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Non Corded vs Corded Garbage Disposal – Best and Affordable…

    GE Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal, 1/2 Horsepower – $89*

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    InSinkErator Garbage Disposal with Cord – $105*

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    Non Corded vs Corded Garbage Disposal

    Non Corded vs Corded Garbage Disposal: The GE Non-Corded Garbage Disposal and the InSinkErator Corded Garbage Disposal are both great options if you’re looking for a garbage disposal. But which of the two is the best? In this comparison study, we’ll compare the InSinkErator Corded Garbage Disposal against the GE Non-Corded Garbage Disposal to see whether the device is the superior choice.

    Non Corded vs Corded Garbage Disposal  – Quick Comparison Summary

    • GE The non-corded garbage disposal weighs 8 pounds, whereas the corded garbage disposal weighs 1 pound.
    • GE In comparison to Insinkerator corded Garbage Disposal, non-corded Garbage Disposal is less expensive.
    • The GE Non-Corded Garbage Disposal and the InSinkErator Corded Garbage Disposal both have several amazing features in common, like a 1/2 horsepower induction motor, a 3-year limited warranty, the inclusion of a quiet package as standard, and many more.
    • GE The dimensions of the non-corded garbage disposal are 6.7 x 6.9 x 15.1 inches, whereas the dimensions of the corded garbage disposal are 6.31 x 6.31 x 11.5 inches.
    • On, InSinkErator Corded Garbage Disposals are extremely popular. In contrast to the GE Non-Corded Garbage Disposal,

    • While the GE non-corded garbage disposal has an RPM of 1725, the InSinkErator corded garbage disposal has an RPM of 2,300.

    GE Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal, 1/2 Horsepower

    InSinkErator Garbage Disposal with Cord

    GE Non-Corded Garbage Disposal

    InSinkErator Corded Garbage Disposal 



    GE (General Electric )





    Non Corded vs Corded

    Non Corded Garbage Disposal

    Corded Garbage Disposal

    Date First Available

    August 3, 2011

    November 1, 2014


    3 years limited warranty

    3 years limited warranty

    Power Horse






    Included Components

    Garbage Disposer

    Garbage Disposer




    Quiet Package



    Easyswap Installation

    Item Weight

    8 Pounds

    1 Pounds

    Product Dimensions

    6.7 x 6.9 x 15.1 inches

    6.31 x 6.31 x 11.5 inches

    FAQS :

    Is it suitable for use with a "badger 5" mount?

    Answer: The mount, as I recall, did not fit. I had to use the GE unit's mounting supply. The badger is smaller in diameter than the GE unit. If the plumbing lines had fit, I would have opted to utilize the badger.

    Is the seal and the elbow to the drain trap that the two screws mount into/onto included?

    Answer: This device includes the seal as well as everything needed to place it beneath the sink. The elbow used to connect it to the drain trap is also included. To get a smooth, clean surface for the seal, clean both sides (top and bottom) of the sink well with a Brillo pad or something. The elbow is rather lengthy, but if it doesn't fit entirely into your trap, you may extend it with an extension and coupler from Home Depot or Lowes.

    Is a stainless steel mount included with this disposer?

    The mounting bracket is a component of the drain hole strainer, which fits into the grain hole in the sink. The bracket that your disposal locks onto when fitted under the sink is located at the bottom of the strainer. The sinkstainer is stainless steel, and whether or not the mounting bracket is stainless is irrelevant. It is never exposed to water or waste materials.

    What is the sink flange's interior diameter?

    Answer: I did not measure the diameter because sinks typically have a standard aperture, and this unit fit just like the other that the builder used, an In-Sink-Erator.

    Is the dishwasher drain connector included with this model?

    If you're wondering if the dishwasher drain port (inlet) is included, the answer is yes. If you're wondering if the hose needed to connect to this port is provided, the answer is no.

    Will this function with an air switch?

    Answer: This particular item includes a wire and a plug. To use, simply plug it into a switched wall socket. However, you may get a version that is supposed to be hard-wired to a switch, and that switch can be an air switch as well as anything else. If properly wired, I believe ANY disposal may be used with an air switch.

