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Noco GB70 vs GBX75 – Best Selling Noco Jump Starters…

    NOCO Boost HD GB70 2000A UltraSafe Car Battery Jump Starter






    NOCO Boost X GBX75 2500A 12V UltraSafe Portable Lithium Jump Starter

    Noco GB70 vs GBX75

    Noco GB70 vs GBX75: In the world of portable power, two giants stand tall: Noco GB70 and GBX75. These battery boosters pack a punch, but which one is right for you? Let’s dive into their differences and discover which one suits your needs best.

    Noco GB70 vs GBX75 – Quick Comparison Summary

    • When compared to the Noco GBX75, the enormously popular car battery jump starter on Amazon is the Noco GB70.
    • Due to the several additional features included in the Noco GBX75, its price is significantly higher than that of the Noco GB70.
    • The capacity of the Noco GB70 battery is 2000 amp hours, whereas the capacity of the Noco GBX75 battery is 2500 amp hours.
    • The Noco GB70 gas engine has a capacity of up to 8.0 liters, while the Noco GBX75 gas engine has a capacity of up to 8.5 liters.
    • The Noco GB70 can accommodate diesel engines with a capacity of up to 6.0 liters, while the Noco GBX75 can handle engines with a capacity of up to 6.5 liters.
    • The Noco GB70 is an ultrasafe, safe, and easy-to-use car jumper starter and jump pack that eliminates the need to worry about faulty connections or sparks. The Noco GBX75 comes with ultrasafe 2.0, which is an improved version of our original ultrasafe technology.
    • While the Noco GB70 comes with a micro-USB charging cable, the Noco GBX75 comes with a USB-C charging cable that can fully recharge the device in just 1.8 hours.
    • The internal battery of the Noco GB70 is a 56-watt-hour lithium-ion battery, whereas the internal battery of the Noco GBX75 is a 74-watt-hour lithium-ion battery.
    • Both the Noco GB70 and the Noco GBX75 have some of the same amazing features, such as 12V power, LED 400 lumens, a hassle-free warranty for one year, an IP rating of IP65 (with ports closed), spark proof, and much more.
    • The weight of the Noco GB70 is 5 pounds, whereas the weight of the Noco GBX75 is also 5 pounds.
    • The Noco GB70 has dimensions of 7 by 4 by 12 inches, whereas the Noco GBX75 has dimensions of 7.28 inches deep by 4.84 inches wide by 9.8 inches high.

    NOCO Boost HD GB70 2000A UltraSafe Car Battery Jump Starter

    NOCO Boost X GBX75 2500A 12V UltraSafe Portable Lithium Jump Starter

    Noco GB70

    Noco GBX75





    Fast Charger

    LED Lumens

    400 Lumens

    400 Lumens

    Completely recharges in just 1.8-hours


    Micro USB

    USB- C

    go from 0% to jump starting in just 5-minutes of charge.

    Diesel Engines

    Up to 6.0 Liters

    Up To 6.5 Liters

    Gas Engines

    Up to 8.0 Liters

    Up To 8.5 Liters

    Battery Capacity

    2000 Amp Hours

    2500 Amp Hours


    12 Volts

    12 Volts

    Battery Cell Composition



    Vehicle Service Type

    Passenger Car, ATV, Van, Motorcycle, RV, UTV, Truck, Watercraft, Tractor

    Passenger Car, ATV, Motorcycle, Van, RV, UTV, Truck, Watercraft, Tractor

    What’s in the box

    GB70 Portable Car Battery Jump Starter Pack
    Heavy-Duty Battery Clamps
    XGC Male and Female Connectors
    XGC Cable
    Micro USB Charging Cable
    Microfiber Storage Bag
    User Guide for Jump Starter
    1-Year Limited Warranty

    GBX75 UltraSafe Portable Lithium Car Battery Booster Jump Starter Pack
    Power Bank with 60W USB-C Power Delivery
    Heavy-Duty Jumper Cable Clamps
    USB-C Charging Cable
    12V USB-C Fast Charger
    Microfiber Storage Bag
    1-Year Warranty

    Special Features

    2000A 12V Portable Lithium Car Battery Jump Starter, Portable Power Bank for USB Devices, 400 Lumen LED Flashlight, Reverse Polarity and Spark-Proof Protection

    Portable Power Bank for USB Devices, Reverse Polarity and Spark-Proof Protection, 400 Lumen LED Flashlight with Multiple Modes, including SOS., 2500A 12V Portable Lithium Car Battery Jump Starter Power Pack, 60-Watt USB-C Power Delivery Technology

    Safe and easy-to-use car jumper starter


    UltraSafe 2.0

    Internal Battery

    56 Watt-Hour Lithium-Ion

    74 Watt-Hour Lithium-Ion

    USB Input

    5 Volts 2.1 Amps Max

     USB-C: 5 Volts 1.5 Amps / 9 Volts 3 Amps / 12 Volts 3 Amps / 15 Volts 3 Amps / 20 Volts 3 Amps

    Limited Warranty

     1-Year Hassle-Free Warranty

     1-Year Hassle-Free Warranty


     7.4″D x 3.7″W x 12.6″H

    7.28″D x 4.84″W x 9.8″H

    Item Weight

    5 pounds

    5 pounds

    FAQS :

    What is included in the GB70 package?

