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Netgear CM700 vs CM1000 – Best Cable Modem

    NETGEAR Cable Modem CM700 – Compatible with all Cable Providers 






    NETGEAR Cable Modem DOCSIS 3.1 (CM1000) Gigabit Modem

    Netgear CM700 vs CM1000

    Netgear CM700 vs CM1000: When it comes to cable modems, choosing between the Netgear CM700 and CM1000 is challenging. Though both are wise decisions, which is the best? This comparative evaluation of the Netgear CM700 and CM1000 products is meant to assist you in determining which one is the better option for you.

    Netgear CM700 vs CM1000– Quick Comparison Summary

    • While the Netgear CM1000 comes with DOCSIS 3.1, 32×8 channel bonding, and OFDM 2×2, the Netgear CM700 only offers DOCSIS 3.0 and 16×4 channel bonding.
    • Both the Netgear CM700 and CM1000 have some amazing features in common, including one 1G Gigabit Ethernet port, compatibility with any Wi-Fi router, support for all major cable providers, including Xfinity by Comcast, Spectrum, and COX, a 1-year limited hardware warranty, and many more.

    • The CM1000 is more expensive than the CM700.

    • The Netgear CM700 Cable Internet Plan supports up to 800Mbps, while the Netgear CM1000 Cable Internet Plan supports up to 1Gbps.

    • Both the Netgear CM700 and the Netgear CM1000 are extremely well-liked cable modem options on Amazon.

    • The weight of the Netgear CM700 is 0.55 pounds, whereas the weight of the CM1000 is 0.83 pounds.

    • Netgear CM700 dimensions are 6.6 x 5.2 x 1.7 inches, while Netgear CM1000 dimensions are 5.4 x 5.9 x 8.8 inches.

    NETGEAR Cable Modem CM700 – Compatible with all Cable Providers

    NETGEAR Cable Modem DOCSIS 3.1 (CM1000) Gigabit Modem

    Netgear CM700

    Netgear CM1000





    Modem Technology

      DOCSIS 3.0 and 32×8 Channel Bonding

      DOCSIS 3.1, 32×8 Channel Bonding, OFDM 2×2

    Cable Internet Plan Speed Compatibility

      Up to 800 Mbps

      Up to 1000Mbps

    Maximum Internet Download Speed

    Up to 1.4 Gbps

    Up to 1 Gbps


    1 Years

    1 Years

    Date First Available

     ‎October 30, 2016

     ‎December 3, 2016

    Gigabit Ethernet Ports

      1 x 1G

      1 x 1G

    Works With Any Wi-Fi Router

    Cable Provider Compatibility

      All Major Cable Providers and Xfinity by Comcast, Spectrum, COX

      All Major Cable Providers and Xfinity by Comcast, Spectrum, COX

    Compatible Devices



    Connectivity Technology

     One (1) WAN coaxial cable connection


    Internet Service Provider

     Time Warner Cable, Xfinity, Charter

     Optimum, Xfinity, Cox, Spectrum




    Item Weight

    0.55 Pounds

    0.83 Pounds


    6.6 x 5.2 x 1.7 inches

    5.4 x 5.9 x 8.8 inches

    FAQS :

    Can the user upgrade the firmware, or only the isp

    A: Avoid purchasing Netgear products. They've been doing this dishonest conduct for more than ten years. When Comcast changed its frequency a week after I purchased the cable modem they advised, Netgear refused to update their firmware or give me a refund. Each business blamed the others, as was already mentioned, but none would discuss or resolve the problem. Never again would I purchase Netgear products. Their business culture is what it is. same for Comcast/Xfinity. Their subpar culture cannot be changed by changing their name.

    Does Time Warner cable support this?

    We encountered a problem with our Spectrum internet connection in 2022. The material that was released said that until you buy their subpar modems, your internet connection will be throttled at 1GB regardless of the speed modem you purchase or the brand. I will have to try to find a solution or switch to an other ISP because I detest Spectrum's technology! Since Covid, we no longer watch enough cable to warrant paying Spectrum over $400 per month to get material we stream via a Roku device. I simply haven't had the opportunity to discuss the HBOMAX and other channels we watch and pay a monthly price for on the Roku device that we are paying double for. We have a brand-new fibre optic service called Grande Communication's that will go live shortly, although I've heard it's also not that fantastic. They have a TiVo cable box, and they also had to change their email passwords to the new provider. One of the Spectrum technicians I know must know how to remove the internet throttling restrictions. In order to get the greatest and fastest internet speed without having to utilise their subpar modems, I have no problem opening up their equipment or the box on the street! Since their modems kept catching fire and they insisted on paying the rental price, greedy Spectrum, I was bringing them in about twice a month. All of my equipment, with the exception of their cable boxes, has been my own. Since they no longer sell the six tuner box in our region, I replaced the DVR hard drive in our current box because it was worn out. If there isn't anything on network television, I suppose it doesn't matter.

    I've tried using Wave Broadband to activate this modem. We've been on the phone for an hour and still can't get it to connect.

    In Washington, I tried using Wave cable, but it didn't work. I'll be coming back

    Can the firmware be updated by the user or only by the internet service provider?