    Please tell me how long the power wire is.

    The power wire measures 32 inches from the bottom of the machine to the bottom of the wall plug.

    Is it possible to spin the disposal after installation to modify the drain pipe position, or do you have to align it first?

    Answer: Before tightening the collet, make sure everything is aligned. When you put it in the mount, it will stay in place and allow you to move it to align with the outlet pipe. It's easier if you have someone to hold the weight while you insert it into the mount and hold it steady while you tighten it. Description: Non Corded vs Corded Garbage Disposal

    About this item – GE Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal, 1/2 Horsepower, Good for Grinding: Beans, Potatoes, Peels, & Cooked Meat, Easy Install Kit Included, Non-Corded, Recommended for 2-4 Person Homes

    • 2600 or more RPM High RPM creates a quick, precise grind. based on testing by RPM of cleared GE and rival products suitable with a variety of brand-name models

    • GE Appliances A dishwasher drain connector, wall switch, stainless steel sink flange, and sink stopper are all included with the 1/2 horsepower continuous feed trash disposal. It has a manual reset overload protector, a 2-level precutter, and an armature shaft constructed of hard, cold-rolled carbon steel.

    • The adaptor kit that comes with this unit makes installation simple. Separate power cord available as an option (WC12X10002).
      GE Original Replacement Part Part replacement

    • 1/2-HP motor for grinding power reaches maximum speed and torque quickly, reducing the likelihood that food may jam or clog. GFC520N is the manufacturer’s model number.

    • To be sure you are getting the right, compatible part, consult your user manual. Installation of EZ Mount A simpler installation process with fewer components and processes. Kit for 3-bolt mount is contained in the box.

    • Drain Boost innovation To help clear sewers and other pipes, an angled fin pumps water down with extra power.

    • 1/2 HP Power Grinding Food is less likely to jam up thanks to the motor’s quick max speed and great torque. Drain Boost Technology: An angled fin forces water downward to unclog drains and clear them Easy 3-bolt mount adapter kit supplied for quick installs;

    • EZ Mount Installation Based on RPM testing of approved GE and competing models, over 2600 RPM: Provides a quick, fine grind of food particles Blades for grinding in galvanized steel 27-ounce grind chamber: ideal for homes with 2-4 people.

    About this item – InSinkErator Garbage Disposal with Cord, Badger 5, 1/2 HP Continuous Feed

    • Low-cost Performance There is no better option than the functional performance of Badger food waste disposals when affordability is a concern. The durable galvanized steel construction and enduring dependability of their Dura-Drive induction motors are where reliability starts and ends.

    • Strive for Good Our actions have an impact on the environment, even the simplest ones. By using an InSinkErator disposal, you can keep food waste out of landfills, and some wastewater treatment facilities can even transform it into fertilizer and renewable energy!

    • When cost-effectiveness is the main consideration, the Badger Series disposers are a reliable and functional option. They have a compact, space-saving design that fits current InSinkErator gear for a quick and simple installation.

    • DURABLE COMPONENTS: To guarantee a steady grind for regular food waste, this garbage disposal includes our patented 1/2 hp Dura-Drive induction motor and long-lasting galvanized steel components. THE #1 DISPOSER BRAND IN AMERICA: InSinkErator waste disposals are made in the US more than all other brands combined.

    • There is a model out there for every purpose and price range, thanks to a wide array of them. Smarter, cleaner, and faster With our famous appliances, garbage disposals, and instant hot water dispensers, InSinkErator helps make it quick and simple to keep your kitchen clean, from meal preparation to cleanup.

    • A HISTORY OF INNOVATION FOR THE SINK: We developed the first garbage disposal in 1927, and we are the leading producer of instant hot water dispensers for residential and commercial use.

    • Simple Installation of Swap Our unique Quick Lock installation makes switching out one InSinkErator garbage disposal for another quick and simple.

    • All InSinkErator models, from entry-level Evolution Series products to high-end models, are compatible with Quick Lock. Simply twist the old one off and then the new one on.