    Answer: The GB70 I recently got came with a paper manual, a drawstring bag, the battery with jumper cables connected, an XGC cable, 12V male and female plugs (cigarette lighter adaptors), and a USB type A to micro cable. It can be charged or powered using either cable.

    What are cranking and peak amperes?

    The NOCO Genius Boost HD GB70 2000 Amp 12V UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter has a joule rating. When you multiply a power measurement in joules by time, you get the actual starting power rather than the peak amp measurement over an indefinite period of time. It has a peak current rating of 2000 amps and a joule rating of 15700. A conventional 1700-peak-amp lead-acid battery jump pack has 6950 joules as a comparison. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    Would any of these devices be capable of powering a 12-volt item that draws 2.5 amps for 7 hours? Which one, if any?

    Answer: Watts (W) is one way to look at your question. Your query concerns the operation of a device that consumes 2.5 amps (A) for seven hours. (A*Volts)*Hrs or (2.5*12= 30 W)*7=210 W would be employed. Because the NOCO GB 20 is a 400A 12V unit, its storage capacity is 400*12=4,800 W. In general, you should not deplete lithium batteries below 20%, leaving 3,840 usable watts for your device. 3,840/30=128 means that a GB20 should provide 128 hours of operation.

    Will this start a 3.5-liter turbodiesel pickup truck?

    The GB70 will start diesel engines up to 6.0L. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    Will this have an impact on the computer systems in modern automobiles?

    It will not, according to the answer. The car battery functions as a filter as long as it is still in the vehicle, while the boost pack should not be utilized as a stand-alone battery utilizing the clamps. In the near future, an OBDII setting keeper for the secondary 12V out port will be produced, which may also be used to maintain vehicle settings while the vehicle battery is removed.

    Is it UL-listed (or has another nationally recognized testing laboratory, NRTL, authorized it)?

    Answer: If you don't see one of the two primary testing laboratory symbols in the United States, UL or CSA, on the device's body, it hasn't been tested. It is a ticking time bomb with the potential to detonate. The FCC is not a safety test but rather a test for radio frequency interference compliance. If the equipment was tested for safety, which is likewise an expensive process, the maker would proudly declare and show the results.

    Isn't this a jumper rather than a charger?

    Yes, it is. A runner. It is small enough to fit in your automobile. I also have a charger; however, it requires 110 volts to charge. Not for out-of-town emergencies.

    Can I charge the GB70 using the cigarette lighter in my car without starting the engine? will not drain the car's battery?

    The short answer is: Yes, you may charge the GB70 using the 12V cigarette lighter while your engine is turned off. I realize this is an old thread, but I thought the question was intriguing. The lithium-ion battery of the Noco GB70 has a capacity of 56 watt hours (Wh), which is equivalent to 56 watts for one hour. Even though they are not typically labeled in this manner, a standard car or starter battery is comparable to 45 amp hours (Ah). A car or starter battery should have a depth of discharge (D.O.D.) of 20%. This corresponds to (9 Ah x 12 volts) = 108 watt hours. This is the maximum quantity you can safely discharge without causing damage to your automobile battery. Basically, the unit's 56 watt hours are fewer than the 108 watt hours that your battery can safely discharge; therefore, you're fine. Remember that if you deplete your car battery to 50% D.O.D. (which is not recommended), your car may not start. A 50% D.O.D. equals (22.5 Ah x 12 volts) = 270 watt hours. For example, if you used an inverter to charge a 400-watt-hour e-bike battery, you would almost certainly destroy your car battery. Most power banks are safe to charge because they are typically less than 100 watt hours (TSA limit). Larger power banks, such as 26,800 mAh, are equivalent to (26.8 amp hours x 3.6 volts) = 96.48 watt hours. However, I recommend that you drive your car soon after to allow the alternator to recharge the 12V battery. I hope this was useful.

    You state that you do not currently sell a case or accessories for the GBX75, but does "yet" suggest that you will at some point?

    Answer: For this GBX75, I bought the NOCO GBC014 Boost HD EVA Protection Case for the GB70, and it fits great! I had my reservations based on what I had read, but they were wrong! You are not required to wait.

    Will it start a semi-truck?

    Answer: I jumped my dump truck while it was powered by a Cummins ISX 15 (15-liter). This thing is substantial. I couldn't believe it when it started up.

    Is this type suitable for a 6.0-liter diesel Ford F350 in frigid temperatures ranging from 0° to 10°F?

