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Panasonic ARC3 vs ARC5 – Best Pop-Up Trimmer

    Panasonic ARC3 Electric Razor for Men with Pop-Up Trimmer


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    Panasonic ARC5 Electric Razor for Men with Pop-up Trimmer


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    Panasonic ARC3 vs ARC5

    Panasonic ARC3 vs ARC5: The Panasonic ARC3 and Panasonic ARC5 are both great options for Electric Razor for Men with Pop-Up Trimmer, but which one is the best? Learn more from our comparison. In this comparative research, we’ll compare and contrast the Panasonic ARC3 and Panasonic ARC5 to see which product is the best.

    Panasonic ARC3 vs ARC5 – Quick Comparison Summary

    • The Panasonic ARC3 has three blades, while the Panasonic ARC5 has five.

    • compared to the Panasonic ARC3, the Panasonic ARC5 Electric Razor for Men with Pop-up Trimmer is quite popular.
    • s opposed to the 16-degree multi-flex pivoting of the Panasonic ARC5 shaving head, the Panasonic ARC3 shaving head has 13-degree multi-flex pivoting.

    • The dimensions of the Panasonic ARC3 are 9.45 x 5.71 x 2.95 inches, whereas those of the Panasonic ARC5 are 2.4 x 6.7 x 3 inches.

    • Both the Panasonic ARC4 and ARC5 have some amazing features in common, including the shaving sensor, pop-up trimmer, wet/dry operation, and many more.

    • The motor type for the Panasonic ARC3 is 13,000 CPM linear, while the motor type for the Panasonic ARC5 is 14,000 CPM linear.

    • When compared to the pricey Panasonic ARC5, the Panasonic ARC3 is less expensive.

    Panasonic ARC3 Electric Razor for Men with Pop-Up Trimmer

    Panasonic ARC5 Electric Razor for Men with Pop-up Trimmer

    Panasonic ARC3

    Panasonic ARC5





    Shave Sensor

    Number of Blades



    Shaving Head

    13D Multi-Flex Pivoting Head

    16D Multi-Flex Pivoting Head

    Motor Type

    13,000 CPM Linear

    14,000 CPM linear

    Pop-Up Trimmer

    Wet/ Dry Operation

    Waterproof and washable


    9.45 x 5.71 x 2.95 inches

    2.4 x 6.7 x 3 inches

    Recommended Uses For Product

    Beard, Face

    Beard, Face

    FAQS :

    What purpose do the foils serve?

    Answer: The foil's holes catch the hair, bringing it to a point where it may be cut close to the skin, which results in a close shave. Shavers that use foils rather than rotary blades provide the closest shave because the foils' micro-foils line the skin so that the user does not experience the shifting sensation that occurs when using rotary shavers.

    How, exactly, does this model vary from its predecessor, the es-lt3n-k, other than in terms of its color?

    Please be advised that the two versions are distinct from one another, particularly in terms of their designs. Due to the fact that it is a more recent model, the shaver ES-LT67 has enhanced functions.

    How many times are cuts made in one minute? (cpms)

    Answer: Roughly 13,000 cuts per minute (cpm) for the linear motor and 39,000 cuts per minute for the cross-cutting operation.

    For what purpose does the AA battery exist? It should be possible to replenish the battery, right?

    I believe that there is a typo in the description of this product. You are accurate in assuming that this electric shaver possesses an inbuilt battery that can be charged.

    Is arc5 actually superior to arc4? or perhaps arc3?

    First of all, rating electric razors for men is really subjective. That explains why there are so many different brands and models. I base a lot of what I say on my personal opinions, but not entirely. Facts: First, the ARC5 has one additional shaving head cutter than the ARC4 does. Second, when you combine that with the motor's speed and the power surge feature, it will shave your face more quickly when you get into the areas with thicker beards. Third, the head includes an additional dimension of mobility that allows it to bend more and closely mimic the contours of your face (and there is a "lock position" if you only prefer the flexibility of the old ARC 4). Fourth, the ARC4 trimmer was continuously disengaging or closing totally when any top or back pressure was applied. The side-burn trimmer has a considerably stronger lock to keep it in place while in use. Very annoying! Fifth, it appears that the battery charge lasts a lot longer. My last ARC4 gave me two or somewhat more shavings. With the ARC5, I can shave my head four times. Please take notice of my thick beard! Therefore, in my opinion, it is a better shaver. I really liked my old ARC4, but the ARC5 is superior.

