbps Ethernet Port

    Motorola MB8611 vs Arris S33 : QUICK Comparison SUMMARY

    If you are setting up Internet access or Wi-Fi in your house for the first time, or if you are changing your present Internet set up, there are a few gadgets that you should be aware of before you begin. A modem is one of the gadgets that fall within this category. It is likely that you are already acquainted with the router; nevertheless, this article is about the modem. More specifically, a cable modem. The following is a brief summary of what you should know:

    The Motorola MB8611 and the Arris S33 are both outstanding Multi-Gig Cable Modems, but which one is the best? What is the most efficient multi-gigabit cable modem? The Motorola MB8611 and the Arris S33 wireless routers are being compared to see which is better.

    • On Amazon, the Arris S33 is rather pricey. When compared to the Motorola MB8611, it is much less expensive.
    • The Motorola MB8611 has just one port, but the Arris S33 has two. The first is a 2.5 Gbps Ethernet connection, and the second is a 1 Gbps Ethernet port for a secondary network.
    • Both the MB8611 and the Arris S33 are capable of supporting ultra-fast DOCSIS 3.1, which provides genuine Gigabit-plus rates.
    • The only connectivity technology available on the Motorola MB8611 is Ethernet, while the Arris S33 offers both Ethernet and WiFi connectivity options.
    • The DFA (Date First Available) for both the Arris S33 and the Motorola MB8611 is 2020.
    Motorola MB8611 vs Arris S33

    Motorola MB8611 DOCSIS 3.1 Multi-Gig Cable Modem

    ARRIS Surfboard S33 DOCSIS 3.1 Multi-Gigabit Cable Modem with 2.5 Gbps Ethernet Port

    Motorola MB8611

    Arris S33

    DOCSIS Tech

    DOCSIS 3.1

    DOCSIS 3.1


    Up to 6Gbps

     Up to 2.5Gbps

    Number of Ports

    1 Port

    2 Ports

    Built-in WiFi Router



    2.5G Ethernet Port




     32 x 8 / 2 x 2

     32 x 8 / 2 x 2

    Link Aggregation




    7.88 x 7.25 x 2.25 inches

     5.24 x 5.24 x 1.65 inches description:

    About this item
    • DOCSIS (DOCSIS 3.0) is a high-speed Internet protocol that allows 3.1 performance – Provides genuine Gigabit-plus speeds. Comcast Xfinity, Cox, and Spectrum all provide high-speed internet options. 32×8 DOCSIS 3.0 backward compatibility
    • Any WiFi router may be used to pair with this device. To connect all your gadgets, it works seamlessly with any WiFi router. There is no built-in wireless router or phone functionality with this cable modem.
    • Multi-gigabit Ethernet speed – When your internet service plan allows it, a 2.5 GB Ethernet port can provide truly high-speed access to even the fastest routers and PCs, with downstream rates just under 2,500 Mbps and upstream speeds up to 800 Mbps.
    • Gaming, conferencing, and fast streaming are all possibilities. Reduces Internet latency and improves app performance, such as online gaming, conferencing, and streaming, by using Active Queue Management (AQM).
    • Extreme cost savings – Having your own modem saves your house an average of $168 per year in rental fees. (Savings are based on Comcast Xfinity and may vary depending on the service provider.)
    • Motorola is a global leader in technology that people trust. It comes with a two-year guarantee and free assistance from our team of technicians in the United States of America.
    About this item
    • MULTI-GIG NETWORKING: The SURFboard S33 has a 2.5 Gbps Ethernet port as well as an extra 1 Gbps Ethernet port for a second network. Wi-Fi is not included, and cable digital voice service is not supported.
    • DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modems are compatible with cable internet speeds of up to 1.2 Gbps (32 downstream x 8 upstream). 2 downstream x 2 upstream OFDM DOCSIS 3.0 bonded channels 3 1 DOCSIS channels
    • For blazing-fast internet, connects to any existing Wi-Fi network.
      Compatible with major cable Internet providers in the United States, including as Cox, Spectrum, Xfinity, and others.
    • Stop renting your modem and save money on your monthly modem rental!
    • The sleek new, contemporary style will look great in any house or business.
      ATT, Verizon, CenturyLink, and other DSL or Fiber internet providers are not compatible.

    Motorola MB8611 vs Arris S33 - FAQ

    Question: Does this utilise Intel’s infamous Puma 6 chipset?
    Answer: The MB8600 and other Motorola devices employ Broadcom chipsets, which are not affected by the Puma 6 chipset issue.

    Question: Is it true that despite the multiple LAN ports, only one device can connect to the modem? You can’t connect your computer and your router at the same time?
    Answer: The MB8600 supports just one device. You may use the MB8600 to connect your PC or to connect a router. If you pay for and get several IP addresses from your provider, you may connect up to four devices directly to the MB8600.

    Question:What chipset is used by the mb7621? Intel, Broadcom, or someone else?
    Answer: The Broadcom modem chipset is used in the Model MB7621 and other Motorola modems. On January 12, 2018, MTRLC LLC Seller published an article.

    Question:Which one, the mb-7621 or the mb-7420, is better for my needs? Comcast’s top speeds for residential usage are 150 mbps for uploads and 100 mbps for downloads.
    Answer: There are three things I can tell you. 1. The 7621 has 24 x 8 channels, while the 7420 has 16 x 4. More channels equals greater data flow. 2. The 7621 can handle 1000 Mbps, but the 7420 can only manage 643 Mbps. If you need to improve your internet speed in the future, this is a good option. 3. The 7621 was released in December 2017, although the 7420 was released in 2015, with updated technology and extended support from right.

    Question: Is this compatible with Xfinity Extreme 1200mbps? It isn’t listed as a supported device.
    Answer: The Arris S33 is a DOCIS 3.1 capable 32 x 8 device with rates of up to 2.5 Gb. While the modem is on the Xfinity approved equipment list (see for more information), it is your router that matters. Make sure you have a router that can handle speeds of at least 1 gigabit per second.

    Question: Is it possible to utilise both ethernet ports at the same time?
    Answer: Update…… I got one from BestBuy, and YES, you can use both ports simultaneously. The 2.5 port is connected to my PC, while the other port is connected to my Asus Ax11000 router. I hope this information is useful.

    Question: Is SNMP supported by this modem?
    Answer: No

    Question:Will this modem fit on its side (1.75″) in a 1RU rack space?
    Answer: Putting it on its side is probably not a smart idea. There are no vents on the sides.
    It’s advisable to position it upright for heat dissipation.
    The sides of the Arris SB8200 have holes. With the modem laying horizontally in a 1U rack, the side holes will offer improved heat dissipation.