    Answer: Do not purchase Netgear products. They have been doing this fraudulent practise for over ten years. I purchased a cable modem recommended by Comcast at the time, and within a week, Comcast changed their frequency, but Netgear refused to update their firmware or refund my money. As previously stated, each company pointed the finger at the other, but none addressed or fixed the problem. I would never purchase Netgear products again. It's part of their corporate culture. The same goes for Comcast/Xfinity. Changing their name has no effect on their bad culture.

    Is this compatible with Time Warner Cable?

    Answer: The year is 2022, and we had a problem with our Spectrum internet connection. The tech who came out said that regardless of what speed modem you get or which brand you use, your internet speed will be throttled at 1gb unless you use their crappy modems. I despise Spectrum's equipment and will have to find a workaround or switch to a different ISP! We don't watch enough cable now that Covid is gone, so we have to pay Spectrum nearly $400.00 per month to watch content we're streaming on a Roku device. I simply haven't had time to go over what we're paying twice as much for in terms of HBOMAX and other channels we watch and pay a monthly fee for on the Roku device. We have a new fibre optic service called Grande Communication's that will be available soon, but I've heard it's not very good. Their cable box is a TiVo device, and email passwords must be changed for the new provider. I know a few Spectrum techs, and I'm sure one of them can unblock the internet throttling! I have no objections to opening their equipment or the street box and doing whatever is necessary to obtain the best and fastest internet speed possible without being forced to use their crappy modems! I was taking their modems in about twice a month because they kept burning up, and Spectrum wants that rental fee! With the exception of their cable boxes, I've always owned my own equipment. I replaced the DVR hard drive in our current box because it had worn out, and they no longer sell the six tuner box in our area. I suppose it's not a big deal if there's nothing on network television.

    What chipset is used by the CM700?

    Is the problem resolved in these? Has anyone had any issues gaming with it? I currently have a puma 6 modem from Charter Spectrum that was recently installed with their free ARRIS modem and it is having issues with unstable ping times. Upload and download are fine for non-gaming purposes. I'm on the lookout for a new one. Is CM700 okay, or should I go with CM600 instead, except that it costs more and has less channel bonding than CM700? Description: Netgear CM700 vs CM1000

    About this item – NETGEAR Cable Modem CM700 – Compatible with all Cable Providers incl. Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox | For Cable Plans up to 800Mbps | DOCSIS 3.0

    • Download and upload speeds of up to 1.4Gbps. For WiFi, a separate router is needed. channel bonding at 32×8. Please check your cable Internet service provider’s website to see whether your data speed tiers are compatible.
    • Cable Broadband Internet service Operating systems running on a TCP/IP network, such as Microsoft Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP, 2000, Mac OS, or other systems. Browsers at least as advanced as Google Chrome 11.0, Mozilla Firefox 2.0, Safari 1.4, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0.
    • When used in conjunction with the NETGEAR Nighthawk X-10 AD7200 router, this modem is amazing. Simple setup only requires a phone call to one of the compatible cable carriers. The modem gets heated, particularly when numerous devices are receiving power from it.
    • To aid with heat issues, I always place a little fan on the side of my modems. I’ve been a fan of NETGEAR for a long time, but this is the first cable modem I’ve ever owned from them. I’ve bought a lot of Motorola modems over the years, but this one seems to be far superior than any of them.
    • High-speed cable Internet connections up to 1.4 Gbps are made possible with the NETGEAR CM700 High-speed cable modem. It is DOCSIS 3.0 certified and 32X quicker than 2.0 devices. Faster access and downloads are made possible via Gigabit Ethernet ports.

    About this item – NETGEAR Cable Modem DOCSIS 3.1 (CM1000) Gigabit Modem, Compatible with All Major Cable Providers Including Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, For Cable Plans Up to 1 Gbps

    • DOCSIS 3.1 offers download speeds up to 10 times quicker than DOCSIS 3.0. OFDM 2×2 with DOCSIS 3.0 32×8 channel bonding make up DOCSIS 3.1.
    • All cable internet speed levels, including Gigabit (1000 Mbps) service, are supported. For WiFi, a separate router is needed.
    • Ultra-High Speed Cable Modem, NETGEAR CM1000 A connection to high-speed cable Internet with speeds of up to 1 Gbps is made possible by the NETGEAR CM1000 Ultra-High Speed Cable Modem. Compared to DOCSIS 3.0, it is 10X quicker.
    • It is an ultra-high speed cable modem compatible with DOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS 3.1 cable Internet service providers, making it ready for both current service plans and upcoming upgrades. Take advantage of rapid download rates, even during peak hours, with 32×8 channel bonding or 2×2 OFDM for ultra HD video streaming over IP.
    • 32 downstream and 8 upstream channels for a DOCSIS 3.0 connection; ELIMINATE MONTHLY CABLE MODEM RENTAL FEES UP TO $120 per year.
    • Verizon, AT&T, and CenturyLink are incompatible. not compatible with voice services that are bundled.
    • Comcast, Cox, Mediacom Cable, among other providers, are all compatible with Xfinity.
    • Ideal for Xfinity’s Gig-Speed Internet To find out if Gig-speed is available and compatible, contact your local provider.
    • High-definition video streaming, quicker downloads, and high-speed online gaming at up to 1 Gbps SC-QAM 32 downstream and 8 upstream channels Quick web self-activation for Comcast & Cox customers using Xfinity Connect without making a service call Fast wired speeds to connect your router or computer are compatible with the Spectrum Gigabit Ethernet connector.