    The answer is yes. Just make sure it's connected to the passenger-side battery. I used to drive a wrecker and had this exact unit. I received a call from a customer who had a 7.3 powerstroke in the winter and the batteries were dead. I took out my little pocket jumper and connected it to the driver's side battery, but it didn't accomplish anything. And I figured, hell, I'll try the passenger side because it's closer to the starter anyhow, and as soon as I hooked it up to that one and pressed the boost button, she fired right up. So I'd just make sure you connect it to the passenger side battery nearest to the starter, and you shouldn't have any trouble starting it at zero degrees. However, on those extremely cold days, you must ensure that it is completely charged. This is due to the fact that the diesel engine must spin as rapidly as it idles, which is typically around 700 RPM, or it will not start.

    I'm looking for an online handbook, but I can't seem to find one. Have you all got one?

    Answer: The GBX75 User Guide is available here:

    Will this jump start a vehicle with a completely dead battery, or does it require a low signal voltage to function?

    Answer: If the vehicle's battery is reduced to less than 2 volts, the jump start will require manual override.

    How many jumps can you do in a row before charging again?

    Answer: The number of starts is determined by a variety of criteria, such as engine size, vehicle age, and so on. The BoostX is a completely new design that is engineered for maximum power to assure a successful jump-start. Because of the increased energy release, they were developed with USB-C for quick charging between uses. Description: Noco GB70 vs GBX75

    About this item – NOCO Boost HD GB70 2000A UltraSafe Car Battery Jump Starter, 12V Jump Starter Battery Pack, Battery Booster, Jump Box, Portable Charger and Jumper Cables for 8.0L Gasoline and 6.0L Diesel Engines

    • Innovative Design: Our most innovative automotive battery charger jump starter to date. Utilizing high-discharge lithium technology for climate-safe operation A water-resistant enclosure with an IP65 rating.
    • A rubberized casing that prevents surfaces from being scratched or marred. And a design that is ultra-compact and lightweight, weighting only 5.0 pounds.
    • Start Dead Batteries: Safely jump start a dead battery in seconds with this compact, yet potent, 2000-amp lithium battery jump starter, rated for gasoline engines up to 8.0 liters and diesel engines up to 6.0 liters. TEMPERATURE RANGE: -4°F to +50°C (-20°C to 122°F).
    • It is a car jump starter, a portable power cell, and an LED flashlight. Recharge USB-compatible smartphones, tablets, and other devices. It is readily rechargeable in 6 hours at 2.1 amps from any powered USB port.
    • 400-lumen LED illumination with seven light modes, including SOS and emergency strobe In addition, there is a 12-volt, 15-amp outport port for powering any 12VDC devices, such as tire inflators and inverters.
    • UltraSecure: a safe and easy-to-use car jumper starter and jump pack without fretting about incorrect connections or sparks. Connect safely to any 12-volt vehicle with our error-proof design featuring spark-proof technology and protection against reverse polarity.
    • In the box: GB70 UltraSafe Portable Car Jump Starter, Heavy Duty Booster Clamps, XGC Male and Female Connectors, XGC Cable, Micro USB Charging Cable, Microfiber Storage Bag, User Guide, and Made in the USA.

    About this item – NOCO Boost X GBX75 2500A 12V UltraSafe Portable Lithium Jump Starter, Car Battery Booster Pack, USB-C Powerbank Charger, and Jumper Cables for up to 8.5-Liter Gas and 6.5-Liter Diesel Engines

    • The brand-new Boost X comes with the following features and benefits: Designed in the United States of America, the GBX75 UltraSafe Portable Lithium Car Battery Booster Jump Starter Pack includes a power bank with 60W USB-C power delivery, heavy-duty jumper cable clamps, a USB-C charging cable, a 12V USB-C fast charger, a microfiber storage bag, and a one-year warranty.
    • Maximum Flexibility The Boost X is without a doubt one of the most flexible lithium jump starters ever created. Jump start every vehicle type, including automobiles, motorbikes, trucks, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), boats, recreational vehicles (RVs), vans, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), tractors, and more; it supports gasoline engines up to 8.5 liters and diesel engines up to 6.5 liters.
    • Power Delivery and USB-C Technology Give You Lightning-Fast Recharges The Boost X comes equipped with USB-C technology, which, when combined with power delivery, allows for extremely rapid recharges. It takes only 1.8 hours to fully recharge, and it only takes 5 minutes to go from having no charge to being able to jump-start a vehicle.
    • Charge Everything: The USB-C Power Delivery standard gives you the ability to charge virtually all of your electronic devices. Its built-in power bank delivers a total of 60 watts of power, which can be drawn either in or out, making it easy to charge all of your favorite USB-C devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables, and more.
    • X stands for extreme and denotes a brand-new design that possesses extreme jump starting power for starting big engines. This portable lithium car battery jump starter has a rating of 2500 amps, allowing it to deliver the maximum amount of energy with each start.
    • This is not an improvement in any way. This is the first book of an all-new series called the Extreme Series. TEMPERATURE WHILE IN OPERATION: -20 degrees Celsius to +50 degrees Fahrenheit
    • We took our UltraSafe technology and made it even more secure with the new 2.0 version. It is still our straightforward and error-proof design, incorporating spark-proof technology and protection against reverse polarity, but it has improved thermal efficiency and power management, which should result in improved performance and a longer battery life.