    Which model's foil head has the gold roller guides?

    On my ES-LV5D-K, I have the gold comfort rollers. They are not included with the USA models. You may either get the Japanese model from eBay or only the blades that will fit your current arc 5 razor.

    Please respond, Panasonic or anyone! How can I quickly clean while on the go without a charger?

    Answer: It will enter sonic vibration cleaning mode when you rinse the razor head, dab some liquid hand soap on the foil, and hold the start button down for a couple of seconds. To turn it off after a little period, press the start button (it will shut off automatically after 20 sec.) Remove the foil gently, then give it and the blade a warm water rinse. Allow to dry by air alone. Stay out of the sun's direct rays. If you don't have any soap, simply take the foil off the two parts, rinse them, and let them air dry. Description: Panasonic ARC3 vs ARC5

    About this item – Panasonic ARC3 Electric Razor for Men with Pop-Up Trimmer, Wet Dry 3-Blade Electric Shaver with Intelligent Shave Sensor and 12D Flexible Pivoting Head – ES-LT67-A (Blue)

    • Excellent for Travel: universal voltage, a travel safety lock to prevent your shaver from unintentionally turning on, and a travel pouch for on-the-go grooming are all included.
    • High-Performance, Efficient Motor: An ultra-fast linear motor propels 39,000 cross-cutting operations each minute, allowing men’s shaver blades to easily cut through thick hair.
    • 12-D Flexible Shaver Head and Shave Sensor: For maximum comfort, an intelligent sensor detects beard density and adjusts motor speed, while a shaver head pivots in 12 directions to follow features of the neck, chin, and jaw.
    • quick and simple upkeep It’s simple to keep your ES-LT67-A clean and running like new: simply turn it on and rinse it under warm, running water after each use to remove hair buildup.
    • Wet or dry operation and an integrated trimmer: Shave conveniently in or out of the shower; Trim mustaches, beards, and sideburns with the built-in, pop-up trimmer.
    • 3-Blade Shaving System for a Close Shave: The Panasonic three-blade foil shaver captures and lifts whiskers while cutting neatly at the base, thanks to micro-thin outer foils and ultra-sharp inner blades.
    • Mens razor washes clean under running water; Li-Ion battery allows 40 minutes of cordless use on a single charge; maintain performance by replacing blades and foils when they become dull (Replacement Combo Model:WES9015P).

    About this item – Panasonic ARC5 Electric Razor for Men with Pop-up Trimmer, Wet Dry 5-Blade Electric Shaver with Intelligent Shave Sensor and 16D Flexible Pivoting Head – ES-LV67-K (Black)

    • innovative sensor technology for a razor-close shave The effect of using Panasonic’s intelligent shaving technology is smoother and more comfortable. The flexible 16-D shaving head on the LV67 maintains constant, comfortable skin contact while a responsive shaving sensor minimizes irritation and a high-performance linear motor delivers a quick, close shave.
    • 5-Blade Shaving System Unlike any other durable stainless steel foils and blades, these remove all varieties of whiskers, including short, flat hairs, for a close shave with fewer strokes.
    • A cutting-edge, intelligent shaving sensor ensures smooth, even results by measuring beard densities 220 times each second and adjusting power 14 times every second as you shave.
    • A Stunningly Close Shave Inner stainless steel blades that have been precisely sharpened to a 30-degree angle and an outer foil shaver system combine to lift, capture, and easily cut through even the thickest, densest beards.
    • Wet/Dry Operation and Built-in Trimmer: You can easily shave in or out of the shower with a wet/dry shaver. A built-in, incredibly sharp pop-up trimmer precisely shapes sideburns, beards, and mustaches.
    • Flexible Shaving Head, 16-D: easily pivots in 16 directions on its own, following the natural curves of the skin and maintaining close contact with the face, neck, chin, and jaw.
    • High-Performance Shaver with Powerful, Quick Shave: Shaving with the Panasonic ARC 5 men’s electric razor is quicker, smoother, and more effective because of its ultra-fast motor and five-blade system, which can provide up to 70,000 cross cuts per minute.
    • Active sensor for beard density In order to eliminate pull and discomfort and increase comfort, responsive sensor technology measures beard densities 220 times per second and adjusts power 14 times per second.