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Panasonic GK60 vs GK80 – Which One is Good?

    Panasonic Body Trimmer (Men’s) ER-GK60-W






    Panasonic Body Groomer for Men and Women ER-GK80-S

    Panasonic GK60 vs GK80

    Panasonic GK60 vs GK80: What differentiates the Panasonic GK60 and GK80 body hair trimmers from one another? The goal of this Panasonic GK60 vs. Panasonic GK80 comparison review is to identify the top body hair trimmer.

    Panasonic GK60 vs GK80– Quick Comparison Summary

    • Popular: When compared to the Panasonic GK60, the Panasonic GK80 Body Hair Trimmer is an extremely popular model on the market. Similarities: Both the Panasonic GK60 and GK80 have several amazing features in common, including waterproofing, wet/dry functionality, an AC charger, a protective carrying case, and more.

    • Dimension: The dimensions of the Panasonic GK60 are 8.78 x 7.17 x 2.2 inches, while the dimensions of the Panasonic GK80 are 8.03 x 1.85 x 1.3 inches. Weight: The weight of the Panasonic GK60 is 0.30 pounds, whereas the weight of the GK80 is 1.65 pounds.

    • Battery-Life: The Panasonic GK60 has a battery life of 40 minutes and a charge time of 8 hours; however, the Panasonic GK80 has a charge time of 50 minutes and a battery life of 1 hour. Price: Compared to the pricey Panasonic GK80, the Panasonic GK60 is more affordable.

    • Motor Speed: The Panasonic GK60 has a motor speed of 3,700 hairs per second, whereas the Panasonic GK80 has a motor speed of 5,300 hairs per second. Extra-Features: The adjustable trim length dial is only available on the Panasonic GK80, while the Panasonic GK60 does not have this feature.

    • Attachments: The Panasonic GK60 comes with three different attachments for trimming; however, the Panasonic GK80 only comes with two different attachments for trimming.

    Panasonic Body Trimmer (Men’s) ER-GK60-W

    Panasonic Body Groomer for Men and Women ER-GK80-S

    Panasonic GK60

    Panasonic GK80





    Adjustable Trim Length Dial

    Battery Life / Charge Time

    40 Mins / 8 Hours

    50 Mins / 1Hours

    Motor Speed

    3,700 Hairs/ Sec

    5,300 Hairs/ Sec

    Trimming Attachments



    Waterproof Wet/Dry Versatility

    AC Charger

    Hard Travel Case

    Recommended Uses For Product






    Item Weight

    0.30 Pounds

    1.65 Pounds


    8.78 x 7.17 x 2.2 Inches

    8.03 x 1.85 x 1.3 Inches

    FAQS :

    Where can I get this trimmer's charger adapter?

    Answer: It's too expensive and difficult to find a removal blade, and charging is an issue in other nations.

    Is it exclusively for body grooming or for cutting head hair?

    Answer: It's designed for the body, and I haven't used it on my head hair, but it's difficult to shave a beard.

    Which step-down converter is necessary in India for this to work? Please respond, seller.

    Answer: I couldn't find one either, so I'm currently using a Chinese-made step-down converter.

    Are women able to use it as well?

    Absolutely, this groomer is suitable for women. It closes the shave without causing cuts or abrasions.

    Hey, does the trimmer come with a charger for the European electric entry as well?

    Answer: My charger requires 110-240 volts at 50-60 Hz.It comes with a normal two-prong plug.

    What exactly is the charging cord? Lovely was thrown away by mistake. A replacement must be purchased.

    There is no charging wire. Battery.

    How close does it get?

    Answer: Without the attachment, you can cut hair to a length of about 0.1 mm (1/254). Description: Panasonic GK60 vs GK80

    About this item – Panasonic Body Trimmer (Men’s) ER-GK60-W (White)【Japan Domestic Genuine Products】

    • The Men’s Trimmer, Which Travels Everywhere The Panasonic ER-GK60-S body groomer delicately trims as close as.01mm on the chest, arms, groin, and other body parts for an all-over smooth feel. Andis 17150 And 17200
    • Protect Sensitive Skin: The Skin Protective Blade Technology cuts body hair neatly and precisely in any direction.
    • The hypoallergenic stainless steel blades are safe for sensitive skin. Specialized Design for Difficult-to-Reach Places Men’s body trimmers has an I-shaped body and a V-shaped head that make it simple to shave even in tight and challenging areas like the back, groin, and buttocks.
    • 3 Attachments for General Trimming: Attachments that change the length of the trimming blades are used to safely and precisely groom different body parts, like the groin.
    • Dry or Wet Groomer, Cordless Freedom: Employ a waterproof cordless body trimmer for guys to groom themselves whenever they want, whether dry or wet; The ER-GK60 is conveniently charged by an AC power converter, and one charge gives 40 minutes of operation.
    • To maintain top performance, change the blade every three years.

    About this item – Panasonic Body Groomer for Men and Women, Unisex Wet/Dry Cordless Electric Body Hair Trimmer with 2 Comb Attachments, Multi-Directional Shaving in Sensitive Areas – ER-GK80-S (Black)

    • An adjustable comb attachment allows you to evenly trim body hair on the chest, legs, and other body parts with this gender-neutral Panasonic razor, which also has a skin protector attachment for trimming in more delicate places like the groin and bikini area.
    • A motor that can cut 5,300 hairs per second powers it, and it glides over skin with only light pressure.
    • Two attachments for accurate trimming Skin Guard evenly trims hair on the chest, arms, legs, and other regions, while the adjustable comb attachment protects delicate areas like the bikini line, groin, and armpits from injury.
    • Trim Easily Accessible Areas: With an ergonomic, I-shaped body for optimum control and a distinctive V-shaped head to trim in confined spaces like the back, groin, and buttocks,
      Groomer, Wet/Dry, No Gender Charges Quickly and Moves Easily: easily groom oneself in or outside of the shower; 50 minutes of use are possible after a quick full charge of just one hour; use the replacement blade WER9500P to maintain top performance; includes a travel pouch.
    • A powerful, soft electric body groomer designed for sensitive skin all over the body, especially in difficult-to-reach places, is the Panasonic GK80. With this stylish body hair trimmer for men and women, there’s no need to battle with cutting the sensitive skin on the back, armpits, buttocks, bikini area, or groin. Skin Protection Blade Technology uses round-edged blade tips to lessen skin irritation.
    • A Powerful, Secure Trimmer for Everyone: Safeguard Even Your Most Sensitive Areas A special V-shaped head, powerful motor, and delicate touch trim and groom anyplace on the body securely and effectively. Skin Protection Blade Technology glides around every curve while trimming, minimizing skin irritation on thin, fragile skin.
    • This allows you to enjoy smoother cutting with less tugging, even with coarse body hair. The Panasonic body trimmer is simple-to-hold and simple-to-use grooming equipment with a distinctive V-shaped head to effortlessly maneuver in even small and challenging spaces.
    • This wet/dry groomer can be used with or without shaving cream or foam, in or out of the shower. Up to 50 minutes of cordless use can be had after one hour of charging. To maintain top performance, add the replacement blade WER9500P, which includes a tough carrying case.