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Netgear ac1750 vs TP link ac1750 – Comparison And FAQS…

    TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router






    NETGEAR Smart WiFi Router AC1750

    Netgear ac1750 vs TP link ac1750

    Netgear ac1750 vs TP link ac1750: Which router is better between the Netgear ac1750 and the TP link ac1750? Particularly in light of the fact that both of these excellent Smart WiFi Routers are equipped with an extensive range of features, which one is preferable between the two? It is the purpose of this review of the TP-Link Ac1750 vs. Netgear Ac1750 to compare the two products in order to determine which one is the superior overall product.

    Netgear ac1750 vs TP link ac1750 – Quick Comparison Summary

    • In comparison to the NetGear AC1750, the TP Link AC1750 is quite popular on Amazon.

    • The TP Link Ac1750 is less expensive.

    • According to the manufacturer, NetGear AC1750 is a Wireless Connectivity Technology, whereas TP Link AC1750 is a WiFi Connectivity Technology.

    • Both the TP Link Ac1750 and the NetGear AC1750 are Smart Routers that are compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

    • The TP Link AC1750 has 5 ports, but the NEtGear AC1750 only has 2 ports.

    TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router

    NETGEAR Smart WiFi Router AC1750

    TP Link ac1750

    Netgear ac1750


    TP Link


    Smart WiFi Router



    Connectivity Technology



    Item Dimensions LxWxH

    9.59 x 6.32 x 1.29 inches

    12.91 x 9.84 x 3.74 inches


    Two 2.0 USB – A

    One 3.0 USB-A

    Control Method



    Number of Ports



    Range and speed

    At 5 feet you get 304.4Mbps for 802.11ac 5GHz

    For 5GHz band scores 524Mbps at 10 feet

    Data Transfer Rate

    1750 Mb per second

    1300 Mb per second

    Item Weight

    0.93 lbs

    0.95 lbs

    FAQS :

    What distinguishes the C7 from the subsequent A7 models?

    The Archer C7 and A7 have comparable performance characteristics (AC1750), however the Archer A7 is an Amazon exclusive and has Alexa functionality.

    Why isn't the hardware version number listed in the product description?

    When I believe I'm obtaining ac1750-v5, I don't want to get v3 or v4. The hardware version of the Archer A7 Wi-Fi Router is now, and only, V5.

    What is the latest purchase's version number? "Ver 3.1" or anything similar on the bottom sticker near the serial number?

    The hardware version of the Archer A7 Wi-Fi Router is now, and only, V5.

    Is there one or two USB ports on this router? The picture only shows one, but all of the literature I've seen claims there are two.

    Answer: The Archer A7 has one USB 2.0 connector, allowing you to quickly exchange files and media with networked devices or remotely through FTP server, as well as share a USB printer. Please visit our official website at Archer-A7.html for further product information, including complete specs.

    How far does the router's range go?

    Answer:We have a two-story house with a huge kitchen and hence have no range troubles. and the router is able to reach the farthest bedrooms, where we previously had to run a wire. We're getting a strong, rapid signal that reaches 75-100 feet through walls, floors, and other obstructions.

    At the moment, I have to regularly reset my router by disconnecting it and replugging it in to keep it working. Is it possible that purchasing this router would fix the problem?

    Answer: I experienced the same problem with my prior Netgear n router as you did. I had to reset it on a regular basis in order for my cell phones to connect, but my laptop remained connected at all times. I purchased the ac1750 about a month ago, and it has completely resolved all of my connectivity difficulties. I haven't had to reset it yet, and all of my gadgets are still linked to the computer. I've been quite satisfied with this particular model.

    Is it necessary to use a separate modem to connect this to the phone line for DSL?

    Answer: Yes, because the ac1750 is only a router, you will also want a DSL modem in addition to the router. Consequently, the following will be done: phone line to DSL modem, DSL modem to network router, router to computer or wireless device, phone line to wireless device

    We have a total of 12 devices. Will the AC1750 smart router be a good fit for our needs?

    Answer: I have 26 devices connected to my AC1900 router, including 8 WiFi cameras, and the speed is still faultless, no joke. They're really good, these Nighthawk routers. This one has been in my possession for two years. I'm confident that the AC1750 can easily manage 12 people. Description: Netgear ac1750 vs TP link ac1750

    About this item – TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router (Archer A7) -Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Internet Router for Home, Works with Alexa, VPN Server, Parental Control, QoS

    • JD Power Award —Highest in customer satisfaction for wireless routers 2017 and 2019
    • Router for wireless internet, works with Alexa, compatible with all Wi-Fi devices, 802.11ac and older
    • Dual band router upgrades to 1750 Mbps high speed internet(450mbps for 2.4GHz, 1300Mbps for 5GHz), reducing buffering and ideal for 4K streaming
    • 3 external antennas for long range Wi-Fi. System Requirements-Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 12.0, Chrome 20.0, Safari 4.0, or other JavaScript-enabled browser. Cable or DSL Modem (if needed)
    • Gigabit Router with 4 Gigabit LAN ports, fast access to multiple connected wired devices, Ideal as a gaming router
    • Integrated USB port acts as a media Server, easily share your USB drive content
    • TP-Link tether app easily set up and remotely manage your home network
    • Works with all internet service providers, such as AT&T, Verizon, Xfinity, Spectrum, RCN, Cox, CenturyLink, Frontier, etc.( a modem is required for most internet service providers)

    About this item – NETGEAR Smart WiFi Router with Dual Band Gigabit for Amazon Echo/Alexa – AC1750 (R6400-100NAS)

    • Compatible with Amazon Echo/Alexa – Control your home network using voice commands.
    • AC1750 WiFi—450+1300 Mbps speeds and high-power external antennas
    • Dual band—Reduces interference for better connections to more WiFi devices.
    • Advanced QoS—Optimized for smooth HD streaming and gaming.System Requirements:Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP, 2000, Mac OS, UNIX, or Linux
    • Beamforming+ improves range & performance plus High powered amplifiers & antennas to extend your WiFi coverage
    • Parental Controls – Web filtering for all your connected devices
    • One (1) USB 2.0 port. Five (5) 10/100/1000 Mbps—(1 WAN & 4 LAN) Gigabit Ethernet ports
    • Nighthawk App – Easily setup your router. Manage Internet access by pausing and resuming internet instantly. Run a speed test. All from your mobile device!